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    Prinny got a reaction from sanahtlig in Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gem   
    Would you think it's okay to be a moege protagonist in real life? Almost all of them would either end up sued or beaten up in a dark alley, if not worse. Bringing realism into games is like bringing a flyswatter to an all-out war...

    I started playing it (yeah, call the cops...) and the immorality of it is in fact one of the, if not the core of the story.
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    Prinny got a reaction from Deep Blue in Tsuisou no Augment   
    One of those VNs that uses most (if not everything) of the writers creative energy right at the start.
    The good points first: The protagonist is smee-Tier of selfconscious shit-talking derailment. Ever wondered what would happen if your generic idiot protagonist would be idiotic on purpose? Here you have it. And Nami is as good if not better than him.
    But the eff-ing EFFFFF-ing forced drama... while the psycho stalker is just an overused clichee, the other two routes are just... stupid is too weak a word for the insults that are the climax of the route. And don't even get me started on the so called "True End". This one made the fanfic that was Re:LieFs True End look like something Kafka and Goethe wrote together by putting their every essence into it.
    I mean seriously,