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  1. You want to confront this special snowflake generation that only plays these games for wish fulfillment to get a taste of reality? Might as well tell teenagers to play games instead of looking at them on Youtube. Or tell fat people to run a marathon. Or otakus to get a real life and a GF/BF/*F. One does not simply put reality in something used to flee from it. And let's be honest: Eroge/VNs turned into nothing more than "AnImU-BEEWBs" or "I-want-a-gril-but-will-never-get-on-in-reality-cuz-I'm-weird-and-or-ugly: The Relationship Simulator". Disclaimer: Nothing in this piece of is meant to be taken serious. It might be true, but it's not to be read as serious opinion. NOT SERIOUS.
  2. He's more like an "anti-badass", imo. He does some cool stuff, but most of the time it's just him doing the prep work and letting others be the cool guys/girls.
  3. Nice, another (economic) masterpiece (that bars everything except ANiMu HAREMS, BEWBS and EWAN MOAR BEWBS). Thank steam for finishing what japanese otakus already started. The destuction of Coo Ality. Praise Moenovel, whoreship them, give them your money! The end is near. Reipu your children, kill your siblings! Today we bathe in blood! ...or at least in generic pictures of brain- and soulless animu waifus! Disclaimer: All of this was done in the name of mockery, even Moenovels Release. Please, little children, do nothing you read, see or hear here or in those Visual Novels at home. Doing so can cause severe damage to your brain, face, or those body parts adults tell you you're too young to know about.
  4. Dead until said otherwise
  5. If Clannad were an RPG or some kind of ""real"" game, it would most likely have the same religious cultists as OoT, FFVII, etc. Calling it the "Best of the Average" might be fitting nowadays since, let's be honest here: Most try to copy it. Clannad might be as well be a cornerstone that created the Age of Moege Madness that is today. Sure, it is even more overrated than those pieces of S* Diss Iraq, SupaHippie & Cringaia combined, but it defined the standard of tastelesness that the modern VN fan values.
  6. Give up and try to be a productive part oaf society or give up and stay an otaku.
  7. If you have to choose between A or B take both. It's not a crime to write something funny in a serious story neither does it mean you can't be serious in comedy. (Fooling around is serious business.) Do what you want, when you want. If your story starts serious and full of action and you want your characters to have a discussion about what kind cake tastes best while killing hordes of zombies with a paperfan (ok, bad example about serious action scenes ^^"), let the game of pies begin. The biggest problem I ((Be careful, personal opinion)) have with VNs nowadays is that most of them feel lifeless and like they used some kind of manual. "How to write a ***-ge 101: Selling Stories that even a monkey politician could write" in combination with wish fullfilment and/or supercool-know-it-all-deus-ex-machina-protagonists and/or protagonists with an IQ on the wrong side of zero. *If people didn't notice by now, I'm for comedy.
  8. SP is/was/and always will be in for the money first and the fans will in 99/100 cases get the sour apple. They took the path of least resistance (a.k.a. quick money and DGAF about what those "fans" or "supporters" say) and it works, and well, they aren't wrong. There will always another horny pre-teenager that will buy their games in hope of animu pr0n. And if you look at steam THOSE GUYS are where the money is. Throw in a few cheap OELVN and some games that appeal to those that had contact with VNs before the golden(-painted shit) age of steam and try to milk those guys (a.k.a. us) as much as you can (since let's be honest, the fan TL scene was killed by sekai and thus they can do whatever they want as jast is as fast as a killed zombie and MG is still working to ge rid of their image as pron-only supplier) and 1,2,3 PROFIT. If SP tells you something just
  9. Rune Factory
  10. Rewrite kinda has the same problem, common route is too long and tries too much to be funny (but it kinda works, because of what happens afterwards). Grisaia is beyond saving. Walking-deus-ex-machina-plot-device-protag really doesn't work in a comedy setting, imo. (He still doesn't work in the routes, at least for me, but that might be because I hate those kind of protagonists)
  11. NEVER try to compare a media that caters to socially awkward shut-in otakus whoose only female contacts are their mothers with reality. That's like killing yourself because you think you will respawn as seen in MMORPGs
  12. Not really a fan of bioware nowadays. The last DA was... Let me just say that I'm glad I never needed to buy it myself. And I really liked what they tried to do with DA2 (minus the rushed ending). And MEA was another step down. Even with the whole "SJW" stuff excluded some (alright, most) stuff felt forced and out of place. The characters look ugly, imo. But that is my personal opinion. It is rather refreshing that they took their extra time to make all characters look not pleasing for the player since it is easier to make pretty looking characters than it is to make ugly ones. Time they maybe should have put in their writing. Now the writing/story is where they f-ed up royally. Whoever wrote that steaming piece-of-something-that-belongs-in-a-place-where-people-do-their-personal-business is most likely still laughing that they really got paid for this. I hate it, it sounds like they hired some hipster-teeny that tried to emulate a jrpg into his last history class about colonies. But I haven't seen more than the beginning, might get better afterwards, but I really doubt it.