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  1. Kiyukii sama could try turning off "Embed Translation" in Preferences/Embed, and then Text Settings will be editable. Embed Translation mignt only work for latest games and is not well tested for old games ...
  2. Bug fixed. Sorry for the issue, Cloudedmind sama!
  3. Visual Novel Reader

    To get 広辞苑 illegally, you might search the exact Japanese name of the dictionary instead of English ... 大辞林 is better and much smaller than 広辞苑. It even contains English explanation for Japanese words. I had planned to remove 広辞苑 support in the past, but it is currently kept only for old users of VNR.
  4. Emulated PSP game text hooker?

    Thanks so much for the report! I didn't relealize that the PSP hooks were sensitive to the PPSSPP version. May I know what is the text thread name of 新装版alice in Text Settings?
  5. Help, About Visual Novel Reader

    はつゆきさくら first (はつ) snow (ゆき) sakura (さくら)
  6. Help, About Visual Novel Reader

    It is probabiliy because of the wrong option in Text Settings (the "Keep all threads" option should be disabled for SiglusEngine games). Asu sama could try this: => Right click the left blue dock => Open Text Settings => Select SiglusEngine as the scenario/name text threads => DISABLE all other options in Text Settings (disable repetition elimination and DISABLE KEEPING ALL THREADS) If everything is set correcty, some manual translation from @Zky should show up
  7. Emulated PSP game text hooker?

    Since PSP code are JIT-compiled, usually VNR won't work if the PSP game hasn't started (not only the ISO is inserted, but also when the text has shown). I mean, if we directly launch PPSSPP in VNR, it won't work. We have to first insert ISO, start/load the game, until you can see the scenario text on the sceen, and then start VNR at last. Additionally, everytime we change/restart the PSP ISO, VNR has to be restarted as well (since the JIT code region is changed after the PSP game is reloaded). I am planning to create a time proc to periodicially query the JIT code region so that it does not matter when we start/reload the game. But it would take more time to implement...
  8. Hello Kami sama of VN Reader, it's me, Yoel!

    Dropped by to say hello and to mention it's awesome VN Reader got out of it's Beta Status. :)

  9. VNJS - A VNDS Interpreter in HTML5/Javascript

    Just wonder, what do you think would be the key difference between these two scenarios? 1. Watch the 新番組 every week on TV, and maybe, provide some feedbacks to its creators VS Wait for 3 months or longer until the anime is completed, buy the full set of BD, and watch them in a few days 2. Read VN from the cloud immediately after the VN writer added some new scenario texts, and maybe, provide some feedbacks to its creators VS Wait for half a year or longer until the vn is completed, buy the game disc, and play it in a few days
  10. Regarding the anti-spam feature, I think a global shared filter like the one in nicovideo, or a statistics-based shared blocking system (so-called 云屏蔽) like the one in bilibili might help. Regarding the underlying user permissions system, I don't have a whole picture of where it should go. Just let me know if you have suggestions on it.
  11. VNJS - A VNDS Interpreter in HTML5/Javascript

    Amazing! This would be the future of VN. Not sure why the existing VN makers in Japan did not move to this direction. Maybe it would make them less money to put galgame in the cloud than on the disc? Or maybe Japan has lost itself for more than 20 years that it lost the interest for the latest technologies?
  12. What are you playing?

    Wow, Gsen was the first Galgame in my life >_< Just remind me of my early life in the university (涙 After learned a liiiiiiittle japanese, I decided to play some galgame for practice. Then picked Gsen, one of the best in 2008. At that time, I had a prejudice that others' translations would degrade/ruin the quality of the piece of great work. So I made myself a rule: Never Play Subbed GalGame. As the result, Gsen took me half a year to finish usami√ orz I had to look up dictionary again and again, while listening to the game's BGM. It left me some bad conditioned complex against music until now. Every time I heard some classic melody, which was also included in Gsen, it would bring up some H-scene to my brain (。>ω<。)
  13. お邪魔しますノシ