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  1. Don't farm MMORPG's while you are reading;

    Don't farm Mobile games while you are reading;

    Don't farm at all.

    Most of the times after the first hour playing I already know if the vn is finishable or not and just drop what is utterly garbage (like 100% of giga titles not named Baldr).

  2. Though i not fully consider a nakige or a plot title, Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai is one of the best character-oriented novel that i played, Manatsu no Yoru no Yuki Monogatari if you want a Key style nakige and Irotoridori no Sekai if you like the Favorite type of story.

  3. 4 hours ago, Irru said:

    We actually found out that while Hoshi Ori is indeed longer than Hatsukoi, it's not that much longer. About 17k lines, to be exact. And lines in this case aren't even full-fledged sentences. A name in the namebox is also considered a line. Combine that with the fact that there are a lot of duplicate lines because the MC is nameable, and Hoshi Ori might end up being the same length as Hatsukoi.

    That's a surprise, i remember spending at least fifteen hours more in HoshiOri than Hatsukoi, maybe i skipped too much in the parts where the protag is the personification a complete retarded. 

    Btw, in that comparison, you included the appends of Hatsukoi or just the base game?

  4. After Yuu finished the script of the heroines routes, Maeda saw that the game need more "Key magic", then he made Yuu write some family drama, cus Maeda only know to force cheap melodrama that way, so in the end we have good heroine routes(most of the time) and two last routes that disrupt from the rest and are boring at least.

    It's a decent tittle, could be much better, but the "Key style" with cheap drama and predictable supernatural elements make it worse, in my opinion. Maybe the problem is that i already read that type of story a thousand times.

    If you like Key novels, it's a good vn, though little than Clannad, more than Rewrite. But in my metric, nothing exceptional.

  5. Well, the poll only have AAA titles (maybe excluding Kara no Shoujo), but every work are very different from each other, so it break down to what you want now.

    WA2 is probably the best "soap opera" drama vn that you will read, but if you are not into dramatic dragging love triangles (the soap opera special) things could be a little tiring in some parts.

    I recommend Oretsuba, a very solid title despite the low popularity comparing to the others on the poll, somehow a unique work in some aspects and the best that Ou Jackson write so far (not as if he is a masterpiece writer, but well, he does his job).

  6. Sometimes routes needed to be locked cause they need knowledge of facts from other routes or could spoil them hard, so playing them first could drastically drop the enjoyment and quality of the work. Another case is when in a multi route plot, one route resolve the big problem, making him "the most satisfying end", in terms of the main history of course.

    True ends are (most of the time) exactly that, they wrap all the problems and questions of the main plot and give the sense of a "proper closure", generally are more longer and have more quality, so obviously the other routes look a little "irrelevant" close to them, but some histories work better in that structure and simply will be bad if giving all the routes the same importance.

  7. 5 hours ago, Larxe1 said:

    Is this similiar to Hoshi Ori?  I really had trouble playing it due to its slow-paced nature at the start

    It's a similar pace, but better, especially on the common route, comparing with Hoshiori  it feels that more things are going on.

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