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  1. 1 hour ago, Kiriririri said:

    There is Nukitashi but it might be too hard to understand for those who are not of the clan of true jops

    Nukitashi can be a good read depending on how the comedy will be. Considering that the writers are rookies i will wait for the opinion of some eroge sommelier before make my mind.

    55 minutes ago, ChaosRaven said:

    Depends, I'm personally pretty hyped for the Go version of Shin Koihime Kakumei. I'll buy it along with the Gi version from last year soon. :)

    That game dropped in my ranks basically because of the Circus syndrome that is affecting BaseSon, after 5 or 6 other Shin Koihime i can't see this game in a good light.

  2. 4 hours ago, Narcosis said:

    I think you misinterpreted the diagram. The food chain isn't about who's the strongest or best; popularity is strongly tied to charisma, assertiveness and smooth talking. If a game gets popular and spawns a franchise, it's for a reason and you can't deny those games had a lot more to offer.

    The pyramid itself is about everything aside from being "better". The higher you go, the less approachable games are. Those titles might uphold small rabid communities, but they will be never able to support the entire community. Contrary to that, games at the bottom are the games that - in fact - keep the entire community on their shoulders.

    What I'm trying to say through this blog post is that people need to stop comparing games from different groups, as it's not really possible. My approach is to compare games within each of their respective groups and perhaps say, whether a certain title appeals only to fans of said respective group, or is it approachable to a wider audience, reaching outside that group. Such games are the good games - stories capable to reach out to many people, despite being deeply rooted to their own genre

    Sry, i don't see the food chain title the first time that i read the diagram, sometimes my selective reading just stop working, the pyramid make sense now. Nukiges are undoubtedly the big base, but they are a strange base, in a future erogedoom i could see them surviving without much damage, but being unable to save more than themselves, they are like a big non-structural base. And them, with the next levels being moege and charage, you reach the actual situation where they almost don't support their own weight and risk everything above to ruin with them.

    About ratings, nowadays i just say  i like, it's meh or i dislike, but obviously never made sense to give the history of a charage the same importance as in a chunnige. One curious thing about the vn community is how much discrepancy we could have between "veterans" ratings, it's not uncommon to see two veterans with similar tastes having a difference of three or four points in the same vn in vndb.

  3. 17 minutes ago, fun2novel said:

    I heard about that. Is every route turns into what you described or is just one of the routes or something?

    My friend played Tenshihane for example, and he says the vn has two halves. On side is the usual character thing, but if you pick the other side it totally turns chuuni.

    All 3 routes have the battle running and are relevant to the history, the only difference is how insane is the battle (vs a tank or Gungnir, for exemple).

  4. Shumon Yuu is probably my favorite writer and Asairo my favorite vn, the capacity to mix and switch genres combined with the depth characterization and settings is something we not see every day and he excels in that. Another strong point in his works is how all components(art, music and writing) are used to make a whole scene, trough it's not possible to see that in all games cause of budget restrictions, Asairo is a good exemple of that with  litte to nothing cgs wasted.

    I think that the accessibility of her works are the main point that don't make he shine more in the west, how he play with the words, the kanji puns, info dumps and writing style make a high japanese level work, someone not too experienced with the language could easily get lost in some parts. How his works are mix genre/genreless is something that could repel some people too, like Itsusora that judging by the brand, chara designs and common route seems like a moege but then with a crazy spin we have norse epic battle running.


  5. One of my major criticism to the fantasy world setting is that often the configuration is simply stupid and they just throw some no sense characteristic that in reality is a hole in the world building.

    That vn is a perfect exemple, they put in garbage the culture of the humanity just cause the idol crap will have more impact in the setting that way, it's better fill that holes and put that frozen idol to sleep forever. 

  6. Ginharu have h-scenes more concentrated than Hoshi Ori, they only start in the second third of the high school part and 3 of them are in the adult part (that in comparison have only 2 event cg), but the amount is the same as Hoshi Ori(from what i remember), 9 h-scenes per heroine. 

    Edit: One writer have clearly a fetish for that, like, in Yuzuki route there 2 h-scenes in bath and one normal cg if not more.

  7. This month looked decent compared at least to the rest of the year, but like half of the titles have been delayed.

    The ensemble game could be good if they not force a weird device to the mc and the main heroine get closer. 

    Though im not expecting something like Satsukoi, Akaneiro have potential if they not try to do more than the plot support.

    Pulltop and AXL disappointed me with that futuristic idol crap.

    If all goes wrong we have some Mashiro at least.

  8. I found in Natsu no Kusari the same problem that when i read Euphoria, the emotions that i was supposed to feel in the h-scenes don't come out, i have a chronic problem when i read works of this type, my lack of empathy make me see all in a too logical way. Also the whole point of he only succeed in life if destroy she, simply don't buy me.

    The categories that you write are not too usual to me, interesting seeing people with compete different tastes.

  9. 20 minutes ago, *anoyoruniyakusokushita said:

    Even if a person is obese, it's their choice to be, and they shouldn't be criticized for that, as they are capable of knowing what's best for them.

    Showing fat people is one thing, showing obese as 100% healthy is another. In a great number of countries obesity is considered a disease and in some of them a public epidemic, thinking that each people know what's best for them is a generalization, do you think that a person with no mental stability know what is best to him? or a high school student have experience, knowledge or maturity to decide things like that.

    41 minutes ago, *anoyoruniyakusokushita said:

    they could start with the protagonist. Noone would really care if he's pretty or not, anyway.

    This could be a double edge sword, in the same way that fat consumers would see them represented, a number of people tend to see protagonists as a imaginary projection of what themselves could be.

  10. 10 minutes ago, *anoyoruniyakusokushita said:

    Except an art change will affect the entire game, whereas just including one fat heroine won't. As I said, if the players don't like her, they can simply avoid her route and play the other heroines'. Now, when it comes to art change, they can't do that, because the other artist (who, I presume, they liked most) didn't draw anything in that game, that's why it dropped sales.

    The point is that we don't know if they will buy and only avoid that route or they will simply don't buy the game, i know some people that only buy a vn if at the first view like all the heroines, the fact is that we don't have a precedent to conclude how the sales will be.

    Do you think that a standard Japanese guy, if have to choose between similar moeges will buy a title that he like all the heroines designs or a title that will have one heroine that he think that the design is ugly?

    You see innovation last years in the vn market? The status quo is delivering good numbers so why they will not bother entering in waters that they dont know.

  11. The VN market will not put fat people on the cast because its a risky movement, considering that the majority of novels have small sales compared to other things on media and that the majority of consumers don't find fat people attractive, even if it is a small drop in the sales, it's less money entering to a very closed niche that most of the companies don't have economic power to afford a title without profit. Remeber that only a art change make smee last title drop more than 50% in sales. The companies have 0 reason to take a risk change.

  12. This game is in the grey area to me, though have his own qualities and much potential, the principal point, the emotional impact, don't hit me in nowhere. Some questions that appear and are not explained about the fantasy elements don't make anything positive, the whole background seems too weak to make a foundation in my opinion.
    The structure is bad too, with rushed relations to give h-scenes in the epilogue and somethings that are resolved in the blink of a eye, if you don't need romance, don't make the mc go to a romantic relationship, make they solve the problems and go to a normal end or make a kinect novel and give more time to the building. The sadness that i was supposed to feel don't appear principally because i don't have much connection and relation with the characters and the game don't give me time to this.

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