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  1. Me no likey finger bumming. But we gave her butt the D in the end so... that was hot.
  2. .... Despite the shit tons of pizza thrown at my face during Kyou's route... I really really like her. Maybe it's a testament to her VA but my god I fell for Kyou's cuteness hard. I do like me some hard working sporty girl. About to start the Maya route now.
  3. Well the common route is a little bit of what everyone has already stated. It's there to introduce the characters, who they are and they play it off well. It sort of gives a "little busters" vibe when you meet the Kazama family. Everyone has a place. Then they build up more of that as you go along. It's honestly when you lock in on a heroine path where the real meat of the story happens, and well, the theme varies with each heroine. I'd say Kazuko has a very inspiring emotional weight to her story while Momoyo's feels like an action movie as you the plucky protagonist try to win the goddess of war's heart. All in all, a lot of us love the series for what it is. It's given me plenty of joy and made me smile a lot. If anything else, I'd say give it a try.
  4. You said the magic words. Majikoi has been the franchise that brought me back into visual novels when I was getting burned out by them. And like what everyone else has said, its a romantic comedy with elements of martial arts you'd expect to fidn in like a shounen manga.
  5. I love me some tsundere but Yuma so far has been...grating to say the least. But I am interested in her story. I hope its good.
  6. I'm chugging along. I haven't had many times to play it. My work and responsibilities keep me busy (And the occasional Titanfall 2 binge). I'm super early in the game, I just met Yuma... what a bitch.
  7. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would but holy hell.... what happened on the translations for chapter 4 and 5? It felt so stiff and unusual, like google translate was used for the most part of it. Also it's a shame we're never going to get the 18 version. The girls are drawn rather erotically with their nips and amazing busoms.
  8. Alright guys I will go for it. Wish me luck on my nostalgic journey. BTW, if you guys can recommend me some more visual novels with the strong anee-san type characters like Tamaki, that would be great.
  9. Being one of the oldest franchise in visual novel history I've finally obtained a legit copy of To Heart 2. Along with the translation patch I have only one goal...to romance Tama-nee. Be real with me guys. Is it worth it to play the game just for her? I mean the visual novel scene has changed greatly since To Heart's reign. A lot of what was innovative and different is now considered cliche and boring. My favorite waifus have always been strong willed women anee-san type. I'm just worried To Heart 2 has just not aged gracefully compared to the newer hotness.
  10. CorgiKing


    I'm going to have to agree. Monty had a very distinctive fluid style to action and choreography. No one on rooster teeth seem able to copy his style.
  11. CorgiKing


    The white rose shipping is strong in this one. Still wish we had some more highlights on the bros. We barely know anything about Ren, Sun, and Neptune. Least Jaune gets to have some limelight.
  12. CorgiKing


    Anybody here been watching Rooster Teeths and the late Monty Oum's series? They have been hitting it out of the ballpark with the newest season. I haven't been this excited for a series in a long time.
  13. Hmmm alright, Stein's it is then. Thanks for the recommendation guys.
  14. Hi guys, Just finished up chusingura and while the ride was great it was only decent for me. Nothing really stood out other then the time period. I love novels set in the feudal times. But that's beside the point. Point is I need to start a new one and I was wondering if I should go for G senjou no Maou first or Stein's gate? I heard glowing reviews for both and to be honest I've kind of put them on the back burner for awhile now and I need to finish them. So which one should I start first? Cheers and thanks.
  15. I love NTR in my Hentai... despite being a happily married man.
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