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  1. its been a while. but did you already solved the problem?
  2. Yes.Noble Works is also one of the best. And I like sena's Route btw
  3. Now i see. Thanks for the explanation Senpai
  4. True. Dracu riot is great with including action,story,and fantasy packed in something that doesn't take our heavy mind and the artwork are so tidy I got to say
  5. I don't know if you're going to call it otome games. But my second VN is harukoi otome. Now I'm playing koihime Mosou. I admires the way baseson didn't give me a terrible headache like the euphoria does. And now I also like princes evangile. And I just finished two yuzusoft VN. I still don't know why people in this site doesn't like yuzusoft
  6. Yes It is. And Becouse of That I had stopped Play VN for few weeks. But after that, I carefully selected few otome games. Like I'm fine with sexual content but that's not what I was looking for.
  7. I like Kamige and moege. I play a bit of utsuge but believe it or not the first vn I play Is Actually a nukige.
  8. VinnieSyarif


    Can I be the army general?
  9. Hello every1 Hello. My name is VinnieSyarif. But my net friends is usually call me Visya. I'm not exactly new to this site. But I only started this account for a week then Igot a situation where i can't use internet for few month. But that's all in the past now. I now online 24 hours straight. Tee hee.as for personal information I wouldn't mind telling everything about me. Just ask okay.? Anyway, I look forward to work with you guys.
  10. Hello every1 Well then. Help me please. There's someone( who claimed to be my eroge junior)asking me about the Cum on! Bukkake Ranch!. And I said" it's an easy game. I beat it in 2 hours"then he asked me to give him my save data. Then i tried to play the game and was like "ouhkay " there's no way I can finish it up in month. That being said. PLEASE can you give me a complete save file?. once again PLEASE. Thank you for the attention. And the file PLEASE
  11. Well. I would also recommend dracu riot and noble works. And have you tried hoshimemo, G senjou no maou and comyu ? I think the artwork is not bad but well, the story is a bit heavy.
  12. PGSVIDT CellFileRead ak。pGSVTO! CellFileRead Winnies filenNeed For Speed Most。。。。 Wanted: CARSTRUCK SPREVINYLBINえろげBunny Blacklfrogechan。com。 Bunny。 Black ZEunny Black 2 Logo goLAGFJ MILの読み込みに大敗しまurl That's what it says. Can anyone help me fix this?
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