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  1. Over the years, I've grown to dislike my current username because at the time I came up with it, it was originally meant to be a pen name while I was still pursuing my (now pointless) dream of moving to Japan just to write a light novel. My life goals have changed, so I would like to change my username into something more unique. Plus, I'm not even sure if "Konpeki Umi" is appropriate anyway, since I think any Japanese expert will point out the name's structure and meaning to be totally wrong. However, unlike most other forums I've been to, this forum doesn't seem to have the option to change my username.
  2. Me, I don't delete my VNs unless my computer memory becomes so full that I have no choice but to clear out files to conserve space. Other than that, good VNs like Steins;Gate would be unthinkable for me to delete anyway, because it's so damn good, I'd be robbing myself of a reading masterpiece.
  3. Did Fuwa die?

    Eyyyyy, fuwa's back! I don't know happened with the forums and I thought it was a network problem with my own laptop. Glad to finally be back on.
  4. [curiosity] Errors in VNs

    The only mistakes I've noticed in VNs are a couple of minor grammar errors and typos. I don't recall ever seeing mistakes related to CG consistency, but then again, I was too immersed in the story to even notice.
  5. What antivirus software do you prefer to use?

    I originally used Kaspersky antivirus until it severely malfunctioned and forced me to reboot my laptop. For now, I'm using Avast until I can get a new better laptop for college.
  6. Does faithfulness add value to an adaption?

    Long story short, I think it depends on multiple factors, including but not limited to, time and budget. Simply put, most animators cannot squeeze in all of the material from the source because it would take up a lot of time and money to do so, which is understandable. And many companies are on a schedule to get an episode out on time for it to be broadcast on air and distributed across the media. 90% of the time, they'll try to make the adaptation as close to the original source as much as possible, but then you get the oddballs that contradicts the original sources which often spark debates. One example I can remember is Black Cat. It's fairly obscure, but when I watched the anime, I fell in love with it. For years, it would remain in my memory as a very good masterpiece until one day, I've decided to read the original manga source for nostalgia, and the changes I've found were VERY surprising. I've learned that the anime adaptation deviated away from the original source a lot, so much so that listing all of the changes would take up the whole post (I suggest looking it up to save time). Many of the main characters traits and origin stories where altered, several plot elements have been removed and exclusively added, and there's even an additional arc at the end of the anime adaptation that did not happen in the manga. This has changed my perspective on faithful adaptations, and has lead me to be more aware as to what changes I would be expecting. Does this mean I hate the Black Cat anime now? No. If anything, I see both the manga and the anime adaptation as two sides of the same coin, so they offer completely different experiences. The only example I can remember not liking at all in the slightest is the Ariolus Izard arc in A Certain Magical Index. This is because I've read the original light novel first before jumping into the anime, and when I did, I was not impressed with the decision to cut most of the arc out, including the part where Touma and Styl went up against Ariolus' clone, who can turn anyone into liquid gold by touching them with a chain arrow. That is perhaps the darkest moment in the light novel even though it was just an illussion, so when the anime just cut to the chase of dealing with Ariolus himself and removed the dark aspect of the arc, my enjoyment factor just dropped. I heard the manga is even worse with it because it removed the entire arc outright. With that said, I think it also depends if you have or haven't seen the original source before jumping into the adaptation as well. It can determine your enjoyment factor with the adaptation and how well you can fondly remember enjoying it or not.
  7. Is Amane a common VN name?

    K, thanks guys. Learning something new each day. I'm guessing Alice, because there's Alice Cartelet from Kiniro Mosaic, Alice Margatroid from the Touhou games, a character simply named Alice from Pandora Hearts, and these are the ones I can name off the back of my head. Nine times out of ten, it would overlap or have some allusions to Alice in Wonderland, which I'm guessing is really popular over in Japan. Then again, Alice is probably the most used female name in-general in any type of media.
  8. Is Amane a common VN name?

    I've noticed that in three of the four visual novels I've read, I would encounter at least one character named Amane. There's Amane Suou in Grisaia, Amane Mochizuki in If My Heart Had Wings, and Amane Suzuha in Steins;Gate. This has got me thinking: Is Amane a common and popular VN name? Or am I just really, coincidentally lucky with my pics?
  9. Steins;Gate Question

    Thanks for the answers guys. I'll definitely get Steins;Gate. Also, if Chrono Clock's translation isn't as bad as most people make it out to be, I'll give it a second chance.
  10. Steins;Gate Question

    I've been thinking of getting Steins;Gate on Steam, but I'm concerned about something. What is the translation quality of the English version? Is the translation accurate and true to the original Japanese dialogue? I don't want to go through another repeat of Chrono Clock and Libra of the Vampire Princess, where the translation is either altered or barely readable.
  11. I'm back!

    Well, so much for coming back so soon because I have vacation coming up in a few days. Will be gone for about a week, so I'll return when its over.
  12. Makes me wonder if other VN distributing companies will catch on to this and do the same with their content. Though I doubt Sekai Project would do it. I'd be really surprised if they did.
  13. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Recently played Tales of Berseria. I really enjoyed the game. I think it is by far the best Tales game in recent years, considering what the series went through starting from Graces.
  14. I'm back!

    There we go, changed my avatar back to the original file.
  15. Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality

    Well how about that. I was actually planning on picking this up but, I was not aware of the bad translation. If they fix the translation, then maybe I will pick it up in the future, but until then, I'm not considering it. It's like Chrono Clock all over again, but more incoherent.