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  1. Good luck with your VN project. Next time, try to be more concise with your titles ok?
  2. Look, I get what people are trying to say when they do not advise you using Japanese settings and the like over fear of inaccuracy, which can be helpful tips in their own right if they didn't border on discouraging you from doing so. Many people here think that as a Westerner, you should only do Western things, but I think the exact opposite here. Like I said before, you're free to use Japanese settings to your liking. Don't let people tell you what you should or should not do. Follow what you feel is best for you, and good luck.
  3. Welcome to the forums! Please enjoy your stay.
  4. Funny. When I read the title, I thought this thread was going to be a "how much of a fan are you?" kind of thing. Anyway, if you want your VN to be Japanese anime-themed, then by all means, do so. However, you have to be prepared to do a lot of research, because creating stories based on real life locations that you never even been to or lived in is gonna be difficult than creating one based on places you know. Hope you have the time to do so.
  5. A joke gone too far maybe? I think we should stop this.
  6. Date A Live and Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance are my guilty pleasures because I've enjoyed those very much. I've heard that the latter was very poorly received in the west, and the former was bashed for its mediocre premise with Kurumi being its only saving grace. And Black Bullet too, though I've only read the light novel. I like it for its dark story and Mr. Joker impersonator Kagetane, but nearly everyone hates it for being an "Attack on Titan ripoff" and lolis.
  7. Big yes! And writing too. Next person likes writing.
  8. So what's the difference between a Texas dice and a normal dice? Is it the hat? Hat's always make everything cooler. 7/10
  9. Probably some poor executive decision making. If they don't have a Japanese digital release already out, it's just gonna be bound to flop badly.
  10. This thread with a similar post.
  11. Is the group still active and taking in new people? If so, I would like to join in please. My Skype username is divineflame100.
  12. Is this a response to @Naoe's thread? Because I don't get it.
  13. Is this a practical joke? Because the post seems too over-the-top to take seriously.
  14. The problem with Skype and Discord chat is that whenever it gets too active, your opinion will be washed over by several other posts and they'll likely won't see it in time, especially if what you're trying to say isn't on the same subject as what they're talking about. However don't let that discourage you. It's not like they're ignoring you intentionally, it's just that it gets very busy and people don't have the time to read every post.
  15. Yeah. I checked the price of the first Grisaia VN on denpasoft and it's close to $50. Assuming the sequels don't have varying costs, the total price of the whole box set would be roughly about $160 to $200 total.