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  1. Oh holy heck that is complicated. SO with cheat engine It will translate the text?
  2. http://imgur.com/a/fDrJw http://imgur.com/Q23NbjE ??? xD does this mean that the game don't work
  3. okay, that's super strange because people are saying that diabolik lovers works on the vnr xD thank you so much!
  4. Dang it xD how do I fix this? How come that other people can play otome/visual novels perfectly xD what games works on vnr? that I can download to ppsspp lol
  5. Ah don't worry, I fixed! I can now play the game, the only problem is that the translation doesn't show up? Any tips? Like, the translation text doesn't appear xD
  6. Flowerthief

    H code?

    So I finally got VNR to find the game! (Diabolik lovers) but it can't find the game thread? OR whatever it's called. So I need to change/edit the h code, but what is the h code for Diabolik lovers? xD
  7. I honlestly don't know what I'm doing wrong
  8. I used the psp version of diabolik lovers but this keeps happening? SO that's why I was wondering if I was supposed to pst, I dunno if you can see it from the link xD I have no idea how to post photos
  9. I do have the ppsspp emulator, but how does it even work? lol, I can't translate the text. Maybe I need a psp or a psvita for the game to actually translate?
  10. I've played them both : ) it's just that I have been longing to play like, Diabolik lovers, Brother's conflict, Binary star and much more! Too bad that they aren't localized to the west.... YET XD thank you anyways~
  11. Ah, darn. I better get myself a psp! Thank you guys so much! Now I can finally become my inner otome gamer
  12. Okay : 3 should I just go for it and buy a japanese vn? xD? And try to plug it in with my ps vita, lol. It doesn't hurt to try, and even if it doesn't work I can probaly look up translations online.
  13. Thank you so much! Have a good day!
  14. So I need to buy them online? For PC? okay, do you have any recommendations? : )
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