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    Benji Price reacted to littleshogun in Koiken Otome Revive TL Project   
    Well, whichever goes I guess, although I slightly favor toward honorific though (But if you interested with no honorific go ahead though).
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Canicheslayer in Worth going back and playing Da Capo 1 & 2?   
    I highly recomend Da Capo II. Since the last Side Story of DC III is very related to it.
    I did the same as you, 1st played DC III and didn't regret at all DC II. DC I well... if you're really interested in the story you could give it a try.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Dergonu in Koiken Otome Revive TL Project   
    May the force be with you bro! I wish you the best of lucks in both your studies and the project!
    This is one of the Fan Disk i'm longing to read.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Trickay in Hello all :)   
    Welcome!! You shure will find amazing titles to keep on your reading!
    If you are a fan of mistery/policial novels, and also novels with a true end, don't miss Kara no Shoujo and G-Senjou (my favourites so far).
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    Benji Price reacted to Clephas in Whirlpool Also Targeting Western Market (Nekonin Steam page up)   
    *sighs*... Whirlpool really should stick to what they are best at... creating higher-tier charage (full cost) and just contract with a localization company. 
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Strike105X in Me again... Would like a recommendation with warrior, soldier or mercenarie heroines   
    Sakura Fantasy is no great title but can entertain you for a day or two.
    Sakura Dungeon Not bad at all if you like also RPG games. 
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    Benji Price reacted to dfbreezy in What is the appeal of visual novels?   
    For me, it's simple. 
    VNs are easier to read and more attractive. Not just superficially. Like everyone has said, Vns are a different medium altogether, so by making comparisons to other forms of media, you shot yourself in the cock. 
    The mistake majority make, is not even understanding the execution or scope of VNs. How? 
    When judging a VN, most categorize by Art ( Sprite CG), Music (BGM) and writing (prose). It's sad when people judge/appraise an item by 50% of it's quality. Vns are not based on those few criteria i mentioned, but alot more. Consider the Visual Effects used (if any), consider the SFX, the GUI, the directing (post-programming). Once you base your judgement on all of these, your review becomes more complete. Excessive? Unnecessary? If you feel appraising with all these is too much and not worth it, then don't appraise at all. Half-baked appraisals hurt other people's drive (creators).
    The moment you said you dropped the Vns, you moved the gun to your backside and shot yourself there as well. I in particular ( and my general view) feel that someone who is unable to completely consume a product, has no right to appraise it. The saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" didn't pop up because someone was trying to sound cool. In the same sense, your current representation to me, based on what you said, is "I dropped it because i didn't like it, so it is shit", as opposed to the more appropriate mentality "I dropped it because i didn't like it, so it's not my thing". in the latter quote, the consumer understands and respects the fact that his personal tastes do not judge the product as a whole, as there are hundreds of other opinions to the contrary.
    TL;DR: I am not pointing out pros and cons of VNs. I am showing you how to "Open-mindedly" assess the pros and cons of VNs. 
    I think you should pick up some of the recommendations in this thread and keep the points i mentioned above in mind. You must always remember, that your opinion is one out of many and unless the majority share your opinion, it's only singular. Like my shitty opinion i just explained. 
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    Benji Price got a reaction from dfbreezy in What is the appeal of visual novels?   
    Maybe G-Senjou no Maou could fit among those. Dispite having teenage characters, the plot and the situations in which you see the important characters interactions is not the the same as typical VNs.
    You also missed Kara no shoujo's predecesor so to speak.
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    Benji Price reacted to ChaosRaven in What is the appeal of visual novels?   
    I left both out intentionally. If he doesn't even like F/SN, I'm not sure if he'd like G-Senjou. And while I think that Cartagra's true story would be in principal better than both KnS 1 & 2, it unfortunatley doesn't have their high quality of writing yet. Besides that, Cartagra is so H-heavy that it rivals a full blown nukige. Back then I think I even counted its H-CG's and it was almost on par with ImoPara. 
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    Benji Price reacted to littleshogun in Opinions on Protagonists   
    Quite hard to determine there, since there's so much protagonist type and the fact that I would be willing to tolerate if there's some hetare MC. Although maybe I'll chose 2nd option just like majority here, considering I was took a like to Rance there a little bit (Rance was like the pragmatic type MC, up to 11).
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    Benji Price got a reaction from BookwormOtaku in Hentai   
    Just when I thought S. L. J. couldn't be more awesome! 
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    Benji Price reacted to BookwormOtaku in Hentai   
    Go to 2:35 
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    Benji Price reacted to Ningen in Da Capo 3 R Soundtrack?   
    Discussions about extracting things from VNs are alright, they are a huge part of the content in the TL sections of this forum.
    Just dont upload or share the things you extracted, this is a discussion board, not a warezboard.
    There are a myriad of tools to unpack VNs.
    Here's a short list from the TL Wiki https://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Tools
    You should probably check what engine DC3R uses.
    Or try an allrounder program like Crass
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    Benji Price reacted to Deep Blue in Help with Non Translated VN   
    Voy a escribir en español porque tengo mucha paja
    No uses chiitrans, vos queres traducir via programa lo que en la comunidad se llama "machine translation" y chiitrans mas que nada es para leer si sabes japones y ayudarte con la gramática, lo mejor que podes hacer es usar google translation que es casi igual que ATLAS bien configurado (configurar atlas es un parto)
    Baja esto:
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/8zjhfxys78r0bfs/ITHVNR-3.5640.1-win32.zip <--------- con esto extraes el texto de las novelas visuales, nada mas.
    Después baja esto:
    Una vez abierto vas a ver que el programa tiene 2000 tipos de traductores, cerralos a todos y deja sólo el que dice google, con ITHVNR abierto y ya habiendo agarrado el texto dentro de la novela visual con ITHVNR, abrí el segundo programa y sólo va a traducir, la traducción varia entre "aceptable" hasta "no se entiende una garcha". Lo ideal seria tener al menos conocimientos básicos de japones y utilizar estos traductores como ayuda y nada mas pero eso lleva mucho tiempo y estudio y no creo que quieras hacer eso.
    Si tenes problemas utilizando ITH mira mi tutorial en una parte explico como se utiliza, cualquier cosa consultame.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from voidpointer in Da Capo 3 R Soundtrack?   
    If it's not against the rules:
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Limerence_ in Worth going back and playing Da Capo 1 & 2?   
    Well, if I had to read it again I'd play Nemu's and Sakura's route from DC 1 (the main heroines), and then go for full DC II (if it's plus communication version even better) and DC III. And you can also watch the anime series if you like.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Shioxus in Help me pick my next backlog title!   
    You won't regret any second you spend with Kara no Shoujo. And you will also want to start Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo 2 after you finish it.
    You can also try G-Senjou no Maou is one of the best titles I've ever read, if you like the mistery/mafia context.
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    Benji Price reacted to Clephas in Help with Non Translated VN   
    Jparser is an engine built into Translation Aggregator that can transform kanji to katakana, Hiragana, or romaji.  This lets you get around limited knowledge of kanji in order to read the text as a phonetic system rather than a symbolic system.  For most people with a knowledge of the language but lacking a knowledge of kanji, this is more than enough to let them play VNs untranslated.
    There are other, machine translation engines that can be installed into TA, but I'll let someone else explain those, since I've never used anything but Jparser.
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    Benji Price reacted to Jartse in Help with Non Translated VN   
    Chiltrans in layman's terms is another version of VNR or ITH/ITHVNR+Translation Aggregator (TA in short), but it can just be used in place of TA - personally I run ITH/ITHVNR + Chiitrans as for some reason Chiitrans seems to parse the some words better than TA. The stay on top feature works for some games in full screen.
    TA should also be able do things such as google translate of a sentence or hook into Atlas (I've never gotten them to work/needed them to work) - that is if you are desperate to see what different translation engine translates the same text as.
    The easier way to think of text hooking translators is
    1. You first need something to extract the text from the game engine, once you have the text
    2. With the japanese text you'll need to either:
    2a. Throw it into a machine translator and see the Engrish output (eg/ google translate/Atlas) - very bad idea for most VNs as its generally gibberish.
    2b. Display it on screen with dictionary lookup on each word. As Japanese is not similar to English where one word is a word (eg/ みな means something different to say みなと even though they start with the same characters), there needs to be something to split the sentence into dictionary understandable words - that's where parsers such as JParser comes in.
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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    Progress update: Proofreading of Yuma's route is now complete thanks to @Benji Price, making proofreading ~55% complete. Ruu \o/
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    Benji Price reacted to Ryoji in D.C. Da Capo II   

    D.C. ~Da Capo II~
    Licensed by MangaGamer
    Takes place approximately 50 years after the original D.C. ~Da Capo~ game.
    The story revolves around Sakurai Yoshiyuki and Otome & Yume, sibling granddaughters of the original D.C. ~Da Capo~ protagonists Jun'ichi and Nemu.
    ***Ending Guide***
    There are Four main routes, Anzu, Nanaka, Koko and Minatsu. Otome and Yume have routes as well however, they are locked until you finish
    1) Anzu or Minatsu's route!!
    2) Nanaka or Koko's route!!
    You must do one of each to successfully unlock Otome and Yume's routes.

    Then, after all of these are completed, Sakura's route will be unlocked. Trust me when I say, it is worth the effort. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough to help you along.
    ***Route Walkthrough***








    ***Bonus Routes***
    Otome and Yume's Routes can only be unlock as described above. If you have not completed the prerequisites, you will not be able to continue. Just restart game and you will see D.C. in the Main Menu. Click that and continue on.




    You must finish all above routes to unlock Sakura's route.


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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    So I've done a playthrough/proofread of my own of Manaka's route now that @Benji Price committed his edits. I found this quite disappointing, not because the route is bad, but because it has been the most seriously neglected route on the translation side. It was the second route translated after Konomi's, likely around 7 years ago, when my Japanese was pretty bad. However Konomi's route has had numerous iterations with some degree of translation checking and multiple edit passes so is much more polished. Later routes had the benefit of my Japanese improving so got progressively better translations. Manaka's hadn't received any translate check whatsoever and was still based on my original translation which was rather bad in areas. So I took it upon myself to play the whole route through looking for obvious mistranslations that broke the flow of logic in the story and corrected them, and changed any scene where I could hear what was said clearly didn't match what the translation said. Then I got towards the end of her route, where the real substantial part of the plot is fleshed out, and the scenes are much longer and was devastated at how bad it was in that section. So I've largely retranslated the last 10 or so scenes which missed many important plot points and the end result is now much more respectable. It's still far from perfect but at least it conveys the story far better.
    What was most interesting about this experience was that I had originally thought Manaka's route quite dull, but after retranslating it, it was much more rewarding. The relationships between characters made much more sense and there were numerous things with innuendo that I missed completely the first time around. It brings up something I've been trying to tell people for ages that there really is no point reading a bad translation because it just does not do the original story justice - potentially on a scale so great that the story isn't even recognisable; I even did it to myself on this one. I used this game translation as impetus to continue learning and practice for my own Japanese and to that end it's served its purpose but I didn't want that legacy to taint the final product.
    Nonetheless, I still don't feel that I'm a great translator and it does pain me somewhat knowing that the final version of this will never receive a translation check from someone else more skilled to really do it justice. I accepted this reality a while ago and for the most part I think the final product is still respectable, but Manaka's route highlighted to me just how bad it could have been. Even this close to finishing the project, I'd still happily delay releasing it if a translate checker came along to take it up to the next level - but at 97,000 lines I doubt anyone's going to put their hand up and who knows how long it would further delay this project that's already lasted 8 years.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from ShinRaikdou in Mangagamer secrets project   
    It've always prayed for companies to also TL the FD. It's such a pain not being able to continue with the after stories or any other extra they main contain.
    I hope I could read some day that Hoshimemo's FD will be TL.
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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    I had a dream last night that a professional company picked up my translation and released the game in all its glory... but with my 1st pass unedited untranslate-checked script and I pleaded with them to update to the latest edited version to do the game justice but they kept refusing... Anyway that's not the first time I've dreamt about this project which has been with me for over 8 years now.
    As for an update, the graphic editor @Blakeis close to finishing his decensoring and my editor/proofreader @Benji Price has almost finished his edits on Manaka's route. Once those are complete there will only be the remaining proofreading left.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Hayato in Yahaloooo!~~   
    Welcome bro!
    Hope you find what you're looking for! Have a nice time!