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    Benji Price got a reaction from -soraa in Questions about Da Capo II & III   
    From someone who read DC III first: it won't do any harm if you play DC III first. Yet, you'd enjoy it a bit more if you complete DC II beforehand.
    As for DC III, all routes are necessary to unlock the true route. Ricca's route was fine, can't say the same form Himeno's, and Aoi's route was pretty good to me.
    Now, regarding DC II. I found Anzu's and Yume's better than the rest (always considering I'm more interested in drama than romance), still the true route was even better.
    I encourage you to play DC II before continuing with DC III.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Silvz in Deceitful protanogist?   
    G-Senjou could fit that criteria. Although the story is told not only by the MC alone, but the antagonist as well. Still, I highly recommend it. There is indeed a great reveal in late game.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from WhyCantWeBeFriends? in VN against Loneliness   
    Agree with Majikoi.
    Maybe Da Capo III could also fit, taking:
    Although you may not understand part of the story (which is very good regardless) without reading Da Capo I and II beforehand.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from ittaku in If My Heart Had Wings Snow Presents translation   
    In my own experience as @ittaku's proofreader (and knowing at least some basic japanese) I can tell for sure that unless you get a motivated translator the outcome won't be not even close to meeting you expectations. Many times I copied the jap text to Google TL and after seeing the difference with Ittaku's work I understood how much the translator work is really worth.
    I tried using VNR for some VN, which I know there won't ever be an english version, and I was terribly dissapointed.
    I won't tell you not to do it, but at least think that a good TL takes time and lots of affort. If you're willing to commit to that, the rest it's just time.
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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in If My Heart Had Wings Snow Presents translation   
    Please don't even try with machine mangulation. The world needs less of this, preferably none of it. It's virtually impossible to find a translator that will magically have enough enthusiasm for your personal project to join  you especially when you have zero historical credibility or resources. The amount of work involved for the translator is insane and they need to be passionate about it themselves or there is zero chance of them translating any significant amount of it.
    Approach a project the other way around - find a translator that's interested in a game and help them out.
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    Benji Price reacted to Dergonu in Koiken Otome Revive TL Project   
    That was the plan, and I do want to get it done, but uni over here in Japan is keeping my quite busy. 
    I'll see what I have time for, and I'll keep the thread updated with what's going on.  
    I only have 2000 lines to go, so it's just a matter of finding the time to finish it up. 
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Canicheslayer in Harem 2017: Your ideal VN heroine harem   
    1° No doubt, Komomo and kosame

    2° Kazuko

    3° Touko (Koiken Otome)

    4° Shiho (koiken otome)

    5° Kazuna (Cartagra)

    6° Chris (Majikoi)

    And so many more , but that's enough for now 
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    Benji Price reacted to littleshogun in Sekai Project launches Kickstarter for Ley Line physical box set   
    Bump this thread, and it was in regard of 18+ version. As for that matter, while granted that there's still no word about that seeing that Saku Saku was also came with 18+ version, I would say that it's also possible that Sekai will also release Tokeijikake here along with 18+ version (By Denpa obviously). There's still no release date at VNDB though for 18+ version, because right now it's still unknown whether it would be released alongside Steam version or not. In short, I agree with Decay in regard of Tokeijikake 18+ matter.
    PS - By the way, if you want to talk or ask about Tokeijikake more feel free to drop at this thread @Benji Price.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Tekaji in I promised myself I would do this! Hey everyone!   
    Welcome bro!
    And I did see that movie, and all the other Marvel movies.
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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    And the final release is out! Full release details at reddit below. Links to download in top post as well as direct download from website available.
    Ruu \o/
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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    Progress update: I've completed QC'ing Sasara's route bringing QC to 90% complete. QC'ing her route was nowhere near as painful as the original translation pass because the extremely annoying behaviour of the protagonist through the middle part of her route didn't last anywhere near as long and I didn't need to spend much time on my least favourite epilogue (lol). Funny how annoying parts of it are yet how great the route is overall.
    @Benji Price has completed a terse proofread of Ruuko's ruute and doesn't have time to do a second proofread pass so I've taken responsibility of concurrently proofreading and QC'ing it.
    So I'm calling QC 90% complete and proofreading 95% complete. The rest is up to me and we're still on track for a November release. Ruu \o/
    The last time I posted an update was shortly after the forums were resuscitated and even though I gave a great update no one liked my post because of the theme breakage. If people use the same excuse this time and no one likes this post I'm going to quit now and never release the final patch
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    Benji Price reacted to Darklord Rooke in Did Fuwa die?   
    Heh, only the most awesome theme on the forums :3
    It seems that, at the moment, 'likes' only work with one theme ...
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Thatcomicguy in Any Comedic VN Recommendations?   
    If you liked Majikoi's style maybe Koiken Otome could fit your criteria. 
    Chusingura is also a good option if you like Edo Period samurais and stuff.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Suzu Fanatic in Surprise in Chrono Clock   
    I was playing Cro's route when I found out a detail that really surprised me.
    I don't know how many people here are Movies fan, or in particular Quentin Tarantino's movies fan. The thing is, I saw a line in which Rei mentions a Character from the movie "Pulp Fiction" (my favourite movie of all times) and it was amazing to me, since I have never seen yet a mention like this one, that writers take as a fact that you will now that character. Or maybe it's just a translation detail, since I haven't read the jap text (if someone did please tell me).
    So, I just wanted to share this with everyone 
    Here's the screenshot of the line:

    And here is the scene from the movie where you'll know that character:
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    Benji Price reacted to Decay in Surprise in Chrono Clock   
    I'd check the actual Japanese line before getting your pitchforks out. Tarantino is relatively popular in Japan though and didn't Makoto herself reference him at another point when mentioning the kinds of movies she likes? 
    Either way, I tend to be in favor of replacing obscure Japanese pop-culture references hardly anyone reading an English translation would understand.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Ernesto Oddone in Is there a translation for this VN/Eroge?? ^^   
    According to VNDB there isn't.
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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in Clover Days Translation Project   
    I'm not really sure what Astro was smoking when he posted on the wordpress site that Anzu's route was 50% complete. When I picked it up I found it to be about 15% complete, so I've come to give an update only to find that it looks like bad news when it's actually good news. But then it really doesn't matter, a project making forward progress is better at any percentage than one stalled.
    Progress update: Anzu's route is now 1/3 complete.
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    Benji Price reacted to Zenophilious in Which did you prefer better Majikoi or Grisaia?   
    I don't think so.  It's not the starting point in Majikoi S (or any of the A's, as far as I know), and generally the true route is the point the sequels start from.  There's nothing that really indicates that it's a true route, it's just unlocked last.
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    Benji Price reacted to littleshogun in Which did you prefer better Majikoi or Grisaia?   
    Me? Maybe Majikoi if only at least it had proper true routes in the first VN, instead of spreading it across two sequels like Grisaia (And Kajitsu didn't even had aftermentioned 'true route'). Although I think both of those were had some good points though.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Thatcomicguy in Which did you prefer better Majikoi or Grisaia?   
    If anything, I see the grisaia series as more dramatic than majikoi. Given that every heroine, and the protagonist also, has a traumatic past that led her to that academy.
    In majikoi's case, is a more entertaining VN with lots of actions and surprising out comes. I personally prefer majikoi. The agave route was simply amazing, and also found wanko's and chris' route with the drama dosis I like in a VN this long.
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Suzu Fanatic in How to not be embarassed of buying & owning these games:physcial copies   
    Step 2: Work and go live by yourself at your own place.
    The great thing about becoming an adult is that you can work and leave your parents home 
    I don't have to hide anything from anyone. My place, my stuff.
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    Benji Price reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    Progress update: Proofreading of the twins' route is now complete thanks to the tireless work of @Benji Price, making proofreading ~65% complete. Ruu \o/
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    Benji Price reacted to littleshogun in Koiken Otome Revive TL Project   
    Well, whichever goes I guess, although I slightly favor toward honorific though (But if you interested with no honorific go ahead though).
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    Benji Price got a reaction from Canicheslayer in Worth going back and playing Da Capo 1 & 2?   
    I highly recomend Da Capo II. Since the last Side Story of DC III is very related to it.
    I did the same as you, 1st played DC III and didn't regret at all DC II. DC I well... if you're really interested in the story you could give it a try.