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  1. To be honest , if Sekai is my only option the I hope the go for it ... terrible is still better than nothing , to me at least
  2. Welcome bro! Enjoy your time here. You'll have plenty to read about the VN world here. Cheers!
  3. It think waiting for the full release also depends on the impact the VN left on you after playing with the unfinished patch. In my case with Hoshimemo (one of my favourites) after having read it no less than 3 times with the Fan TL, yet waited patiently for the official release so as to have a different experience. I can say that in my case it was worth, saving one or two untranslated lines. Anyway, can't deny that @ittaku is right about the wrong-based opinion of readers who in most cases won't wait for the full release to make a proper judgement of the patch. Let's just hope astro
  4. Thanks for the official update @astro. It's good to hear that at least you want to keep on with the project however short your spare time is. Can't say I don't feel a bit sad by hearing this, since I'm among those waiting for this patch. On the other hand, is there a chance of a partial patch with the work done this far ?? Maybe this is asking too much and you want a full release after TLC and Proofread are done thoroughly, but well... that's entirely up to you, and I will respect your decision. Hope you succes on your studies/work
  5. Hi bro! I'd say welcome and enjoy your stay but you already do so I'm also a sportsman , but on my 30s and I play tennis a lot. Love open air sports. Any way... どうぞよろしく!
  6. Welcome pal ! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Welcome back pal ! Hope this stay lasts longer
  8. Welcome pal ! Enjoy your stay!
  9. Hoshimemo also has a couple CGs at the beach.
  10. Did you try changing you UNICODE system to japanese ?? At least that's what appears to be the issue.
  11. The more engaged and interested in the plot/story, the more you consider skipping the H-scene to "save it" for another time
  12. The anime is just crap. The VN though was very entertaining to me at the very least, specially the last two routes. Also, the last side storie made re-play Da Capo 2 and put a prayer to the gods that some kind soul may Localise the Plus Communication version of DC II, or at least a Fan Disk of DC III.
  13. @littleshogun I was about to say the same exact thing. It's not the worst adaptation though. Da Capo 3's is far worse.
  14. I have to admit the the trilogy had an awesome ending. Though I'd rather liked that Kajitsu had also a Yuuji's/True route so as to link with Meikyuu's, the plot of the latter part of the trilogy was indeed enjoyable.
  15. Know how you fell, it's been 4 years now since I first read Hoshimemo Honestly, I think the true ending theme fits when the story goes around some kind of mistery/drama to which the MC is bound from the beginning, wether or not it is directly related to a heroine (Da Capo II and III, although in the latter it ends up being kinda related). Totally agree here. If a VN is plain romance such as Princess Evangile (or those mentioned above) there is just no need of a true ending, since the whole point in that kind of VN is to choose a heroine. Yet, that changes when in addition to the r
  16. +1 to that. The best mistery VN ever. And the best soundtrack also.
  17. Btw, how "gore" like are the scenes exactly ?? Untill now all the cgs regarding deaths are nothing but blood spots on a black bottom. I imagined "kara no Shoujo"-like cgs.
  18. In my experience, VNs with an enforced playing order were the ones I enjoyed the most (like G-Senjou and Kara no Shoujo) so in that case I will stick to AeF. After finishing it, I'm planning to download a save file so as to jump directly to the content AeF lacks.
  19. As, mentioned above, you can always select to skip all text untill you get to a start point to fit your likings.
  20. Well, in my case the H does matter so I'll go with Acta first. As for the walkthrough since Acta does not have the same menu that Amantes, I thought maybe choice selection can be different as well. Thanks!
  21. Welcome pal ! Enjoy your stay!
  22. Hello! Just got the DX package which contains -Acta est fabula- and -Amantes Amentes- , which one should I read first ?? Heard that Amantes has extra content but has censorship not only in H-scenes but in gore scenes as well. So, would it be alright to read Acta first so as to jump to Amantes for the extra stories ?? Also, I can't find a walkthrough for Acta est Fabula, is it the same than Amantes ?
  23. Well, don't if this will fit your criteria of variety of heroines. But in these VNs you have a true route (with a true heroine so to speak) that will continue unless you pick any of the other heroines. G-Senjou (mistery VN) Tokeijikake (magic mistery VN)
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