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  1. Cocoro@Function, any news?

    Basic rule of thumb here. If a TL project is inactive for more than a year, and with no frequent updates to keep users posted about it, then it is most likely dead. The chances of such a project picking itself back up after that long stretch of time is very rare, and very unlikely to happen now that Pulltop has dibs on any planned localizations for its titles.
  2. Inquiry for Dog Owners

    My parents own a dog, and they keep her in check with just a leash to a secure object. If you can't afford a fence, the leash is the cheapest and harmless option, because I don't like shock collars. They're like a form of animal cruelty, and I don't like seeing pets get hurt.
  3. My review of "Tales of Berseria"

    Wow, I can't believe I actually missed this review. It's really well done. Tales of Berseria is perhaps my most favorite Tales game to date, beating out my previous favorite Tales of the Abyss. The combat system is such a vast improvement over past Tales games and so fluid, that I feel that the term "Linear Motion Battle System" has become outdated. Unlike other Tales games before it, Berseria actually uses full-on 3D movement by default, while others before were restricted to a linear plain and had to rely on Free Run mechanics. This allows me to attack multiple enemies at once without targeting, and makes dodging attacks easier. The story is also a vast improvement, and for once, there isn't a single main character I despise for being annoying. My only complaint however is the soundtrack. I feel that it isn't Sakuraba's best, as it lacks the distinct punch it had in past Tales games.
  4. Hope will get along!

    Ah, that explains it. Thanks.
  5. Why I hate the Fruit of Grisaia

    Well, to be fair, I think the reason why most people hate Grisaia's common route is because of its sheer length. It can take hours, or perhaps even days for slower readers, just to get to the actual branching choices that lead into the routes. I don't blame them really, because while I didn't necessarily hate the common route, I was fatigued from it by the time I got to the first route choice.
  6. Hope will get along!

    Welcome to Fuwa! Enjoy your stay, and have fun! EDIT: BTW, your avatar seems familiar. I swear I've seen this character somewhere.
  7. If you are reading this....

    If helping my mom paint my brother's room is considered having a wonderful week, then sure. ...I guess.
  8. Any Virtual Youtubers you are watching?

    Oh, I see. My bad. I thought you meant YouTubers in-general, but turns out you were talking about virtual idols.
  9. What was the worst online argument you ever been in?

    Politics in-general can be a very toxic topic for many people, hence why you should always approach this with caution. I usually hate it when users join forums just to spread their political ideologies and agendas to everyone else, and this type of thing has the potential to start flame wars on a massive scale due to every person's own differing views. Almost every political thread I've seen has either been locked out or deleted by the mods or admins. It's that worse.
  10. Hello!!

    Welcome to Fuwa! Honestly, I'm surprised that there are people out there who want to know about eroge beyond Japanese shores (given that almost every western society wants to snuff eroge out of existence), but it's great to know that you're into this sort of thing and want to find out for yourself. I wish you the best of luck.

    @Kiriririri X @Fiddle
  12. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    I honestly didn't find @solidbatman's post offensive. In fact, I got a good laugh from it because I made a joke about him earlier, so it's all good. I should probably clarify to both @mitchhamilton and @tymmur that I never felt depressed when writing the thread. I only wanted to share a bit of history about myself, so obviously, a bit of that history was going to include some rough experiences. But, that's all in the past now, and I never intended to make anyone here feel down because of it. And besides, I've grown accustomed to the shitposting culture here, and I agree with @Plk_Lesiak that a bit of shitposts makes the site more fun, just as long as it's not overblown. I think you two are taking this way too seriously.
  13. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    Ok, so why is the shitposting and troll talk focused more on my thread in general? Did something happen? Because I was offline for most of the day.
  14. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    Ehh... Personally, I don't care what they do, just as long as they don't insult or attack other users just for the lolz. Besides, what they do is up to them. They'll get smote by the admins and mods anyway. Unless, it's a good quality shitpost.