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  1. Look at Wildbreed's post. They already uploaded the image itself.
  2. My guess would be when that image was uploaded to Discord. It's fairly straightforward in terms of routes. That said, I'm only on my first playthrough and ended on Saki's route, but the image is accurate so far.
  3. If I had to limit it to one thing, I'd have to say the choices. Growing up I loved reading. While most kids would be outside playing, I'd be reading. So much so that I didn't really start watching TV until around the age of 12. It was around then that I was really into these "Choose Your Own Adventure" books and when I was first introduced to anime(apart from things like Pokemon, Sailer Moon etc.). Some years later I see some screenshots for a VN and got curious. Did some digging and found out what it came from and that it was in English. Read it through, and I've never looked back.
  4. Personally, I'm fine either way. The only things I really care about in the event that honorifics are taken out are consistency and making sure the alternatives fit(like instead of using "sensei" for a doctor they put just "Doctor"). That said, I understand that there are cases where it could be really hard. One such case that comes to mind is referring to an older sibling. In English there's really no alternative to something like "Onii-chan" since I've never met someone who calls their brother "Brother" or "Older Brother". However this are alternatives to things like "Aniki" that people use. The most common of which is "Bro"(something I've been called by my siblings before). That said, there's usually no need for them when used in modern settings like a HS. I mean, the only time I've ever seen someone say "sir" or "ma'am" to someone of relatively the same age(where in Japan something like -san might be used) is when it's in an official context. Take for instance my job, and pretty much every job I've ever had. When I talked to my bosses, I was fairly casual with them and referred to them by name. The only times when I used something like "sir" or "ma'am" is when it was something beyond them simply telling me of something they want me to do like when I get in trouble or I'm going through an annual performance review. And like it was stated earlier, I can recognize that there are times even in a modern setting where it would be best to keep them in. But it's so rare that I can only name the Princess Evangile example from earlier since the use of a certain honorific became a recurring joke. But this is just the opinion of someone who is not able to understand Japanese in any form with the rare exception of a word here or there, nor do I work on VNs in any capacity. I simply read them for entertainment. In truth, the only thing about me that could possibly hold any weight is the fact that I studied the english language as my focus in college/university(school beyond 12th grade).
  5. It's cool. Just figured I'd ask since it's there for all of the girls and can get a bit confusing for some folks aiming to get 100% CG.
  6. Well considering that the theme for that one is delinquent girls... Snide comments aside, they all have bit of a domineering quality to them in various degrees. Granted for one girl how much comes out depends on a hair choice. As for Tsujidou's route, I can't say much since I'm still working on my first playthrough for her's.
  7. Out of curiosity, do you plan to add in the in/out choices to the final draft? Asking since one scene in Yuzuyu's route could get a bit confusing for people not really used to it. It's the only one I've finished as of this typing, so I'm not sure if there are similar scenes in the other routes.
  8. Huh. Not as much diversity as I thought there'd be. Interesting. But I consider a VN to be finished once I have 100% completion. Even if I think the route or the girl herself is complete garbage, I go through it. Just not satisfied otherwise. Sometimes this even includes fandisks. There have been a few times where I consider a VN finished only to find out that there's a fandisk(or 5), which makes me reclassify it as unfinished. Sequels don't really qualify for this though.
  9. It was actually my inquisitive nature that got me into VNs. There weren't many people who were fans of anime and the like where I grew up, and the few that were fans didn't know much about the medium. More often than not I found myself being asked various things. So during some of my casual gathering I came across the term "visual novel". It confused me since at the time I could only liken it to manga. Did some research and eventually found a place to download Wanko to Kurasou(I think it was that one). So I read it and noticed the various choices popping up. Kinda made me think of those Choose Your Own Adventure books I was a fan of. So I finished my first playthrough and decided to test out my thought on those choices. Imagine my joy when I found that the ending had changed from the previous one. I was hooked from then on. And as I side note, I've since converted a fair portion of my friends to the ways of VNs. Let one borrow my copy of Bible Black. He came back with some interesting stories and a new nickname.
  10. This is alot harder than I thought. Thought it'd be easy by picking a favorite girl, but there are so many! So figured I'd go with favorite world, but then I realized that the majority of what I read is modern-day without things like magic. Hmm... Hatsukoi 1/1 maybe? Biggest reason is Tsukishima Kyou.
  11. Could always send a little nudge to one of the companies. I think Mangagamer might use suggestions from their supporters quite a bit. Just don't quote me on that. And for the record, I've been wanting to read that one too.
  12. This It's still in the process of being fully released though, so there's that. You'd be surprised how popular yandere types can be. I know I for one enjoy yandere characters.
  13. I'm actually having the same issue as OP, so this is partially to stay tuned. But I CAN say that I went with the default location. I kinda always do...
  14. My time in high school was somewhat interesting, but that's because of how things were with me and my crew. We were essentially the hidden rulers in that we had influence with every social standing. Had a friend handle the "geeky" group, a friend that handled the "preps", and I handled the "jocks" and "red necks"(this was a school in the southern USA mind you). Though the best part was that the faculty was split up between all of us. We each had our own group of teachers that we handled through various means, but the best was how I handled the principal through fear of my family. As for feelings of nostalgia, I wouldn't really call it that. More of a yearning for a simpler time. Back when I didn't have to worry about bills, jobs etc. But then again, the closest thing to how things were back then is Prison School. We were just more covert about things. So yea, I guess I did enjoy my time there.
  15. Besides Japanese, I'd have to go with only a few. I've noticed that all of them have been mentioned already too. Russian German Gaelic The last two are because of ancestral reasons, but Russian is the odd one out because I simply enjoy the way it sounds.
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