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  1. please hang in there brothers, you guys are only our hope. very please, make our hope come true
  2. Good Morning Senpai Meliodas Can you tell me where to get Mashiro iro Symphony Visual Novel? i already spend hours on google and still can find it, i live in Indonesia and no store online in japan which sell that Vn have shipping option to indonesia. sorry i'm not too fluent with english. Can you tell me link to download that novel, or ....... maybe i ask too much sorry. if you have the file, please send me/ upload that file for me. sorry if i rude or ask too much. but i have no other option,senpai my email : ruslidharmawan@yahoo.co.id
  3. Thank You Frank and The Last Melody for this translation project. i m not even fluent in english, so sadly i cant do anything to help you two. I sign up just to say my thank for this project. I m used to check frank's site "chuu.usiscon.com" almost everyday for years. well i cant open that site anymore now. i m still waiting for this project to completed even it take years again.
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