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  1. I played IMHHW and it really surprised me that Akari has an actual H scene?! I thought that since she is in a relationship with that one childhood friend ( Cannot remember the name) hence she was excluded for having a route of her own. There is also a fan translation atm for the fandisc which includes Ageha's sister and that dorm mate. Though it won't be released any time soon.
  2. 999 has potential but the stupid replay puzzle thing is really annoying so i wouldn't consider it a masterpiece.
  3. Katawa shoujo if you go through rin and emi's route.
  4. Persona 4, if you dont mind JRPG elements. Good story, has character developments through FTEs, as well as romance.
  5. Being on the top list of MAL doesn't mean it's a masterpiece or anything. Just look at Re Zero.
  6. hopefully it does not take 2 years for Spike Chunsoft to release it on Steam
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