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  1. Okay to resize GSS font you have to go into printmessage.xtx in the init folder. it should look like this: modename printmessage fontSize 28 printX 47 printY 432 nextY 36 autoNameWindowFlag 0 nameFlag 0 nameX 46 nameY 425 nameCenterFlag 0 nameLengthMax 10 nameFontSize 28 nameSpace 0 LPrintX 43 LPrintY 30 LNextX 1 LNextY 36 fullMessageNumber 12 LBlickX 1 LBlockY 28 LPrintOptionFlag 1 noVoiceWait 200 customMessageSpeed 1 messageSpeed1 15 messageSpeed2 40 messageSpeed3 60 messageSpeed4 120 messageSpeed5 10000 autoMessageLastWait 3000 There are a couple important lines in this. fontSize 28 sets the font size of the normal message text. nextY 36 sets the vertical offset of the normal text from the name (from bottom of the top of the name to the top of the text). So 36 pixels down from the top of the name text is where the normal text is. nameFontSize 28 Changes the name's font size (keep this the same as fontSize to make the font and the name the same size) LNextY 36 Changes the vertical offset in the case of multiline messages (keep this the same as nextY to keep the spacing similar.) Here is a default text size: Here is what happened when I did the following: fontSize 28 -> 20 nextY 36 -> 28 nameFontSize 28 -> 20 LNextY 36 -> 28 I hope this helps. As for Queen of Darkness. The instructions on how to use the tools are in the readme.txt that comes with the file. I'd assume they are Command line tools. So you probably need to know how to use command line tools. If I wanted to help further I'd need a copy of the game which seems to be quite hard to find.
  2. After a quick check I found Isani's Nscripter command reference bundled with his tools. The only thing useful I can see off hand is this: defaultfont <character string> Defines a default font. NScripter defaults to MS Gothic if this command is not used. ONScripter defaults to whatever default.ttf is. So see if changing a font to one that supports your characters better makes a difference. I don't think it's an issue of your font being to big it's more that your using the wrong font. If that doesn't work see if onscripter-EN can help or other branches of onscripter. The readme bundled with the binaries mentioned something about half-width characters which is probably what you are looking for.
  3. Just so people know someone PMed me and they are working on a script for me. I probably won't need anything else unless someone wants to help me in some aspect (i.e. clean some of GUI that I need to translate).
  4. Okay I understand your want to give back to the community but please learn Japanese to some extent before you try to do any translation. Also to be honest your english does not seem up to par either. I wouldn't even call myself a good translator and I can see how many mistakes you made in the translation of the introduction (to be fair though it used a very strange format). First off, I think the title is supposed to be Psychologic Love Comedy (Which I'd probably change to Psychological Love Comedy because I don't trust Japanese companies to know english well especially after seeing some of their file names.) Second of all here is my hastily done translation of the introduction: When you are disconnected from happiness, we loop. In a place that is not here, in a time that is not now a boy, Hirakase Haruki, awoke. Meeting a girl in the same circumstances, Yuika, they began to share a secret. Immediately after, both again parted from consciousness. Before they had awoken, the world had returned to it's state of a few days prior. There was a tall wall surrounding the academy sector, there were people with special powers, Haruki and Yuika were assigned duties. (Not 100% sure about this line here is the raw "陽希とユイカに課せられる義務") Little by little, even while bewildered, they adapt to academy life. A little while later, they began to act. Working towards their shared secret. And so they realized the world's loop is connected to Haruki's happiness. They wonder: why did we lose our memory? why is the world looping? where does happiness lie? So not only did you skip a bunch of lines you clearly MTLed (Machine Translated) it which in my books is a big no-no unless you explicitly state that it's MTLed. On the off chance that it is not MTLed you clearly do not have a good enough grasp of Japanese yet. Try getting formal instruction. If you can't there are a lot of great online resources that can help. Here are some that you may find useful: Maggie-Sensei (good practical japanese lessons for once you've got the basics down) Realkana (Learn Katakana and Hirigana. I don't know if it's the best place because I just googled it.) Kanjialive (a great tool for learning kanji, as for what to put into it just look up the list of kanji for various levels of the JPLT (Japanese Language Placement Test)) KanjiTomo (Probably the best free Japanese OCR (Optical Character Recognition tool) Tool which doubles as a dictionary. Use it for identifying japanese in images.) Jisho and weblio (Very good Japanese to english dictionaries. Weblio is better for idiomatic phrases and verbs and Jisho is really good for individual words [do not fully trust its verb conjugation identifier]) Any website that teaches you about particles (These are probably the most important part of Japanese grammar) Any website that teaches you how to conjugate verbs (Use maggie-sensei for casual forms of speech. This is probably the second most important part of japanese grammar after particles) Once you have at least grasped most if not all of the particles and most of the common verb conjugations, then you should be fine to start translating anything. If you attempt to translate before you grasp those you learn almost nothing and the translation makes no sense so no one benefits. If you don't want to at least learn these simple basic things, do not say you are translating as it is basically insulting anyone who actually translates (It's like saying "I can cook" to a chef when all you can do is use a microwave, not only are you flat out lying you are disrespecting what the chef does). Anyways, sorry if I came off a bit harsh but sometimes it's better to nip something in the bud before it grows out of control. If one person gets away with an improper translation it sets precedence for more and then real problems happen. I also tend to get a bit ranty when things hit close to home (I'm part of the Baka-Tsuki LN community and it had a problem where a lot of people (like 30) were passing poorly edited MTLs off as "translations" on a project called Mushoku Tensei. Then they started doing the same on other projects and shit hit the fan. Actual translators did not want to be associated with those rubbish translations so they either left the site, went radio silent for a while, or straight up quit translating altogether. The site has never fully recovered from that even after changing policies to prevent that from happening.) I hope you at least listen to this advice. If you read this far thank you for doing so. Edit: I've made some small spelling fixes and made clear that I'm not sure about one of the lines now.
  5. I'm sure this topic has come up quite a few times as many games use the kirikiri engine. I managed to extract the xp3 files using XP3viewer (becuase it uses the game itself to extract them). From there I utilized kingshriek's Dracu-riot tools to get at the text so I could translate it and manually modified the appropriate files for word-wrapping the text. All other tools for the same purposes failed to work on koikishi's xp3 files. Now my problem is although I have made all the preparations required for a patch, the compiled patch does not work. If I use xp3_tool.exe the game tells me it has corrupted files (in japanese). If I use the english translated version of the kirikiri2 engine (by Bluefire101) to make it, it gives me this error message: I have tried most of the suggestions I could find pertaining this error but, my best guess is it uses some unique encryption method unique to this game. However, I don't have the know how to make a program or modify a program for my purposes. I will add a link to an xp3 file from the game below. Any help would be appreciated. Another possibility is that I haven't configured the archive creation correctly in the engine. Also If you want a link for any of the tools mentioned above pm me or post below and I'll add the links to the post (too lazy too right now because I'd have to re-find some of them or go hunting through my browser's history). 恋騎士 Purely☆Kiss (Koikishi) xp3 file: Link
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