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    Infernoplex got a reaction from kivandopulus in Exodus Guilty エクソダスギルティー [Abel]   
    Don't make me shiver in fear! :kowai:
    I didn't read YU-NO, but if this is a story on par with that title, then damn, YU-NO is definitely overrated then.
    Just finished reading this VN (Youtube has whole playthroughs of all 3 volumes), and oh boy, I think I lost a couple of brain cells by the end of it. One of the worst plotge fails I've ever encountered. It had some very good ideas, but that execution, that writing, that delivery... it's all ZERO! I felt like it was aimed at 12-year old kids or something. So many implausible shit and unconvincing developments... it's comically bad! In many "drama" moments, I couldn't help but laugh at the sheer absurdity of it!
    It's truly a shame since there were aspects of the VN I definitely liked.
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    Infernoplex reacted to fun2novel in Exodus Guilty エクソダスギルティー [Abel]   
    The fact that they gave 'samples' of all three stories before starting the 'present' chapter did not bother me. I think it was the right thing to do present->past->future chapters in that respective order. But I have to disagree about the story. The entire story was bad. Kano, may his soul rest in peace, had great ideas but a lot of time the execution was not up to par. The 'present' chapter had boring characters, the protag was insufferable, the story just went no where and felt pointless. The 'past' chapter was even worse, it's as basic as a final fantasy plot can get. The idea is interesting, the protag is determined to go against the gods. Great idea but really, it's like a 5 year old wrote it, it's a typical boring story about the 4 elements of earth, wind, fire, water. I was bored enough that I decided to drop the 'future' chapter in the middle.
    This is not a well done story. Excellent idea and a great premise, but not well executed story.
    Edit: Like I said it had some interesting ideas. For example, in the non dvd version like the playstation and the dreamcast ones, you had to jump between different times to gain clues for puzzles in another time. The gameplay was pretty much lost in the dvd version.
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    Infernoplex reacted to Dergonu in The Coach, the Goat, and Matters of the Censorship Review   
    Reborn as a censored goat in another world.
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    Infernoplex got a reaction from Deep Blue in Kokuhaku review   
    I enjoyed this, thank you.
    Quality review right here :thumbs_up:
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    Infernoplex got a reaction from Ramaladni in Kokuhaku review   
    I enjoyed this, thank you.
    Quality review right here :thumbs_up:
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    Infernoplex reacted to Ramaladni in Kokuhaku review   
    Perhaps it's possible to enjoy this if you listen to all the heroines with Horie Yui's voice. Too bad that she didn't get anything decent to voice, huh.
    Also, amazing video. Everyone, please be sure to check it till the end...
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    Infernoplex reacted to Yuuko in Dropped Minikui Mojika   
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    Infernoplex reacted to Dergonu in VN Special: Reader's Choice of the Month   
    Clock Up usually does a fantastic job of making their H a core part of the story. They are one of those companies that handle H very well. Based on the trial, I think Erewhon will be very good. 
    Going to buy it in a few days myself. 
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    Infernoplex reacted to sanahtlig in Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gem   
    I might give this game a shot then, thanks.
    Maybe Sekai Project will help bring this game to Steam!
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    Infernoplex reacted to Clephas in Butterfly Seeker   
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    Infernoplex reacted to Yuuko in Riddle Jokers   
    How can one take your opinion seriously when you even don't know the game name
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    Infernoplex reacted to Fred the Barber in A Short And Sweet Style Guide For VN Editing   
    Regarding asterisked sound effects, I kind of used to think the same thing: what am I supposed to do with this weird sound anyway? So I used them. Then I looked back and the script was just littered with them. They were everywhere, and they really interrupted the flow of reading. So, I went through in one day and gutted them out of the script, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Since then, I came around to the conclusion in the guide, that it's best to just universally avoid the asterisk thing, and judging from the recent official localizations I've read, I'm not alone on that opinion. I only see them in fan TLs nowadays, and they're always jarring, especially in speech lines. Once you force yourself to avoid them, you find both that it's not really all that hard and that it massively pays off in terms of readability.
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    Infernoplex reacted to Clephas in Clephas Guide to a fun untranslated chuunige life   
    No, it is because it is a direct sequel.  I also didn't put Silverio Trinity or Chrono Belt here.  It would be on Tier 4, about at the same level as Muramasa and Bradyon Veda, if for different reasons.
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    Infernoplex reacted to Clephas in Haze Man -The Local Hero-   
    Nukige with a plot.
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    Infernoplex reacted to littleshogun in Libra of the vampire- Review   
    Nice review there Calendula, and I think I could said that it was the best entertaining review that I'd ever read up to now. Look forward to your next kamimoege review thing later.
    PS - To both @Asonn and @fun2novel, here's an article that might help you two to understand the review. Although the score was genuine though, and therefore I would said that it's the best to not question that.
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    Infernoplex got a reaction from Dergonu in Chrono Box   
    I want to read this VN as well, I think I saw it getting high scores on EGS and I have heard good things about it I myself am a huge fan of mystery and horror so I am very excited for this VN
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    Infernoplex reacted to Narcosis in My VN slump   
    It's not a slump. You're simply changing like we all do. Despite my wilingness to learn japanese and general fondness for vn's, I found myself incapable to play them on a regular basis and I can't really force myself to do so either. I'm kind of still slowly plowing through my backlog (currently on 魔物娘の館 彗星館異形録 ~人魚の章~ ), but it's not really enjoyable when you force yourself to do things, that used to bring joy in the past. Just... I don't know - it's not like my interest in vn's vained or anything, I'd say the opposite, but I simply don't feel like playing all the games I wanted to. Maybe it's because I'm more focused on creating something of my own nowadays. Maybe because I have a decent job that finally allowed me to afford things I could only dream of a couple years ago; that aside, there's life and various obligations to consider as well. Sadly, reading and playing vn's remains time consuming. I'm not the kind of person to waste a couple days worth of time on a silly moege, I might not even enjoy that much.
    At times... we just need a longer break.
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    Infernoplex reacted to Mr Poltroon in Dear Translation Requesters   
    Surely too many VNs have lead many fans into a form of weird masochism.
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    Infernoplex reacted to Narcosis in Sex scenes is a core characteristic of visual novels   
    Sex scenes are a core characteristic of eroge, those might or might NOT be vn's
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    Infernoplex got a reaction from Dergonu in Day of Anger Review   
    That Shi ni Iku Kimi you mentioned though ... Guro ... I had a mini-heart attack by seeing some of the more explicit CGs in it xD ... Good luck to the translator XD And thank you for this week's review
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