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  1. On 5/26/2017 at 6:46 AM, voidpointer said:

    I hate to play devil's advocate here, but if people are so hard-boiled about English translations and are gonna be super picky, why not just learn Japanese so you can read the original content? I know that seems like an asshole thing to say and I'm not trying to be. However, while it is a slight distraction to see some of the bad translations that Decay pointed out, they don't seem to ruin the enjoyment of the VN as it was intended. When you look at VNs that have tens of thousands of lines of text, and you pick maybe 10 out that are bad, isn't that a bit much?

    I've played VNs that have bad translations in them and, while distracting, it didn't really ruin the overall enjoyment factor. I think the frustrating part for me is that it takes a LOT of time to get an English translation and games normally don't get a second translation, so the fact that we have English to read at all should be appreciated. However by that same logic, I also appreciate the counter-argument that it should be done right in the first place.

    Note I'm not making excuses for bad translations nor am I saying it's acceptable. I guess I'm just saying we should all calm down a little bit and maybe appreciate that the translation is provided in the first place.

    "It doesn't matter that this restaurant sells literal shit on a plate. It takes a long time to make food, so we should be happy we could spend our money to enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant, even if the food is shit on a plate."

    This mentality is why the Libra translation happened in the first place, because instead of demanding quality people are fine with spending forty bucks only to be served shit on a plate. Doesn't matter if it doesn't hamper your enjoyment, it's still shit on a plate.

    Saying we should appreciate it happened at all is excusing bad translations and bad translation practices.

    And Libra isn't just "ten bad lines" with thousands of good ones. Nearly the entire game is a pile of shit heaped up on more shit. 

  2. On 1/4/2017 at 7:12 PM, Nandemonai said:

    Sorry, but this is incorrect.  The tenses do conflict.  "I'd like to do that if possible" is present tense.  Its past tense form would be "I'd've liked to do that if possible", or even better "I'd've liked to have done that if possible".

    You're wrong. "would" is a modular verb thus has no specific tense to it and works in both past, present, future, whatever. "I would like to do that if possible", in this case, has no tense inflection and is neither specifically past nor present tense.

  3. I don't know what you mean by the tense being all over the place. The whole sentence itself is in past tense, and what seems like tense problems are not.

    "I'd like to do that if possible" this part of the sentence does not have a tense inflection and thus does not contradict the tense because "would" from "I'd" is a modal auxiliary verb. This could be changed to "I would have liked to...(etc)" though.

    "but that officer staring at me seemed" the staring is staring because it's a continuous action, not because it's present tense.

    The sentence has some wording issues, but it's not the tense that's the issue.

    Edit: and as far as I know, the KiriKiri translation update does not include any of the updates in between when the Ren'py version was released on steam and now, only the initial changes made between the KRKR and Ren'py translations.

  4. I can see what you're going for and I respect that but there are some issues your translation added.


    This right here is one of them. "but that officer staring fixedly at me" is a fragment that doesn't fit in with the rest of the sentence. The only way to fix your sentence is to write it like "I had the impression that the officer staring fixedly at me was about to...(etc)". The way you have it now feels like you're just trying to follow the Japanese sentence order without rewording the sentence to accommodate that structure, which really makes for awkward writing at best. While the Sekai version in your example does follow the same sentence structure, it words it in a way that flows from one part to the next without an abrupt fragment in the middle of the sentence.

    You're also using a heavily outdated script if you're not using the most up-to-date version from the Steam release since they've released numerous translation, grammar, and error fixes since WEE1 was released.

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