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  1. Finally here, Himawari -The Sunflower- released

    So, can someone tell me what was up with that ending? I mean the scene with Cosmos and...
  2. Greetings from Germany

    Good to see someone else from Germany joining at almost the same time as me. Welcome from me too, hope to see you around And as a first question, what's your favourite VN so far? :3
  3. Tuturu~

    Didn't like is the wrong word perhaps, I just don't care about them I guess xD That's not saying I don't enjoy a good drama like Clannad, that's always welcome too. Heard about the steampunk series, but from what I've heard I'm not all that interested yet. Might check out Sona-nyl or what it's called though :3 Rose Gun Days is something I plan to check out at some point, yep. Thanks for the recs! Like they say, even big fish need the small ones to survive Haha good to see you here Ronoue. Please give Beato some cookies, I'm sure that will calm her down :3 That one definitely reminds me of Ever 17, the track itself is okay. Thanks for the welcome
  4. Tuturu~

    I guess great minds think alike? Thanks for the welcome and great Kurisu ava you have there! As fellow Kurisu fans I'm sure we will get along~
  5. Tuturu~

    That feeling when you want to come up with an original greeting but tuturu's the only thing that comes to mind... Anyway, greetings everyone! I've been lurking on Fuwa for 2 or so years, and finally felt like joining the community to discuss VNs and the likes (though mostly VNs). What can I say, my first VN was Fate/Stay Night, which I started reading after enjoying Fate/Zero a damn lot. It remains one of my favourite Visual Novels, maybe even my number 1, though I recognize its flaws. Other favourites are Muv Luv Alternative, Ever 17, G-Senjou, Umineko and Steins;Gate. Can't say I've read much outside of what's considered "mainstream", except euphoria... which was interesting in it's own special way. A good story is something pretty important for me, so when I heard it's a nukige with some surprising twists I felt like checking it out and someone I know pestered me about it xD You might have figured it out already, but moeges and basically everything else without a somewhat overarching/interesting plot is something I usually avoid. Now I hope I didn't make enemies with all the moege fans here What else to say. After years of enjoying VNs, I actually felt like supporting a fan group directly and joined Alternative Projects. Since then I've helped with a bunch of projects before the Kickstarter came uo and just recently did some QC for ML Extra and Unlimited. I'm a small fish though, so don't expect any juicy details from me I've been working as an educator for some time now, but will soon study teaching post and yeah, I feel like I'm already talking too much... so whatever else you're curious about I will answer once someone asks me. See you around, hopefully