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    So not only am I new to VNs, I'm new to Forums in general so... hope I'm doing this stuff right. My username says CoolioAsh, and you're welcome to call me that or Jesse. I'm umm TOTALLY 18 GUYS TOTALLY NOT ONLY ONE YEAR YOUNGER THAN THAT. I'm pretty sure I can handle any kind of 18+ stuff thrown at me. So I guess I should get into how I started VNs. I'm new, so I only have 2. I finished all of the currently aired Fate/Stay Night shows, and I just told myself HOLY COW THE SOURCE MATERIAL MUST BE GODLY. Then I waited like a year, and then out of the blue I was like "hey wasn't I going to buy the game?" Then I bought the game. Still playing through it tho. I like reading but sometimes I have a bit of trouble imagining what the author is trying to put imagery to, so visual novels are perfect for my reading style. After that I became really addicted and found even more visual novels. The only one I own though is the Fruit of Grisaia Unrated version. Incidentally, I watched all the anime for that too. In terms of character development, I think it would be my favorite series by far. I'm interested in fantasy type vns, but really I'm open to any suggestions for future novels. I think the next VN I'll get after finishing the two I have is Clannad. By the time I'm done that, I think Little Busters will have an official English release as well as Rewrite+ so I'll get those too. As you can clearly see, the way I make posts is just write down what I have in my head. I'm sorry that it's hard to read. I guess the questions I have are: 1. What visual novels do you recommend (including eroge, really looking forward to that stuff)? 2. Are there any other major VN communities on the internet besides on reddit? 3. What's your personal favorite VN? 4. How did you get into VNs? k i think i'm done.