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  1. A confession about a confession. I said my soulmate, that I'm a lolicon (I can just say this: her reaction was priceless ^^), well, she still could talk normally after the 1st shock, so I think it's a good sign . On another matter, I must really get into this student pace again. 2nd year studying german on weekends, was the 2nd studying weekend now, and god am I exhausted (waking up on 5am - coming back on 10pm). And I don't even want to think about all the homework to do and grammar to learn in this 5 days before the next weekend...
  2. My Confessions: - I'm a lolicon and I'm proud of it ^^ (many friends even know about that) - I'm 20 year old male, that never kissed a girl before. Even though I had, and still have, good relations with girls, never really was in a real relationship and, I don't even know completly why, I'm not that interested in it. I think sometimes, when I see a couple, that I would like to have a girlfriend, but then I have such thoughts like: Why? I don't need it really. Would it not be just a waste of time? I like to read good romance VNs and mangas, I even try to write something myself (I'm ki
  3. True The next person hates his/her sibling.
  4. My biggest hope for this is that we finally get the +18 releases of Sekai Project announced and translated games from Denpasoft (Give me my +18 Tenshin Ranman! I want my Sana!)
  5. I would love if they would make a good VR VN, but I don't think it will happen in the nearest future. My guess would be that maybe in 20 years (if not even more). For me, the whole research of the VR technology right now goes in a wrong way, seeing with the eyes of the character is not enough for me to call it VR. I can just hope, that in the future we will have true VR (SAO would be the best example of true VR), no moving with your real body, just a helmet on your head and experiencing everything with all senses in your brain. But playing as the character, moving and interacting, probabl
  6. Just admit that you are a lolico... / pettanko lover and be done with it. In my opinion it's better to watch pettankos then traps. I know I'm, and I'm happy with it (Lolicon and Pettanko lover ^^)
  7. Well, even if not America, at least I know now, why. Thanks for all the answers
  8. Thanks for the info and link ^^ So basically again America is at fault XD Yup, I definitely searched the wrong terms ;/
  9. Just to make it clear: No, I don't mean Japanese VNs, that get localised and censored (cut 18+ stuff to forcibly make it 12+, which destroys the game). I'm asking, if someone knows, why are the lower parts in sex scenes censored (pixelized) even in a pure, untouched Jap version of an Eroge VN. It isn't something that really bothers me, when I play a VN, I'm just curious why. I couldn't find the answer on Google - always shows results about Jap VNs getting censored when coming to the west, so thought I would ask here, cuz the question can't get off my mind, ever since I read that Mangagame
  10. Hiaran


    Thanks for the warm welcome^^
  11. Hi Another manga, anime and, of course, VN fan here. My latest VN was Nobleworks (100% complete, like most played VNs) and now I'm waiting for Da Capo 3 to come out.
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