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  1. l heard that you need to study German philosophy for 3-4 years to fully appreciate Dies irae, maybe if I start reading Nietzsche now I'll make it in time for the steam release.
  2. Quote of the day. Thank you for the laugh. ^^
  3. Those crafty buggers. Now I'm hyped for W Happiness.
  4. Current thoughts about Princess Evangeline: Why the hell isn't there a route for Ruriko?
  5. Finished Canvas 2 yesterday, it was a mixed bag switching between enjoyable and testing my patience. Here's a short summary: Positive: -Mouth animations, it gives a little more depth to me as a reader and I like it (just like in ef- a fairy tale of the two.). -Routes are short and enjoyable -The art at the end of some routes is really beautiful Negative: -The protagonist is generic, dense and was testing my patience the whole time. He used words like idiot maybe 100's of time alone during Elis route and I think he's generally badly written. -80% of the common route co
  6. False, I don't have any friends. Next person likes all ages VNs over adult VNs.
  7. Not available for me, looks like they have some region issues. No yuri for me (at least for now).
  8. You should eat a chicken sandwich for each day spend in game to honor Takeshi's cooking skills.
  9. For me it's something like this: MangaGamer day 1 purchase: Hapymaher, SukiSuki, Imouto Paradise 2 and Sorcery jokers. Maybe tier: Sona-nyl and D.S. Dal Segno. SekaiProject day 1 purchase: Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma., other titles depend if there is a 18+ release or not. Degica day 1 purchase: Kimi ga Nozumi Ein. And yeah I know my taste is strange/trash.
  10. I was working today and just came home to see the announcements. MangaGamer is my new God.
  11. Thank you for the updates. Nothing really interesting for me to be honest. I'm a bit curious about the Nekopara kickstarter but that's all. The lack of 18+ news is disappointing.
  12. Confession: I manipulated my friend into playing euphoria yesterday.
  13. After reading for 3 days straight I finished Ever17. It's one of those VNs which I start to read and suddenly it's 1 am and I notice that I've been reading for 4-5 hours straight. First thing that I noticed was that it doesn't waste my time. I started reading and in less than an hour, BAM you're trapped. Enjoy! There is no long and boring common route story for the characters which can sometimes kill a VN's enjoyment for me. The story captures you and doesn't let you go until the end. Another thing that I really liked were the philosophical questions. It reminded me of how much I loved Ghost i
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