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  1. If Steam will once again let pubs tell folks there are restoration patches it will be fine. I wasn't a fan of the platform for any VN that wasn't all ages after that started. I mean sure I could hunt the patches down if they existed, but it was a lot of unnecessary work on my end.
  2. This patch only works with FAKKU version currently, so if you want to use the demosaic patch you will need to purchase that version of the game. I'm pretty sure the patch that restores the content the Lose cut will work either version, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Full disclosure on the question of have I started playing. I am kinda waiting on this patch to be done, but I got a full plate of other stuff I'm working on as well right now.
  4. Yea i'm going wait to download the new version till I see if these two patches play nice with it. You never know what exactly Denpa did to it.
  5. Lose wouldn't let them fix what sprites basically so we still ended up not what we were promised in the end. https://www.fakku.net/forums/games/maitetsu-fixes-and-updates
  6. Some heroes don't wear capes, unless of course you have a cape on Srly thanks for all your work.
  7. I think a free patch would satisfy most people. Though it will make people question if Nutaku is really committed to uncensored releases. They can yell payment processors till hell freezes over, but if MangaGamer can sell Sweet Sweat and Imouto Paradise people are gonna call BS on that.
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