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  1. Thoughts on Fortissimo?

    It's not terrible. It's worse than that. There's even some untranslated things here and there, together with ridiculous onomatopoeias like "GUL", "Chou Chou" and "Woo!", switching "-san" for "-sensei" and "nii-san" for "senpai", mispelling character names for hours, translating character names wrong (Like translating "Momiji" as "Kureha"), programming bugs and so on. I don't think it's wise to try this "translation".
  2. That's why I don't use most of these terms.
  3. What are you playing?

    I finished Rikka's route in Da Capo III Platinum Partner. I liked it a lot, the game worked pretty well as a sequel to the original D.C.III and gave me a satisfying conclusion since Also, as I thought, I really I thought about reading the other routes, but since the game was longer than I expected and I was already satisfied, I decided to put it aside for now. I also finished Pastel Chime -Koi no Skill Up-, the first one of the trilogy, but the last one I played lol. Nice game overall, but suffers a bit from pacing problems and I found the gameplay a bit repetitive. I liked Celles a lot more than I thought I'd like, she had the best character development in the game. Saya and Colett were pretty nice characters too, I liked their routes. Myu is kinda boring tho, her route is pretty basic too and Kaito was specially annoying here. There's this fantasy world and gameplay elements, but the game is a lot more about romance and a lot less about story, not really a problem though. In the end I'd rank it as the weakest from the trilogy. Finally I finished Under Night In-Birth. It's a really cool fighting game, I really liked the gameplay aspect a lot. There's a lot of problems with the story, though. The story is incomplete, you end with a lot of questions and few answers, it also end up with But the game brings a lot of cool concepts and builds its own world pretty well. There are a lot of fun characters with lots of potential, but they're too scattered in the story so we don't have a lot of chances to see them interacting with each other, which is a shame. I'm hoping for a new game that looks a lot more complete than this one someday.
  4. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    You can play both 0 and Extra first since they're super short and then 2 and 3.
  5. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    Come on now, everyone knows that Vanilla is the best.
  6. Really sad news. I was waiting for an English translation to reread everything, I guess I'll stick with the original version. It's not as good, Fortissimo is better.
  7. MangaGamer's 2018 Licensing Survey is up!

    Really happy to see Amayui and Sukebe Elf made it. They were two of my votes.
  8. Being slow doesn't mean it's bad, so either way would be fine with me. It'd be a different thing if you asked about VNs that start boring, something you'd feel like dropping, and then became good after the buildup. The way you put it can vary a lot depending on the VN or person. For example, a VN good from the beginning can fail to become awesome in its best moments (Like something starting as a 7/10 from the start to the end), meanwhile a slow buildup can reach unique levels of awesomeness (Like something starting as a 6/10 and ending as a 9/10). Depending on your tastes, having a slow buildup can also mean being good from the beginning, so that would be better for someone like this, otherwise being slow can be irritating and then a major part of the game this person wouldn't enjoy. I tend to rate higher VNs that can be good doing what they want to do, there's no real preference. For me a good slow buildup ends up being a consistent entertainment anyway, I can appreciate both equally if I believe it's well done.
  9. Opinions on the current visual novel fanbase/community?

    Though this is a problem everywhere, the VN community is too small and because of that one of the things I dislike the most ends up arising: Herd mentality. People start acting the way the community wants, liking the same things, disliking the same things, thinking the same way and saying the same words. It's not something you like/dislike anymore, but instead something the community thinks is bad, therefore it is. When someone asks for recommendations, for example, almost everyone would recommend the same things. If you ask "what's the best VN from X genre", most would answer the same way. Since there's only a tiny fraction of all VNs out there translated, the community ends up deciding how certain titles would be received, even untranslated ones are like this (Though there's expections that break this "rule", like DDLC). Since everyone started to think in a certain way, the community doesn't renew itself. And a stagnated community stop working to become a better community, because most people think the same way and start believing their opinion is a fact, which then finally become what everyone calls "elitism". As we grow bigger, it starts to get better. In the last few years I've been seing people becoming a little bit more open-minded, and starting to free themselves from this mindset, liking different things and acting as a person instead of acting as a group. One thing I like is that there's in fact some love for VNs in this community (Though sometimes it's a twisted one). People are dedicated, because of that we can find information more easily, you can find translation progress here, new releases there, guides here and there, people would help you if needed. Though the problem above is just one of the various problems, being a "small group" make us more united which is great. The anime community, for example, got really toxic as it grew too much and now people need to find small groups or be alone to maintain their minds safe. These are just one thing I like and one I dislike about the community, there's more but since I don't want this to be too long, I'll stop here.
  10. Japanese Help Thread

    @Funnerific That helps a lot. Thank you!
  11. Japanese Help Thread

    Need help with the following sentences: 黒々とした闇の暗黒宇宙のあちこちに光が灯りだす。そのーつーつはどうしようもなくちっ ぽけで惨い粒のようなものだ。 それは、全ての創世。 闇に閉ざされた世界が、ひとたび冷たく死に果てた宇宙が。 全身を覆っていた星衣がほどける。 ……これは、ある物語のひとつの瀬末。 全ての宇宙を闇に閉ざそうとした者と、それに打ち勝った者と。それを見守っていた者と。 宇宙の新たなる創世となった、少女たちの物語だ。 Here's the full text (The sentences will be bolded):
  12. Most should be realistic, but since they need people to actually like it, fiction always tends to be a bit (or too much) romanticized. They take something real and exaggerate it in a way that it become unrealistic. So the answer is yes and no. Beware that japanese VNs are made... In Japan. You can't really use your country's logic in a work made in a completely different country with a completely different culture, even more so when almost half of the young population of said country are still virgin. So yeah, it may be unrealistic for you or me, but the world is wide. In other words, as someone already said, the concept of realism in this case is too fragile, everyone has a different point of view somewhere even if both think of it as realistic or unrealistic.
  13. Do you read Bad Endings or Leave them?

    I usually skip them. But sometimes I read. It's very relative, depends on the title, mood and type. For example, I read all Tokyo Babel's endings, good and bad, on the other side I skipped almost all bad endings of Fate/Stay Night. Sometimes I'm just not interested, but sometimes the kind of things I can see if I go the bad ending way can make me avoid it. Otherwise yeah, it can be interesting if I'm up to it.
  14. 1 - Yeah, sexual content is a problem to a lot of people. It's already part of the medium, though. I remember how surprised I got when I saw a lot of friends and people I knew saying things like "I don't to read VNs with sexual content" or "It has a good story but I dropped because of the sexual content", I never saw it as a big deal but I can understand them. I believe the best they could do is start making VNs with the option to able/disable h-scenes so everyone could be happy. Also yeah, the young ones wouldn't be able to appreciate the medium with this strong sexual content presence, that's important too. Though it's a bit different if the sexual content is dark, people are too sensitive nowadays. 2 - Doesn't really matter. If it's good, it's good. VNs should keep their japanese setting since, well, it's their culture after all (Unless a writer wants to use a different setting, every writer should write about what they want to write). Now OELVNs can be different, yes. But if you think they should change the "standard" to appeal to the general western audience, then shouldn't they also change everything else? Like art, soundtrack, narrative and so on. If someone is tired or disinterested in japanese culture and "standards", then this person wouldn't like VNs in the first place. In the end it becomes something completely different, maybe a new medium? And that wouldn't help VNs becoming popular here. It should be noted that I'm refering to people who don't really have any contact with japanese culture, few people that dislike anime would want to read VNs, for example. People that only wants to complain how their VNs almost always happens with high school students or things like that shouldn't be considered (Because they are already part of the ones who read/play VNs, duh). 3 - So one day I wrote a review about a certain Visual Novel, and a friend of mine came and said "I didn't read it because it's too big". An other person I know once said: "I don't have the patience or time to sit through 10 hours of text with nothing happening", and an other friend of mine once said: "There's no way a bunch of text can be exciting". Our society is growing more and more impatient, years ago people would be willing to sit through 12 episodes of an anime just to see the big twist and the story finally "starting" (e.g. Steins;Gate). Nowadays if an anime doesn't explain everything in the first episode, they drop it. This is the mentality a big part of the general audience have. Then you have VNs, which has several hours of text and sometimes dozens of hours of text, what do you think would happen? People don't even pay attention to what they are reading/watching, let alone interpret or reflect over it. To cater to this audience would meaning losing it's identity as a "Visual Novel" the way we know it, would the great popularity be worth it? I strongly don't think so. VNs with gameplay would help, though. I'd say the gameplay would be a way to entertain someone who is not willing to read hours and hours of text. In other words, it works because it's the way it is. I don't think they should sacrifice what I call the "cultural roots" so it met the "standards" of the west, I think this line of thought is pretty dangerous too. Though it's about a completely different theme, Sakura Quest anime dealt with this discussion about "making a small culture big so people from other places could enjoy it too". Visual Novels are like birds, they can fly high, there's a lot of different types and even some types we don't even know, sometimes they fly together in the same direction, they can be big or small, but more importantly: They are free. Let them be free, it's not worth to trap it in a cage just so you can show it's beauty to other people. There are those who can love birds, and those who can't, it's simple as that.
  15. Favorite opening movie in a VN

    Choosing only one is just painful, so I'll post some of my favorites. Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier Hatsuyuki Sakura Pastel Chime 3 Bind Seeker