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  1. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done at this point except waiting for someone to retranslate the entire game or reading it in japanese. Having read about 17 hours of the "translated" version I can say it's definitely an atrocity not worth going through. Also, as someone who found Fortissimo far better than both Dies Irae and Tokyo Babel, I'd say it's worth a shot (If you can read japanese, that is). I'd be missing the only VN I gave a 10 if I hadn't read it back in 2015. In the end, everyone should reach their own conclusions after going through any media.
  2. As far as I know there's nothing like that for mangas, so I guess you'll need to take its japanese name (Example: 魔法少女リリカルなのはViVid) to the search bar on japanese Amazon and go for its page to get the link in the シェアする button. You can use the covers to guide yourself, or maybe choose the 本 (Book) category at the side of the search bar and pay attention at コミック/コミックス (Comic/Comics) words for mangas (And 文庫 or 単行本 (Bunkobon/Tankobon) for novels).
  3. Where I live is usually really hot even on winter so I like winter more in VNs, I like cold weather, snow and all that. Though spring comes close (They are also tied anyway), it's always nice to see some cherry blossom trees.
  4. Yeah, kinda tricky if you don't know what you are doing. I'd recommend using something like LNDB for LNs since they usually link directly to the Amazon page when you click in one of the LN volume covers. Anyway, I was lazy so I only voted two times. I doubt my choices will be picked though. VNs: Amayui and Koiken Otome LNs: Bu ni Mi and Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de Aru Mangas: Nanoha ViVid and Touhou Ibara Kasen
  5. I had only read Dies Irae so... Go with Muv-Luv.
  6. Welp. Seems like I don't need to buy a PS4 anymore. How dumb.
  7. If you like action VNs, there's Tokyo Babel, it's not eroge so no h-content.
  8. There's Fortissimo and Axanael too.
  9. You can also try some VNs with the Normal Scene Recollection tag so you can revisit important scenes whenever you need them. Or maybe you can go to a walkthrough video on youtube so you can quickly review what you already saw last time you played. This one may be a bit more complicated, but if you have someone who knows the VN you want to play or are willing to play the same VNs as you and keep with your pace, you and this person can talk about the events you read so the information keeps fresh in your mind. I never considered myself a fast reader, so I'm a bit shocked with
  10. Koiken Otome is a good choice, though this one has some action too. Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort is a nice choice too. There's also Da Capo trilogy (Which will have a fourth game, so not really a trilogy anymore).
  11. I am a born collector so I always prefer physical copies for all medias. But as others here in this thread, affording to buy physical VNs is too much for me, and I also have mangas and LNs to buy (Lots of them, actually, mainly LNs). Sometimes I feel I'm spending too much with things I shouldn't, but what can I do?
  12. I can fit in most of these, but not really fit in them either. Like, I can read almost any kind of story, but I also like to read character focused titles. I read in Japanese sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes I can feel like reading more of a specific genre, sometimes not. I also don't mind reading some OELVNs, depends on my interest. I don't create Visual Novels, but I do write novels. Well, reading for the h-scenes would be the only exception in this list.
  13. I'm now playing Kara no Shoujo, about 2 hours in and I'm wondering who thought it'd be a good idea to adapt it in a 2-OVA hentai. I'm not using a walkthrough and I know next to nothing about the game, so I expect some surprises along the way.
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