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  1. Rance 5D and Rance VI

    Welp beat both games and got everything done. Was fun but still prefer Sengoku and from what I played Rance Quest. What's the chance of Rance Quest being released by mangagamer? That game is really funny.
  2. Rance 5 6

    When are these games being released by mangagamer? It's been awhile....
  3. Want to start Rance

    Sengoku Rance for sure. You should look at the wiki guide also while playing.
  4. Kara No Shoujo 2 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

    Well I finally decided to play this VN. It's pretty good but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one. The first game had a more dark tone and was semi horror like, while this one doesn't have that element. I never felt on edge while reading through this, also because the villains were too obvious. Not much suspense if you already know who's the culprit. Also felt this game had way too many characters. I started to lose track who is who and was losing interest because of it. I'm going to guess Reiji will be with Kyoko and Masaki will be with Yukari in the end.
  5. A VN with a villan type protagonist

    Rance lol. Dude will cheat if he can to get what he wants. Like hold an old lady hostage to get an easy kill on his enemy. I remember in Sengoku Rance after a earthquake disaster struck an enemy nation, he ordered to send relief supplies filled with poison to that region. Though his slave switched the poison with laxatives instead. He is also one of the strongest humans in the world and has a demonic sword capable of killing demons. Only two exist in the world. Although he acts like a perverted idiot a lot, he is known to be very intelligent also.
  6. Who is your favorite MajiKoi girl? (Giant Strawpoll)

    Wanko is the only right answer
  7. Do you guys like pervy protagonists?

    I can't even watch anime or read VN if the protag is a beta any more.
  8. Reccomendations high production value VNs

    Muv luv alternative is probably the highest production VN I've played. I'm assuming you mean VN that have no game elements right?
  9. Lets talk about VNs

    Visual Novel thing Favorite series: Rance Favorite VN: Sengoku Rance Best VN ever read: Kara no Shoujo Least favorite VN: Too many to even pinpoint one. Favorite Company: Alicesoft Currently reading: nothing - waiting for Rance5D Rance 6 from mangagamer Number of finished VNs: 25 or so
  10. Unpopular Opinions About VN's

    Muv-Luv alternative is annoying to read.
  11. Do you guys like pervy protagonists?

    For Rance you have to understand that he's suppose to be ridiculous. It's a comedy and you shouldn't take it to heart. The dude will literally save the world or destroy it for pussy. I usually don't like over the top perv characters, but Alicesoft some how created a likeable character... at least to me. I never laughed at a characters antics more than I have to Rance. Guy is the biggest asshole, who acts like a man child, and has sex on his mind all the time. He's basically the opposite of a typical anime hero and I love it.
  12. VN perspective?

    Depends. Typically I put,myself as just a observer. If a Mc has similar personality as me, then I semi self insert myself
  13. Gotta be protagonist with no balls. I'm so sick of guys who are insecure, afraid, or get all nervous over anything. It really ruined my overall enjoyment of Muv-Luv alternative. I mean seriously, what guy goes around cowering and passing out for 90% of the VN and letting girls save his ass over and over and getting people get killed over your fuck ups.... ugh. Funny thing is I really enjoy mech vn but man that protag. Probably why I liked Clannad and Rewrite, just cause the protagonist isn't a little bitch I typically don't like those type of VN either.
  14. I believe all censorship has a reason, therefore I can't really oppose it. Companies want to make money, so their decisions are based on that. I do prefer games that dont stray too far from what was original. But putting a censor bar or changing a char age etc is hardly anything to cry about.
  15. Little Busters! PE

    The written language just didn't click with me I guess. I quit after learning Hiragana and Katakana with some Kanji. I felt the time and investment I would have to put in wasn't worth the return for me. Considering it took me 2 weeks just to remember Hiragana and Katakana and god knows how much extra time I would have to learn to remember all the Kanji. From what I heard it takes YEARS >_> I've heard it all from people who learned Japanese. They always say it's not that hard or some say it's one of the easier languages to learn, but to me it just felt like its outdated. Needlessly complicated imo. It's a pet peeve for me to do something that feels like its made difficult just because. In HS I asked how do you read those korean words to me friend. He sat down with me one day and taught me for like an hour, then after that I could read and write no problem. So I was kind expecting to get right into it with Japanese, but man was I wrong.