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    Tay reacted to TheWingless in One of her wings is named Belle...?   
    I would like to have Belle back now. kthx
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    Tay reacted to Guest in H-Scenes. Really necessary?   
    lol No special reason.

    I don't really agree when people tell me to be more egotistic, have one thing and then just run with it and defend it no-matter-the-costs. That's the MAN's way of doing it! (apparently).
    I don't want to do that at all, it feels so out-of-character for me.

    All I know is that if people have better ideas they should destroy mine. Slaughter mine. In the end it's the ideas that win. Whoever has the best idea we use those ideas. Not the ego. and not personal pride.

    This is the anti-thesis of the current community: It's humility.

    Im honestly not interested in using a bad idea if a better idea exists out there. That will be really screwed up. I don't have a monopoly on truth. I want people to teach me things. I want people to lead me. Most people in the previous community are incapable of that. That's why I think they are so disgusting, as men.
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    Tay got a reaction from Cyrillej1 in H-Scenes. Really necessary?   
    A Note Before Reading: I realize this isn't a topic to take lightly, but I'm interested in hearing other people's viewpoints on the subject. Historically they're a major part of the medium, and so I feel they're worthy of some discussion.

    I'm not a fan of H-Scenes. I love VNs too much to give them up, but when *those* scenes come up I generally click through at high speeds, looking away kind of awkwardly. (Now, I realize that there are two types of H-Scenes: ones intended to be "tasteful", and others in games which are blatantly sex-oriented. All of my comments are directed to the former, as the latter are... well... they are what they are.)

    Is it because I'm "afraid" of sex or sensuality? No way. I'm happily married and therefore have a healthy context to this stuff. Rather, I feel like H-scenes cheapen the VN experience. I understand that these scenes can represent a culmination of romance between two characters, but I don't understand why they have to be so graphic.

    I feel like these scenes are included in VNs for the same reason they're included in most AAA movies: the obligate sex-appeal to be used for advertising.

    That's the short version of my opinion, more or less. I'm interested in hearing what others think. Again, I realize this isn't the easiest topic to discuss, but I'm interested in sounding out.
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    Tay got a reaction from dfallengod in Project: (VIDEO) What Are Visual Novels   
    Hello all,

    I need your help! I'm putting together a video introduction to visual novels for the site's FAQ page and want to pool our brain cells. Please take 3 minutes and answer a few questions.

    Thanks a ton!

    * * * * *
    * * * * *

    In your own words, what is a visual novel?

    What makes you love VNs?

    Name one favorite song from a VN:

    Can you think of a moment in a VN-to-Anime where the anime perfectly effectively mirrored or embodied the novel?

    If you have any additional comments about what you'd like to see or would suggest be added to a "What are visual novels?" youtube video, please add those comments below.
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    Tay got a reaction from okami55 in Inventory of Fuwanovel's VNs   
    EDIT: I will use this top post as a placeholder for the latest versions of the inventory. You can always click the image below to get the latest and greatest inventory .pdf update.

    (Image Deleted) 

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    Tay reacted to Tay in Reporting for Duty!   
    PS: I've downloaded all the VNs on the site as of last night and am currently checking them on Win 7. I don't have a mac or linux, but I can at least verify they work for windows.

    PPS: Also, the torrents downloaded with crazy speed and only one or two seeds! How did you set them up to download so fast?
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    Tay got a reaction from Nksn in ハロ~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ   
    Nksn, thank you for fixing the system! Works like a charm
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