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    Tay reacted to Kuu in Connecting to IRC with a dedicated client   
    So what is this "IRC" thing you might hear people go on about in some places on the gigantic network of tubes you might be wondering. It stands for "Internet Relay Chat" and I'm not going to go into a gigantic history, that's what google and wikipedia are for.

    Why would you use a client? So you can customize how it looks, and you can join a lot more channels and networks easier than using it in your browser. Also, it allows you to set notices for when someone sends you a message, depending on the client. There's dozens of other things you can do with a client, but first you need to actually get connected to a network before it's of any use to you!

    First thing's first, download HexChat here; its free and all of that nice stuff (no nagware or screens asking you to donate coffee), so no viruses or anything: http://hexchat.org/downloads.html

    Assuming you're on Windows, you can use either the 32 or 64bit version, I recommend using x64 unless you're running a old computer with Windows XP still (why would you be doing that?)
    After you have that installed, on first run you'll hopefully get this dialog box:

    What you'll want to do here is:

    -Scroll down and find "Rizon" and highlight it by clicking on it once
    -Click "Favor" on the right, "Rizon" will turn bold

    -Check the 2 boxes under the list

    "Skip network list on startup" does what it says, you're not bombarded with the list every time you start HexChat; "Show favorites only" keeps you from having to scroll through the list should you need to open it back up, be mindful that if you ever need to join another network, unchecking this will show the entire list. Alternately, you can add it yourself

    "Nick name" is what you want to be shown as in the channel, but be mindful that someone else on the network might already have the name you want to use, so enter a few different ones you'd like as alternatives (or just add a suffix like "_" or "2" to the one you want to use) for "2nd choice" and "3rd choice". "User name" is for if/when you've registered to Nickserv on Rizon's server, this can be pretty much anything you want it to be as it isn't normally visible (and I recommend doing this so others won't take your nick when you're offline). After you've done that, click on edit and you'll get a new dialog window:

    As far as this dialog box goes, you won't have to do much aside from adding in "#fuwanovel" to favorite channels, this will join any channels you put in this box upon connection to the server. The only other box you might need to worry about here is "Nickserv password", and this is for if you decide to register your nick so no one else can use it. The rest of them are for more "advanced" networks (usually used on private tracker IRCs). Go ahead and click Close when your screen matches this one. You'll be returned to dialog box above and from there. Click on Connect, and you'll have this hopefully:

    And you're done!

    Of course, you can change how the program looks, this is just a default after all (at least as far as I know), or you can choose to leave it as it is. Go ahead and poke around the program and explore the settings and chat with everyone else in the channel as you do so~ You can always bug me in the channel if you need help with something.

    I'll add other things under this as required/when I'm in the mood to.

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    Tay reacted to Guest in Hello   
    i actually find it hard to believe that there are no bullies. when these forums started 12months ago, the VN community was only bullies. the only place where it wasnt bully-infested, was craneanime.com (but their forums didnt start until much later) and nihonomaru.com and maybe some of hongfire.com?

    so apparently the new trick to keeping out 4chan scum, is to make it so holy the bastards wont touch it with a mile-long stick?
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    Tay got a reaction from Sieg in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
    *applauds* I love that!

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    Tay reacted to Sakamoto in Making VNs Portable   
    LOL, since when did I make an Android app before? I only did some conversions to apk for some Ren'py visual novels before, nothing fancy.

    Anyways, I'd like to make a comparison between the portable devices that you can run ENGLISH visual novels on:

    NDS / 3DS:
    - Needs a flashcart to run VNDS and Fatal Relations (homebrew)
    - Has 999, Love Plus, Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side (Otome)
    - Really good battery life, good use of double-screen
    - Cheap price

    PSP / Vita:
    - Has homebrew conversions for Yume Miru Kusuri and Divi-Dead
    - Translations for Hakuouki (Otome), Milky Holmes, Corpse Party series, Ore no Imouto (upcoming)
    - Reasonable battery life, but screen sometimes makes it hard to read VNs
    - Cheap price

    - Emulators to run a lot of older visual novels (DosBox, PSX)
    - Google Play market has plenty of visual novels
    - Has VNDS, Onscripter, Ren'py and xClannad apps
    - Reasonable battery life, best read with a 7.0" tablet minimum
    - Price varies, but a cheap Chinese-brand tablet would suffice for playing VNs

    iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad:
    - Emulators to run a lot of older visual novels (DosBox, PSX)
    - Translations for Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head Noah (upcoming)
    - Has xClannad, and upcoming VNDS support
    - Plenty of English VNs on Apple Store, including MangaGamer's Kira-Kira
    - Good battery life, recommended to use iPad for reading
    - Expensive

    Windows-based tablet/UMPC:
    - Can run just about any Windows VN, or emulators
    - Weight may be an issue for portability
    - Battery life moderate
    - Expensive

    This is the basic gist of it. I know I'm missing a lot of points (just woke up and typing this atm, lol).
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    Tay reacted to Kendjin in Fuwa game uploads - any1?   
    I've done the first 4 and working on SR.
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    Tay reacted to Down in Manga Recommendation Thread   
    Here are a few I can recommend, i'll try to keep it to a few:

    Dark Seinen/Fantasy:
    -Mugen no Juunin

    Both of those are really amazing. Probably among the best seinen you will find out there.
    Not that dark/fantasy but a great seinen is also xxxHolic.

    Slice of Life/Realistic:
    -Oyasumi Punpun and basically anything by Inio Asano, that guy is awesome

    -Planetes (though the anime is better imo)
    -Gunnm and Gunnm Last Order



    -Slam Dunk
    -Hajime no Ippo
    -Hikaru no Go

    I could go on and on and I haven't even read that much manga... Hell, there's like 10 times more amazing mangas out there to read than there's amazing anime, and I think you already glimpsed how much amazing anime you had to discover =p
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    Tay got a reaction from Kendjin in Katawa Shoujo for Android   
    Hey everybody,

    I've written about this one before: I'm still virus testing this one. It has some unusual permissions. When I am sure it's safe, I was going to post about it on the blog. One of my friends is going through the code, and I am doing some diagnostics. We've been working on it for ~1.4 months now.

    Just so you know.
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    Tay reacted to sanahtlig in Game Dev Tycoon Challenge   
    Can you give a working magnet link to the pirated version? I might accidentally download the real version.
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    Tay reacted to Kendjin in Fuwanovel downloads   
    Not sure if this is allowed. Take it down if not.

    Can people let me know if they are having bad speeds or can't get any speed on certain downloads. I want to tweak my speeds to reflect what people need.

    If no one is having issues, then Ill know its all running smoothly
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    Tay reacted to sanahtlig in The Eroge Scene in Parody: Translator Baseball   
    It’s a beautiful day for baseball today in Eroge Stadium. I’m your host Sanahtlig here to provide commentary for Visual Novel Translation TV. Today the Localizers play against the Fan Translators in a special Western League All-Star game. This should be an interesting matchup. On the Localizers team we have representatives from Mangagamer including the rising star Kouryuu, as well as veterans from JAST USA including the well known Peter Payne. The Fan Translators are a truly diverse bunch of big names playing together for the first time ever. We have Ixrec from Amaterasu, Moogy from TLWiki, Haeleth, and Aaeru from Fuwanovel. It’ll be interesting to see how they interact as a team.

    The Localizers are up to bat first. But there seems to be a delay. The first batter from Mangagamer appears to have brought a large stick instead of a bat! He seems to be arguing with the umpire. Let’s listen in.
    Umpire: You can’t just waltz in here with a stick for a bat. Go borrow a real bat from one of the JAST players!
    Mangagamer player: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!
    Umpire: WTF?

    The Mangagamer player just took off and started running the bases before the game even started! What is he doing??? We’ll be back after a word from our sponsors.

    VNDB, a compendium of visual novel knowledge, by you, for you: an oasis where you can request visual novel recommendations, speak freely, and engage in enlightened discussions. Please click our affiliates so we don't go broke!

    5 min later

    We’re back, and this time Peter Payne is up to bat with 1 out and 1 expelled player. Here’s the pitch and—it’s a hit! Wait, what is he doing? He’s just standing there! Let’s zoom in for a closer look.
    On close examination, Peter is actually shuffling towards 1st base so slow it’s barely perceptible from a distance. He makes it a few feet before being tagged out by the catcher.
    That’s two outs folks. Up to bat next is Kouryuu, Mangagamer’s newest darling. Here’s the pitch and—it’s a line drive. This—
    At that moment the microphone fades out. The game ensues soundless until a member from Mangagamer finally strikes out, ending the round.
    We’re back at Eroge Stadium. We apologize for the technical difficulties. A member from Mangagamer barged in and carried off the microphone, claiming we didn’t have rights to broadcast audio during their lineup. We’re assured now that the problem has been cleared up.

    The Localizers are taking to the field. Wait, what is this? Mangagamer’s players have taken to the field without clothes! This isn’t baseball, this is pornography! Outrageous! JAST’s entire bench has rushed onto the field to subdue them. They appear to be re-clothing the Mangagamer players—is that 2 bras I see??? We’ll be back after a commercial break.

    Mangagamer staff A: Somebody set us up the bomb!
    Mangagamer staff B: What you say?!
    *Screen flash and booming sound*
    There’s a picture of a box set of 3 games, priced at $150. A tag in the corner of the screen reads “no voice”.
    Narrator: Shin Koihime Musou! Otanoshimini!

    5 min later

    We’re back and the game looks ready to resume. First up to bat is Haeleth, the oldest member on the team and a true league veteran. He seems to be getting some boos from the audience…hmm? Haeleth just threw down his bat and walked out of the stadium! Amazing! Looks like the Fan Translators are down one member!
    Next up to bat is Moogy. Moogy is known for his often uncomplimentary remarks for his fellow players. Moogy steps up to bat and—he seems to be shouting something at the Fan Translator dug out. He’s throwing down his bat and…he just walked out into the field? He seems to have joined the Localizers! What an unexpected development!
    Next up is Ixrec. This guy is a monster folks; he has the highest RBI in the entire league. Here’s the pitch, and—it’s a hard hit to right field! Peter Payne scrambles for the ball…what is he doing? Is he riding a wheelchair in the grass? Why is he in a wheelchair?! Ixrec scores! And he’s running around the bases again! Look at him go! One of the umpires from the Japanese league, Age, has grabbed Ixrec and is trying to stop him! Oh my, Ixrec just kicked Age in the balls and is running the bases again! Unbelievable! We’ll be back after a commercial break.

    JAST USA is proud to announce the best hentai dating sim ever, Lightning Warrior Raidy 3! Play the role of a cute swordswoman as she fights creepy tentacle monsters and devilish vixens with her new lesbian fusion powers! Coming to a store near you in 2018!

    10 min later
    We’re back. Age has left the game, and I doubt we’ll see him back for another Western League game in the near future. We have a Fan Translator on 1st base from a single up the middle.
    Next up is Aaeru. A relative newcomer, Aaeru doesn’t seem to be getting along too well with her fellow Fan Translators. But in this game it’s results that count, which I’m sure Aaeru will show us today.
    Here comes the pitch…it’s a fast line drive to left field! That’s a base hit! Wait! Aaeru appears to making a beeline for 3rd base! What is she doing?! She’s stopped on 3rd base and doesn’t seem to be budging. It appears that she’s decided to run the bases in reverse order! What are the umpires doing?! The other Fan Translators are snickering, but no one seems to be stopping her. That leaves a player each on 2nd and 3rd base.
    Next up to bat is…Moogy? Did he switch sides again?! It’s probably best not to think too hard about this. Here’s the pitch—and it’s a pop up to right field! Peter goes for the ball—and his wheelchair tips over! The Fan Translators are running the bases and—Aaeru just collided with her fellow Fan Translator! Who would've seen that coming?! She’s getting up, and--

    Mangagamer 3rd baseman: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!

    The Mangagamer 3rd baseman just clubbed her over the head with 3rd base! Ouch! Moogy runs up to her and…he’s kicking her while she’s down! I don’t know who’s the greater bastard: Aaeru, the Mangagamer 3rd baseman, or Moogy! Ixrec runs out of the dugout—he’s running the bases again! Someone catch him! What the hell??? The Mangagamer players are stripping again! Peter is still crawling out in right field towards the ball! This is utter chaos folks! It’s a wacky free-for-all today in Eroge Stadium. I’ve never seen such incredible dysfunction in all my days as an Eroge Stadium broadcaster. Will Moogy stop kicking Aaeru? Will Mangagamer stop turning this into a live porn event? Will Ixrec leave any points for anyone else? Will Peter ever get the damn ball? Stay tuned to Visual Novel Translation TV!

    In the meantime, let's get some comments from the stadium audience.
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    Tay reacted to sanahtlig in The Eroge Scene in Parody: Translator Baseball   
    New content: Added 3 new commercials!

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    Tay got a reaction from eclipsezero in the /\ \/ thread   
    Because you needed this.

    ^ Apple Pie Lover

    v Blueberry Pie Lover
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    Tay reacted to solidbatman in 5 Reasons to Watch Evangelion (Evangelion Thread)   
    Before you read, there are very minor spoilers within.

    Hi there. I wrote this for another forum and to say it fell flat is an understatement. Despite 6,000+ views in 48 hours (from my linking it on reddit), the members (all 6 of them) didn't even seem to notice I posted it. After some feedback from reddit and encouragement from Tay and Ryoji, I figured I'd post it here and see if I could convince anyone to give the show a try. Thanks for reading and as always, criticism is welcomed and dissenting opinions are encouraged.

    I like the Evangelion series. No, I should say I love it. The Evangelion series started in October of 1994. What began as a monster of the day type show (where a different enemy would be defeated weekly), audiences were quickly treated to an in depth psycho-analysis of the characters as well as a very deep, thought provoking story regarding the nature of humanity. Since it's initial TV run, the franchise has spawned a comic adaption, video games (none of which ever saw a Stateside release), and 5 movies (with another to come in a few years). Neon Genesis Evangelion (the TV series) has remained relevant on the anime scene for nearly 20 years now. Not too many shows, even on American television can claim the same.

    With the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie coming out next week, (Rebuild is a series of movies that is writing a new Evangelion story, or an alternate story.) I thought it was time to introduce the reasons why you should watch the series.

    5. Presentation

    While the original Neon Genesis Evangelion certainly looks dated, it's presentation is something that many modern anime cannot pull off. Gainax, the studio that created Neon Genesis Evangelion, had a tight budget to work with, so the battles are typically short, but intense. That being said, the original TV series was never about the battles, but everything else around the battles. Nerv HQ, the center directing Eva units, the giant robots, sounds and looks like an advanced NASA. The controllers act in a very official manner, we see routine tests being run, we hear the sound of machinery and computers doing their tasks. When in the city, we never see a large population, and instead see our characters alone. The sound of cicadas chirping in the background instead of the noises of an active city add that much more to the sense of isolation our characters feel.

    And then there are the Evangelion Units. They a large, pieces of machinery, that seem to be very human. They bleed, they go insane, and they seem to have free will at times. None of this is more evident than when Unit 01 goes berserk. We see a near animalistic rage from Unit 01 as it literally begins crawling on all 4 limbs to it's enemy. It's a scene that gives me chills no matter how many times I view it. The true nature of the Eva units is revealed through chilling, disturbing scenes such as that.

    While Neon Genesis Evangelion had incredible presentation, it clearly lacked on the action side relying on build up, and resolution to keep the viewer hooked. Rebuild of Evangelion, however, fixes the action with some of the most incredible animation I have ever seen. CG animation is blended perfectly with traditional 2-D animation making the action incredibly intense. One of the enemies (called Angels) in Neon Genesis Evangelion was a simple diamond block. In Rebuild, it is instead a geometric monstrosity that has no respect for mountains, or anything else. The action in Rebuild of Evangelion is some of the best you'll ever see.

    4. Unpredictable

    As I said before, Neon Genesis Evangelion begins in a pretty cliche manner. Sure, there are hints, and foreshadows of where the story is going, but you will not pick up on them. After episode 16 or so, the story becomes much, much darker and the plot begins to finally come together. What is Nerv's relationship with SEELE? What happened in The Second Impact? What is an Eva? These answers come at you, but the answer is never quite what you expect. Add to that a willingness to kill off main characters as well as some disturbing looks into the characters psyche, and you will be kept at the edge of your seat in trying to guess what comes next.

    The End of Evangelion film might be the most unpredictable part of the whole franchise. With the goal of re-doing the original TV ending, EoE takes everything you know about our main characters and flips it upside down. We learn so much more about why characters made the choices they did, and we see the full effects of those choices finally play out. If you manage to correctly guess how Evangelion ends before seeing this film, then you are a prophet.

    Rebuild of Evangelion had a hard task to do in regards to being unpredictable. How do you "rebuild" a classic franchise and still keep viewers guessing like the did during the original TV run? Well, without spoiling anything, Rebuild of Evangelion does exactly that. While the first Rebuild movie sticks fairly close to the events of the original series, the second film begins to carve out its own, incredibly well written, path. Characters make different choices, have different motivations, and seem well aware that more is at play than simply saving the world from the Angels. These changes will once again remind you that anything can happen in the Evangelion universe, and the only way to predict what is going to happen is to be extremely astute and pick up on even the smallest of details.

    3. Giant Robots

    Did you like the mindless romp of Transformers? Did you also enjoy the mind screwing of Inception? Lets combine the two and just watch your brain overheat from the awesome. I did say above that the action scenes in the original TV series were low budget. I also said they are intense. The Evangelion Units are giant humanoid robots built specifically to fight giant monsters known as the Angels. So, we have giant robots fighting giant monsters. What more do you really want? Giant robot fighting giant robot? Evangelion has that.

    Rebuild of Evangelion ups the giant robot theme by making the Eva units even more bad ass by adding a new mode to Unit 02, causing Unit 01 to go god-mode when going berserk, and giving Unit 04 the justice it deserves (while unfitting music plays in the background). The Eva designs are complex and unique. In anime, mecha designs tended to blocky space craft looking robots, much like the old Transformers cartoons. Evangelion broke that mold by making the Eva units look more human, and living. They look more organic than any other mecha I've ever seen.

    So yeah... giant robots. GIANT FREAKING ROBOTS! Did I mention the giant robots?

    2. Characters

    You can have the best action scenes and animation but still fall short of being memorable or remembered for the wrong reasons (I'm looking at you Guilty Crown). A good show has good characters. A great show has bad characters that you actually like. Every single main character in Evangelion is a bad person in one way or another. Asuka is arrogant, Misato is too carefree, Gendo is just a jerk, Shinji is a wimp... the list goes on and on. Here is one of the greatest triumphs of Evangelion; you will still like the characters. Okay, maybe not Shinji, but for everyone else you will end up liking despite your first impressions. Neon Genesis Evangelion spends a great deal of time studying the characters through all sorts of different means. We learn of Asuka's past and we see why she acts so cocky and arrogant. We see why Misato seems to be so carefree around Shinji, we see why Rei acts so cold and distant, and through Gendo and Shinji's strained father-son relationship we uncover the past between them and learn some especially shocking things about Gendo.

    Everyone in Evangelion has flaws, and throughout the course of the show, we come to understand and accept those flaws, even if they can't accept the flaws themselves. Rarely, if ever does a show make you hate, and like characters at the same time. I hated Shinji. I hated his apathy, I hated his outlook, I hated his lack of self-confidence, but I understood him. I knew exactly what was wrong with him and why. This understanding allows you to connect with characters, even if you have nothing in common with them. Not everything about the characters is revealed though, leading me to my final reason.

    1. Interpretation

    Should you decide to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion and End of Evangelion, you will notice something. A lack of information. There are many things left unexplained even after End of Evangelion. Much debate has been had over whether or not this was intention but it does do one thing. It gets you thinking and discussing. There are a ton of fan theories ranging from the ending of the show, to the back story of a character's pet and the sexuality of a penguin. Half the fun of this show is putting your own mark on it. With a convoluted, complex plot rife with under-explanations and unresolved plot lines, filling them in with your own ideas adds a sense of ownership to the show.A friend of mine and myself often find ourselves debating over theories that we've come up with. Some theories are just for fun (like the penguin sexuality theory) and others are meaningful and could offer much more insight into the show and movies (continuation theory, loop theory). I promise, after viewing the show and movies, you will instantly begin plugging the holes with your own ideas... that is, if your mind ever recovers from the insanity of mixing giant fighting robots with in-depth psycho-analysis.


    -Evangelion 1.11
    -Evangelion 2.22

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    Tay reacted to Down in Birthday thread   
    Today is Sieg's birthday.

    Happy birthday!

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    Tay reacted to kinghidetora in Short Story -- One Line at a Time   
    "Onii-chan has chosen to ignore his sister's existence...!" she whined, albeit playfully.
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    Tay reacted to Skeith in G-Senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String   
    G-Senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String
    Rated 18+
    You play the role of Azai Kyousuke, the son of a legendary gangster infamous in the underworld. You spend your time listening to Bach, playing God at school and covertly working for your stepfather, a ruthless financial heavyweight. This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city - a beautiful girl named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as "Maou". Almost without delay, the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game, bringing you and your friends into the crossfire. Plotting, political intrigue and layer upon layer of interlocking traps are the weapons in this epic battle of wits.
    Kyousuke can meet and fall in love with one of the four main girls of the game: Tsubaki, Kanon, Mizuha, and Haru.

    This game was a thrill to play. G-Senjou no Maou offers you the chance to be with one of the four heroines in the game, with Haru's Route being that of the "True Route." At some point in the game, the choices will offer you the possibility to branch off the 'main story' (True Route) into one of the other three heroine's own route, leading the player to that heroine's Good and Bad endings. The main story doesn't go on after that. That's why it is the author's suggestion to play Haru's Route last.


    Tsubaki Miwa's Route
    Good End
    Bad End

    Kanon Azai's Route
    Good End
    Bad End

    Mizuha Shiratori's Route
    Good End
    Bad End

    Haru Usami's Route
    This walkthrough was prepared and submitted by Skeith
    Editted guide posted by 273342 from GameFAQs.com
    With the helpful corrections and suggestions given by Admin Tay and Down
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    Tay got a reaction from eclipsezero in Make a VN - Looking for Brainstorming Team   
    @eclipsezero<br style=font-size: 9pt;">
    So I've said this to you before, but you've got a great mind for world creation. It's really cool. While, yes, it would be hard to make something like this on our budget, that doesn't mean it can't happen in the future : )

    Epic,sir. Thank you!


    This will definitely factor into our discussion. Thank you!


    Well, sir, it was hard to just quote two paragraphs of that! Great idea. Reminded me of Gatsby before you even made the comment : ). This could make a great VN, but also a great novel. Have you ever considered writing it in that format?
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    Tay got a reaction from eclipsezero in Make a VN - Looking for Brainstorming Team   
    Well, that's a good idea, too. My writing experience is still pretty minimal - I've published some poetry and short stories, and have taught a few community classes on creative writing - so I'm going on the advice of others here. From what I've heard, most writers suggest giving a writing team some room to come up with/mash together ideas (especially ideas they don't outright love). Then the writers, having come up with a basic outline, can go to a community for feedback.

    Community-collaborative writing from start to finish is hard to do and takes a long time.

    If we want to produce other VNs that way, I'm all for it! But for this one, I think I'm going to try the process described above: take good ideas and a team, get some space, and merge and melt until one plot comes together.

    Criticism and thoughts welcome!
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    Tay reacted to Ryoji in Ryoji's Winter Season Review!   
    Winter 2013 Season Review

    Hey guys, with the winter 2013 season coming to a close I thought I would give a brief review of each of the shows that I have enjoyed. There are a couple shows that I didn't watch or dropped for various reasons and since this is my review, I am going to just leave them out.

    I don't believe in giving spoiler filled reviews so this is just going just to be my opinions and thoughts on each show. If you don't want to be spoiled, have no fear, read on and enjoy.

    These are not in any sort of order.

    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo:

    Plot Summary: Sorata is kicked out of his high-school dorms for keeping a cat, and moves into a small dorm called Sakurasou. It turns out that all the residents, in addition to being uncontrollable and weird, are outstanding in some way: a well-known animator, a scriptwriter, a programmer. A beautiful girl called Mashiro moves in who is an internationally known painter but is so devoted to art that she can't even dress herself, and Sorata is given the job of looking after her. Through her and the other residents, he learns who he is and what he wants to do.

    Anyone who has known me for a while and read my posts in the Anime/Manga forum knows that I enjoyed this show immensely. The plot started out, to me, as your typical comedy/slice of life anime but as the series developed, the characters, story and awesomeness just grew and grew. By the end of the show, I was emotionally invested in these characters and cared about what happened to them. A story about finding a place to belong and doing anything to protect it. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!! The closing 5 episodes were among the very best Anime episodes, I can remember seeing, in the last couple years. And that's saying something!!

    I have to say, Misaki Kamiigusa is THE best support character EVER. Every time you see her you smile. Her impact as a character to this story was massive and it wouldn't of been the same Anime without her. Perfection!!

    Story 10/10
    Art 10/10
    Music 10/10

    Overall Rating 10/10 An absolute must watch for any slice of life/comedy fan. Perfect Anime that Ill be buying subs or not.


    Plot Summary: GJ-bu, or GJ Club, revolves around five members of a vague high school club, where on any given day they may be playing Twister, taking naps, or reading manga. The show outlines the relationship between the protagonist, a boy named Kyōya, and some rather interesting girls, including a tiny tsundere president, her calm kind sister, a genius chess player, and a girl who is always eating meat and resembles a cat.

    This was an odd and very cute show. Its plot was pretty much non-existent but I ended up enjoying it none the less. Fans of Moe will definitely enjoy it as well as fans of Slice of Life. The last episode was especially good and surprised me in a good way. A nice heart warming end to a light, cute and funny show. I recommend this to everyone who wants a light and cute show.

    Story 6/10 (i liked the girls and there personalities)
    art 7/10
    Music 8/10

    Overall Rating 7/10 Short, cute and enjoyable.

    AKB0048 Next:

    Plot Summary: In the year since the 77th generation understudies joined AKB0048, the Deep Galactic Trade Organization [DGTO] and DES have stepped up their attacks on entertainment. In response, AKB0048 brings back the general elections and the center nova position. The understudies are now thrusted into a new competition directly against the successors. But as AKB0048 brings back policies not seen since Acchan's disappearance, a new more powerful enemy is quietly moving behind the scenes.he

    OK this one is kinda difficult to review. As a fan of the first season I went into this with the expectations of more cute girls singing and living the idol life. What i got was TOTALLY different. This anime was more of a space drama with music in it anime then your typical idol/music filled fare. I was completely surprised with where they went with the amazing storylines and in the end really enjoyed it. The last episode was very satisfying in that all the unanswered questions from the first and second seasons. The songs were amazing and you gotta love the message that "Music can save the world"!! It's wonderful. This one is perfect for music/idol fans. PLEASE NOTE: Even though its not required to watch season one, I Highly recommend you do to get the full impact as you wont know exactly whats going on and the whole story!! I enjoyed it very much and im sure ill be buying the blu rays (because Kotomi will order me to.) Very good!!

    Story 9/10
    Art 9/10 (the performances were unique)
    Music 10/10 (yeah im a sucker for AKB music)

    Overall Rating 9.2/10 Great show that was VERY entertaining!


    Plot Summary: Haruka, a girl who suffers during her childhood due to her ability to read people's mind, is starting her high-school life in a new school. When she transferred in, she feels that her life will be the same as ever, but then she meets Manabe, a guy who always think about erotic things, and a club consisting of people who don't afraid of her ability. With Manabe and her club-mates around, her gloomy life slowly start to bloom and enjoyable.

    This show was not that interesting to me at first. But the comedy elements were well placed so the more serious drama seemed more balanced. Not much to say here without giving spoilers so ill just say that its a very enjoyable show with one of the better ED songs of the season. A short story about friendship and learning to be true to yourself.

    Story 7.5/10 (though the last 4 episodes were very good)
    Art 7/10
    Music 9/10

    Overall Rating 8 Worth a watch

    Vividred Operation:

    Plot Summary: In Oshima the happy, carefree 14-year-old Akane Isshiki lived a poor but well-loved life together with her reliable little sister, Momo, who does all the housework, and her grandfather, Kenjirou, a genius inventor who only created useless devices. When the weather is clear, they can see the artificial island, Blue Island, across the sea. In the center of that island rises the revolutionary Manifestation Engine, a discovery that solved the world's energy problems, and leads to some major problems.

    While this show started out kinda silly it ended up being a story about friendship. It was a tad over-dramatic at times but it ended very good and I would love to see more of this Anime. I hope they make a 2nd Season as the battle scenes were pretty cool and the characters are endearing. Very enjoyable.

    Story 8.5/10
    Art 9/10
    Music 8/10

    Overall 8.5/10 Very enjoyable Ill watch it again.

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (Haganai Next):

    Plot Summary: The adventures of the Neighbor's Club continue, with more understanding of their members, new friends, and of course, lots of laughs.

    Ug where to start with this one. Several funny and cute moments that continued where the first season left off. The season started off great then felt rushed and the end was... yea. There better be a 3rd season as there is a lot left to the story. (I have read the Manga and Light Novels!) Very disappointed with the end of this season and it felt very unsatisfying and flat to me. Very disappointed.

    Story 6/10 (was an 8 until the end)
    Art 8/10
    Music 8/10

    Overall a 7 due to the craptacular ending.


    Plot Summary: A young boy called Eita enters high school aiming for the National University School of Medicine. Because of his parents' divorce and his goal, he shuns anything to do with romance or love. One day Masuzu, the school beauty with the silver hair, who's just returned to the country, enters his life in a most unexpected way. Chiwa, his childhood friend since elementary school, will not let this go without a fight.

    sigh, another show that had such a great premise, comedy and Moe, yet had a very disappointing end. The characters were cute and the music was OK. The story... this was pretty damn good in the beginning but it seems, as with Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT, this one also decided to go with a non-ending. Waste of my time unless they make a season 2. Which i kinda doubt as im sure this ending had to of pissed off some otaku. I am probably in the minority about the ending. I know some people were satisfied but i thought it would of been better. A lot better.\

    Story 6/10
    Art 7/10
    Music 7/10

    Overall 6.5/10. Only reason its not lower is because i liked the art and the music.

    Love Live! School idol project:

    Plot Summary: Honoka Kōsaka loves her school. That's why it's bad news for her when she finds out it's being shut down due to lack of new students. In order to bring in more students, Honoka decides to start a "school idol group", which is certain to get the eyes of the public. To make this dream a reality, she gathers together her close friends and classmates to make the best idol unit possible.

    This was an enjoyable Anime. Was it deep and thought provoking? Absolutely not. Its a cute show about 3 girls who set out to save their school. Music ensues and cuteness is on full display. The real star of this show is the Music. I also liked how, compared to AKB0048, the animations from their performances are much better. Basically a show about fighting for something and not giving up no matter the odds. Likable characters and awesome music make this a very enjoyable show to watch. Id recommend it if you like Idol Music and all that genre entails. Yet another series that Kotomi will make me buy. (not that ill mind all that much )

    Story 7/10
    Art 7/10
    Music 10/10 I cant help it, I love it.

    Overall 8/10 Great music makes this a must watch.

    Da Capo III:

    Plot Summary: Hatsune-jima is an island formed from a dormant volcano and is known for its cherry trees that bloom out of season. Some people believe that one of the trees is capable of granting any wish. The newspaper club has been challenged by the unofficial newspaper club as to who can write the better story that investigates the supernatural. Kiyotaka and the five cute girls of the newspaper club take up the challenge, but the girls have more on their minds than just the story.

    Im such a huge fan of the Da Capo series. Da Capo III is a good anime from the start. Because this is a spoiler free review I cant say much here other then fans of Sakura will not be disappointed. Decent mystery/romance elements throughout make it interesting. Driven by the wonderful art and music this makes an excellent continuation to the Da Capo franchise everyone loves. While its not my favorite of the Da Capo series its definitely worth a watch.

    Story 8/10
    Art 8.5/10
    Music 8/10

    Overall 8.5/10 Great continuation to the Da Capo series. And all of it's fans should watch it.


    Plot Summary: In 2019, Kaito Yashio and Akiho Senomiya are the sole members of the Robotics Club at Central Tanegashima High School in Kyushu, Japan. Kaito is a laid back student and a skilled gamer who is just trying to help Akiho, his childhood friend. She is an energetic positive-thinking girl who yearns to complete the ongoing project of the club: building a functional replica of Gunvarrel, the main robot of a once popular TV series. As they gather new members and try to assemble the robot, Kaito starts stumbling upon secret reports that might reveal a conspiracy of large proportions. Unaware of what he is actually dealing with, Kaito little by little starts discovering clues laid by the mysterious Ko Kimijima.

    This anime certainly showed a lot of promise. Having said that, there were gaping holes in the story but that does not mean that the plot is not enjoyable, or that the conclusion is not satisfying. I would recommend at least trying this anime. It sucks that they tried to squeeze it into 22 episodes instead of spreading the story out over the full 26 like some anime. 24 episodes and maybe a 2 OVA release later. This could have been really amazing. Dont get me wrong it was still good. I recommend it to fans of Sci-fi.

    Story 8/10
    Art 8/10
    Music 8/10

    Overall 8.10 Good


    Plot Summary: The series takes place in the near future, when it is possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person's state of mind and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term "Psycho-Pass" in the anime's title refers to a standard used to measure an individual's being. The story centers around the "enforcement officer" Shinya Kōgami, who is tasked with managing crime in such a world.

    Absolutely amazing anime. Engaging, Exciting, Amazing. Thats all im going to say. GO WATCH THIS ANIME. For all of the light hearted, cute, fun shows this season, this one was dark, deep and twisted. Science fiction, action, detective genres are all there but its soo much more then that.

    Story 9/10
    Art 9/10
    Music 9/10

    Overall 9/10 Total opposite of every other anime this list. Just for that reason you should watch this. NOW.


    The rest will be just a short summary

    Maoyuu Yuusha

    Good premise. Hope they extend the story somehow because it has potential.

    Senran Kagura

    Just bad. Ecchi garbage the only reason i finished this series was because I wanted to see how the story ended. Even that was meh


    Finished it because Kotomi wanted to know how it ended. It was forgettable.
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    Tay got a reaction from Ryoji in Fate/Zero Analysis   
    That scene is horrifying. It's hellish, it's terrifying, it's evil. We all recognize that it's important, though.

    I think I revealed my cards too early in this first post, but Fate/Zero is ultimately the story of Love and Sacrifice. This story of Love and Sacrifice plays out on three stages:

    Kiritsugu never had love in his life without quickly losing it (the first episode warns of this, and his backstory in the novels and drama CDs echoes this). Fate/Zero is ultimately Kiritsugu's story, and his fight in the Holy Grail War is a type of a struggle for love. The Tohsaka-Matou storyline is heartbreaking, and it's the second approach to dealing with these heavy themes. Tokiomi shares the stage with Kariya as central characters here. Both Tokiomi and Kariya contributed equally to the hell and horrible things Sakura has to suffer through. Both of them, however, in the way they approach her suffering, teach us about different ways we can love, and how Love is stronger than hell. Strong enough to survive sacrifice. Kotomine Kirei is the third stage whereupon we deal with these really tough themes. Kirei is both the same and the opposite of Kiritsugu, and he provides the background for us to see what happens when love and sacrifice seem to fail against the evil of the world. His story is not completed until Fate/Stay Night, but the conclusion of his story is just as powerful as that of Kiritsugu or the Tohsaka/Matou stories.

    So... yeah. When it comes to Sakura, you have to understand it in the context of Matou and Tohsaka. For those who struggle with watching these scenes, you need to remember that Sakura is strong, and that by the end of Fate/Zero, and the end of Fate/Stay Night, she is the ultimate example of how love is more powerful than hell, can survive even the ultimate sacrifice, and that -- even when we don't like to admit it -- the people that have put us in positions to be hurt sometimes do so out of love.

    It takes a person with unbelievable strength -- like Sakura -- to come to peace with this, and forgive them*.

    *Note: Forgive Tokiomi and Kariya. Not Zouken. Zouken kind of embodies an emptiness that has rejected love AND sacrifice. He's the ultimate perversion of life. Nobody forgives him.
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    Tay got a reaction from InvertMouse in Unhack   
    Clever you. Clever, clever you ; ). Love the image
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    Tay got a reaction from InvertMouse in Unhack   
    This was great! I can't wait for more -- again! (oh yeah, sorry for tweeting you asking about it the other day ; ). simply couldn't wait). I enjoyed the dialogue, but missed quite a bit because of my instinctive, rapid click-click-click play skipped some.

    Thank you for sharing : ). So cool.


    Good Things
    - I enjoyed the ramp up in difficulty near the end of Episode 2.
    - Dialogue was surprisingly engaging! I went in not sure of what to expect, but I like it : )
    - +300 XP for Kinder Surprises ; ). I loved those things in Russia...
    - Character Sprites were amateur, but fun
    - Good, clever gameplay mechanics

    - Make in-play dialogue sequences last at least two (?) mouse clicks. Obsessive clickers like me miss out on dialogue, which is sad (Note: I may not agree with this idea) (yes, even though I proposed it)
    - Make the log-in button pop in/out when clicked on the "start" page -- thus highlighting how to start the game

    Bad Things

    REALLY Bad Things

    REALLY REALLY Bad Things
    - We have to wait for more content again! Click this button for my reaction!
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    Tay got a reaction from Ryoji in ありがとう Ryoji-sensei!   

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    Tay got a reaction from Ryoji in ありがとう Ryoji-sensei!   
    Just wanted to throw up a public "Thank You" to Ryoji who spent a ton of time today working on the Technical Issues forum, masterminded a few small changes there, and has single-handedly made the walkthrough section one of the best on the net. ありがとう!
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    Tay got a reaction from solidbatman in Game Issues: BEFORE YOU POST!   
    Dear Fuwanovel readers,
    You may use this forum to ask for tech support with your legally bought Visual Novels, fan translation patches, or hooking tools for reading and machine translation.

    Aaeru: "We do help with troubleshooting but I want to mention that (practically) none of us are IT professionals, and that we do it out of our free time. Many of us do work full-time or go to school, or both. So we ask that you help respect us, and our fun-time, too, by doing the following things before posting:"

      1. Please make sure you have set your System Non-Unicode Region to Japan (aka system locale). It is required by MANY games. Here is a link to a guide on how to change to Japan system locale: link.
      2. Please don't ask for support for licensed Visual Novels. If you bought the game in English, you can get technical support from the retailer, and if not, please look for support wherever you got it, as we won't be offering support for licensed Visual Novels.
    The following thread includes support pages for most Visual Novel online retailers:   3. Please search this technical help forum for the game you are experiencing issues with. Chances are what you are struggling with has already been answered. Just type the name of the game and select to search "this forum".
    In order to make the issue clearer and searching easier, the title of your thread may be changed.  
    Here are a few things you can do before posting to try and fix the issue, you will probably be asked to try this anyway. Many of the usual issues can be solved this way.
    Change you computer to Japan system locale. For Japanese games you might have to change your date and time format to Japanese. Reboot your computer. Try to run the game as an administrator. Check the permissions of the folder containing the game (properties -> make sure 'read only' is unchecked). Temporarily disable your anti-virus. Check if your antivirus has quarantined game files. If the patch you downloaded includes a Readme from the Translation team, READ IT. Known issues are often handled there.
    If you still experience issues, please post in this forum and make sure to state the following:
    You can also try to follow Cybersteel's instructions.

    One last thing: we would be grateful if you could tell us when your game ends up working and how you made it work.
    That will help people who are struggling with the same issue.
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