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    Tay reacted to jaxter0987 in Best of Steve's loli collection - ultra moe explosion   
    In the order that they appear in the thread:
    As said by Steve, it might be easier to look for Takoyaki's works by searching "Kogemashita" instead.

    Steve's First Post
    1) Miku art done by Akiba Hideki
    2) Art done by Takoyaki
    3) Rikka character design by Ikeda Kazumi
    4) Mare art done by Shida Kazuhiro
    5) Relm Arrowny art (Can't find the artists name but lets just say he does a lot of explicit fan art of Final Fantasy characters)
    6) Hello Kitty as a magical girl done by Fujima Takuya
    7) Shirokuma Wallpaper made by the company that produced Hatsuyuki Sakura, Saga Planets
    Rosemary Fontbrune art from a trading card called Aquarian Age. Done by Fujima Takuya
    9) Lilte from a PSP adventure game called Project Witch (It honestly doesn't look like adventure but they tagged it as such)
    10) Art that can be found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya
    11) Art that can be found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya (Not a copy paste error)
    12) Art of a girl that can be found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya
    13) CG from Princess Strike! (I can't confirm this but based on where I found this, this seems to be the case)
    14) CG from Princess Strike! (I can't confirm this but based on where I found this, this seems to be the case)
    15) CG from Princess Strike! (I can't confirm this but based on where I found this, this seems to be the case)
    16) CG from Princess Strike! (I can't confirm this but based on where I found this, this seems to be the case)
    17) CG from Princess Strike! (I can't confirm this but based on where I found this, this seems to be the case)
    18) Okita Hiromi from Reincarnation ☆ Shinsengumi!
    19) Art done by Meito
    20) CG from an Eroge titled Zettai Saikyou ☆ Oppai Sensou!! ~Kyonyuu Oukoku vs Hinnyuu Oukoku~
    (Translated as: Absolute Best Tits ☆ The Boobs War ~Kingdom of Big Tits vs Kingdom of Small Tits~ Just felt like mentioning this! =P)
    21) "Yuki Miku" done by an artist called Mani
    22) Girls from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya
    (Didn't want to bother looking up the names)
    23) Girls from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya
    (Didn't want to bother looking up the names)
    24) Art done my Muririn
    25) Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet from the Touhou Project (Can't find the artist)

    Steve's Second Post
    26) Art done by Takoyaki
    27) Can't find any information on this one
    28) Art done by Takoyaki
    29) Art from Doujinshi about Rikka x Yuuta
    30) Art of Kagamine Rin by Mille
    31) Kunihiro Hajime and Amae Koromo from Saki (Mahjong Anime)
    32) Art done by Ryunnu (I shouldn't need to say who she is)
    33) Cross over art of Mare and Nikaidou Shinku from Hoshizora no Memoria and Irotoridori no Sekai respectively by Shida Kazuhiro
    34) Art by Naruse Hirofumi
    35) Art that can be found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya
    36) Yuuna and Maina Asakura from the Visual Novel Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC (Please teach me ABC)
    37) Art that can be found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya
    38) Art done by Takoyaki
    39) Art done by Takoyaki
    40) Art of Shizuru by Fujima Takuya
    41) Art done by Takoyaki
    42) Art done that can be found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya

    NSFW Pics
    43) Can't find anything
    44) Art by Ryunnu
    45) Art of Nekomiya Nono and Yoshioka Nanoha from Yotsunoha and Sakura Sakura respectively done by Hiide
    46) Art of Yukari Yakumo from the Touhou project done by ke-ta
    47) Girls from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha found in ViVid Color artbook done by Fujima Takuya
    (Didn't want to bother looking up the names)
    48) Art from a doujin about Flandre and Remilia
    49) Relm Arrowny art (Can't find the artists name but lets just say he does a lot of explicit fan art of Final Fantasy characters)
    50) Art of Mare by Shida Kazuhiro

    Steve's Third Post
    51) Art by Tinkle
    52) Art by Tinkle
    53) Art by Tinkle
    54) Art by Tinkle from Visual Novel Cafe Little Wish
    55) Can't find the artist but she's Maho Misawa from Ro-Kyu-bu!

    SakuraFreak's Post
    56) Art done by Sakurazawa Izumi
    57) Art by Munyu
    58) Yuuna Asakura from the Visual Novel Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC (Please teach me ABC)
    59) Konomi Nishimura from the Visual Novel Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC (Please teach me ABC)
    60) Nanami Nishimura and Konomi Nishimura from the Visual Novel Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC (Please teach me ABC)
    61) Mikan from the eroge Musumaker
    62) Akino Momiji, Kiriyama Sakura, and Sera Karen from the Visual Novel Sakura Musubi done by Gayarou
    63) Mizuki Saori and Mizuki Shiori from the eroge Hajimete no Orusuban
    64) Mirai Sakuragawa from the eroge Naisho no Yorimichi

    Steve's Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Posts

    65) I can't find any information from the artist but at least we know its Mare
    66) Art by Shida Kazuhiro
    67) Art of Pacifica from the Trading Card Game Vanguard done by Fujima Takuya
    68) Says right on the picture
    69) Art by ryo (I wish I knew more information but that's all I got)
    70) Art of Hachikuji Mayoi done by Gum (Vivid Garden)

    (Posting this now so I won't lose my work if browser dies or something, will be editing more and more in.)
    As of 4:00pm PST today, I've spent 3 hours doing this. Clearly I have nothing better to do...
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    Tay reacted to Sparkker in Favorite Quote   
    "Everything starting point has 3 main choices and every choice has 3 branches." -Sparkker (Bored)

    Your choice can either be a positive, negative and a to-be decided choice. If you imagine Kagari's life theory, the two branches going to the side are the positive and negative, while the middle one is the to-be decided one. A to-be decided choice always align to a positive, negative or neutral. If it doesn't, then your story will never end. Although, it doesn't necessarily mean that the 3rd choice is always there. The 3rd choice is the neutral chain bringer that brings the possibility of going a new kind of positive.

    To better Clarify: I'll give you a mini-game for you to have fun with. If you want to play it.

    Chose B:

    Chose B:

    Chose C:

    If you chose B:

    Chose B:

    Chose C:

    If you chose C:

    ~ How bored I really am
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    Tay reacted to Kendjin in Any interest in a Borderlands 1 GoTY giveaway?   
    I will also have a copy of Borderlands 1 Game of the Year Edition to give away, I'll not run them both at the same time, but I was interested if anyone is interested in the first one anyhow.

    If I know, I can think of some ideas.
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    Tay reacted to Kendjin in Borderlands 2 Giveaway Competition   
    So my friends, its that time again, where I get my hands on a copy of a game I already own and so I will share the spoils.

    Today its a copy of Borderlands 2.

    I thought about, what could we do to decide a winner. So I'll make it simple.

    Post a demotivational poster (anime/VN/Manga) from an image you like and add a tagline in to do with it. We'll have a vote later to decide which wins.

    Any ones made not by yourself will be removed from play and I will not let you join future giveaways.

    Please use: http://www.fakeposters.com/generator/

    and post below.

    Others may enter, but if they do not want to prize, simply state this

    Maximum Entries: Three

    ps: thanks for pin


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    Tay reacted to solidbatman in Rin's Mysteries Update #1   
    Hey everyone! It's been a little while since we last talked about Rin's Mysteries, the visual novel project being headed up by Tay. If you need a quick refresher of our announcement post, have a look at our developers blog.

    Now then, what has been going on the past month or two? Well, due to various circumstances (that totally did not relate to me unplugging all the computers and deleting things for fun), we have experienced various delays that will more than likely mean we won't be able to make our original release date for Christmas of 2013.

    Our new release goal is now set for April 2014

    Now for some other quick tidbits. We will be updating the developers blog on a regular basis now, so be sure to subscribe to it to get all the juicy, riveting updates as well as some behind the scene glimpses into the development of Rin's Mysteries.

    Second bit of news. It has come to our attention that our previous thread for letting you guys submit mystery ideas was too vague as the ideas, while good, can't be re-worked into the story. A new, more specific post will go up later today detailing what we are looking for and giving your more information so that you can contribute to this project.

    We are all very excited about where we are heading for this project and we look forward to sharing more information in the future!

    Project Rin Studios Development Blog

    Project Members
    Tay: Project Leader, Writer
    Ryoji: Writer
    Down: Writer
    solidbatman: Writer, Justice
    mooingmage: Art Work

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    Tay reacted to InvertMouse in InvertMouse's art thread   
    Oh my (/u\)~

    I wanted to experiment with putting 2D art over a real life photo this time (may come to use in a future project). Here's Kurumi waiting in Time Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong B)/>:

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    Tay reacted to solidbatman in Surprising Anime   
    Luckily I didn't know about the fanbase, but the show is way over hyped. I will admit that the movie is pretty damn good though and makes the show look bad.

    Happy 700th Post to meeeee!
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    Tay reacted to ThatPlayer in IRC Stats thread   
    Because it seems a few people care about stats:


    Probably post here if you want a picture there too.
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    Tay reacted to Dizzyworld2 in Dizzy's Art Thread   
    Thank you everyone I think I'll be able to finish it by this weekend.
    I've been listening to Carnation, Love Song, Love Letter, and its remixes as I working on this; it's not tiring to listen to them this long XD

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    Tay reacted to Dizzyworld2 in Dizzy's Art Thread   
    I've been reading F/SN's Fate route but decided to take a break and work on art today and yesterday.
    Here's what I have so far:

    My OC and Shizuru~ I hope those ugly flowers look like carnations OTL
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    Tay reacted to Kaguya in My thoughts and impressions about fuwanovel until now   
    So- I’ve been here for about one month and a half now, and I thought it’d be nice to say what I thought of fuwan until now.

    I’ll begin with the “main” focus (I really don’t like the term “main” here, still I couldn’t find any better one) which is VN distribution.

    If we’re only talking about numbers, fuwanovel certainly has less VNs than you can find on other places- I myself have about 10-20 VNs on my pc which you can’t find here. However, whenever I can I try to download stuff from here- This is most probably due to the fact that while I’m certainly a VN fan, I’m also a noob with computers, and often installing patches, extra stories and such lead to mistakes which I can’t quite understand.

    I think it’s incredibly good that you guys usually put pre-patched stuff, which helps quite a lot some people who don’t have knowledge about pcs in general. While I can use daemon tools and I don’t end up having beginner mistakes (problem with locale, files set to read-only, etc.) It still proves hard to me to install patches with confusing instructions and mostly sloppy and hard to understand writing.

    I’ll go straight to my impressions on tech support now- And I have to say I had errors with stuff from fuwanovel 3 times until now- And all of them weren’t common errors. Yet in all of the three times, in less than 5 hours I got a solution. (Thanks Zakamutt, Mephisto, Kendjin and Luch for helping by the way). This really left a good impression, as I already had to experience waiting for days for help with errors and often not even getting it, leading me to delete the VN from my pc without even reading it. Overall, I have a great impression on fuwan help with VN issues until now.

    I don’t have much to say about fuwanovel’s position on copyright in general- I couldn’t agree more with it. While I could argue about why here, you guys already did such a great job in defending your position that I really have nothing to say- It’d be pretty much a repetition of arguments I’ve heard from other members, so I really won’t bother.

    I’ll say a bit about the people as well- to me this is undoubtedly the best point of fuwan until now. People are actually friendly towards each other, and I don’t have to constantly worry about getting crap whenever I say something. It’s a sad truth, but in most places I’ve seen that talk about visual novels (or arguably, internet in general) have a really bad atmosphere. People seem to love hating, and that bothers me to no end. I usually don’t feel like I can say “I like this” without getting poisonous feedback from a great number of people- And having people who like the same things answering them in a poisonous way as well.

    You can definitely argue about fuwanovel being small- I’ve only really talked with 10-20 members, and these talks mostly happened on the IRC, and I can say that compared to most VN related sites, fuwan doesn’t seem to have all that much activity- However, I can also say that even if there aren’t much people talking at all, the benefits of having no haters are certainly worth it. And even non-serious, silly stuff like a cup noodles thread can get surprisingly enjoying if there’s no one trying to ruin the fun.

    I’ve found myself laughing at nonsensical conversations with members I didn’t knew all that well (My first line to solidbatman was something amongst the lines of “You shall be my imouto from now on!” since he greeted me with “welcome back, onii-chan”) without having to worry about being treated in a bad manner by people there. I could probably keep talking by hours about the IRC interactions I had- like the nicknaming trend I created, kuu and ryouuuuu-sempai unparalled Osu skills, the yuri story I’m making about fuwanovel (actually, thanks for the feedback. The next chapter is probably coming out this week), Archer (Kendjin) grief with frodo’s death and a lot more I’m not going to write here.

    This also applies to serious conversations. Even when talking about polemic stuff, people are always nice and respectful towards each other, which I personally think it’s great. Even when someone makes a mistake, there’s just and educated warning with no bad intentions explaining the error. This is the biggest reason of my activity on the forums, since if I ever screw up, I’m sure I won’t get a load of insults from everyone.

    This is also why I can believe that whenever I talk to a member I’m yet to know, I’m going to have an amiable chat, instead of hatred spam. And also the reason I encourage every other newcomer like me to try and talk to people here. You’ll definitely not regret it XD

    Gah, I somehow feel like I’m making propaganda now. Uuuh… That’s not my intention, though…

    Anyway! This is my honest impression of fuwanovel until now. While it may be incomplete, it touches on every major point I wanted to talk about- And I can say that I’m really glad of taking part on the forums now

    I seriously hope fuwan grows, and that it never loses its friendly atmosphere. I really like the forums now, and seeing people work hard for spreading Visual Novels is really a pleasure. I also hope someday I can take part of this as well.
    Thanks for all the members that showed me how fun it can be to be part of this.
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    Tay got a reaction from Gandish in Fate/Stay Night   
    Fate/Stay Night
    The Holy Grail War. That hellish, great ritual that offers the ultimate prize for the one who claims it: a wish. There are two conditions to participate: one must be a magus (magic user), and one must be chosen by the Holy Grail to participate.
    There are seven chosen Masters, and seven classes of Servants. Only one master may seize the grail.
    This is the story of a boy who wanted to be a superhero. It's the story of three warring families. It's the story of an ultimate prize and ultimate sacrifice.

    Fate Route Ending Guide

    Unlimited Blade Works Route Ending Guide
    Heaven's Feel Route Ending Guide

    Individual Walkthroughs




    This walkthrough was heavily based on Mirror Moon's amazing Flowchart.pdf walkthrough packaged with the English patch. A huge thank you for their amazing work. The VN community is made more for it.
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    Tay reacted to Down in IRC Flood Extravaganza   
    As long as it stays in a single thread...
    Although chatting there instead of chatting in IRC seems kinda pointless?
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    Tay reacted to Kuu in Connecting to IRC with a dedicated client   
    So what is this "IRC" thing you might hear people go on about in some places on the gigantic network of tubes you might be wondering. It stands for "Internet Relay Chat" and I'm not going to go into a gigantic history, that's what google and wikipedia are for.

    Why would you use a client? So you can customize how it looks, and you can join a lot more channels and networks easier than using it in your browser. Also, it allows you to set notices for when someone sends you a message, depending on the client. There's dozens of other things you can do with a client, but first you need to actually get connected to a network before it's of any use to you!

    First thing's first, download HexChat here; its free and all of that nice stuff (no nagware or screens asking you to donate coffee), so no viruses or anything: http://hexchat.org/downloads.html

    Assuming you're on Windows, you can use either the 32 or 64bit version, I recommend using x64 unless you're running a old computer with Windows XP still (why would you be doing that?)
    After you have that installed, on first run you'll hopefully get this dialog box:

    What you'll want to do here is:

    -Scroll down and find "Rizon" and highlight it by clicking on it once
    -Click "Favor" on the right, "Rizon" will turn bold

    -Check the 2 boxes under the list

    "Skip network list on startup" does what it says, you're not bombarded with the list every time you start HexChat; "Show favorites only" keeps you from having to scroll through the list should you need to open it back up, be mindful that if you ever need to join another network, unchecking this will show the entire list. Alternately, you can add it yourself

    "Nick name" is what you want to be shown as in the channel, but be mindful that someone else on the network might already have the name you want to use, so enter a few different ones you'd like as alternatives (or just add a suffix like "_" or "2" to the one you want to use) for "2nd choice" and "3rd choice". "User name" is for if/when you've registered to Nickserv on Rizon's server, this can be pretty much anything you want it to be as it isn't normally visible (and I recommend doing this so others won't take your nick when you're offline). After you've done that, click on edit and you'll get a new dialog window:

    As far as this dialog box goes, you won't have to do much aside from adding in "#fuwanovel" to favorite channels, this will join any channels you put in this box upon connection to the server. The only other box you might need to worry about here is "Nickserv password", and this is for if you decide to register your nick so no one else can use it. The rest of them are for more "advanced" networks (usually used on private tracker IRCs). Go ahead and click Close when your screen matches this one. You'll be returned to dialog box above and from there. Click on Connect, and you'll have this hopefully:

    And you're done!

    Of course, you can change how the program looks, this is just a default after all (at least as far as I know), or you can choose to leave it as it is. Go ahead and poke around the program and explore the settings and chat with everyone else in the channel as you do so~ You can always bug me in the channel if you need help with something.

    I'll add other things under this as required/when I'm in the mood to.

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    Tay reacted to Guest in Hello   
    i actually find it hard to believe that there are no bullies. when these forums started 12months ago, the VN community was only bullies. the only place where it wasnt bully-infested, was craneanime.com (but their forums didnt start until much later) and nihonomaru.com and maybe some of hongfire.com?

    so apparently the new trick to keeping out 4chan scum, is to make it so holy the bastards wont touch it with a mile-long stick?
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    Tay got a reaction from Sieg in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
    *applauds* I love that!

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    Tay reacted to Sakamoto in Making VNs Portable   
    LOL, since when did I make an Android app before? I only did some conversions to apk for some Ren'py visual novels before, nothing fancy.

    Anyways, I'd like to make a comparison between the portable devices that you can run ENGLISH visual novels on:

    NDS / 3DS:
    - Needs a flashcart to run VNDS and Fatal Relations (homebrew)
    - Has 999, Love Plus, Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side (Otome)
    - Really good battery life, good use of double-screen
    - Cheap price

    PSP / Vita:
    - Has homebrew conversions for Yume Miru Kusuri and Divi-Dead
    - Translations for Hakuouki (Otome), Milky Holmes, Corpse Party series, Ore no Imouto (upcoming)
    - Reasonable battery life, but screen sometimes makes it hard to read VNs
    - Cheap price

    - Emulators to run a lot of older visual novels (DosBox, PSX)
    - Google Play market has plenty of visual novels
    - Has VNDS, Onscripter, Ren'py and xClannad apps
    - Reasonable battery life, best read with a 7.0" tablet minimum
    - Price varies, but a cheap Chinese-brand tablet would suffice for playing VNs

    iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad:
    - Emulators to run a lot of older visual novels (DosBox, PSX)
    - Translations for Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head Noah (upcoming)
    - Has xClannad, and upcoming VNDS support
    - Plenty of English VNs on Apple Store, including MangaGamer's Kira-Kira
    - Good battery life, recommended to use iPad for reading
    - Expensive

    Windows-based tablet/UMPC:
    - Can run just about any Windows VN, or emulators
    - Weight may be an issue for portability
    - Battery life moderate
    - Expensive

    This is the basic gist of it. I know I'm missing a lot of points (just woke up and typing this atm, lol).
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    Tay reacted to Kendjin in Fuwa game uploads - any1?   
    I've done the first 4 and working on SR.
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    Tay reacted to Down in Manga Recommendation Thread   
    Here are a few I can recommend, i'll try to keep it to a few:

    Dark Seinen/Fantasy:
    -Mugen no Juunin

    Both of those are really amazing. Probably among the best seinen you will find out there.
    Not that dark/fantasy but a great seinen is also xxxHolic.

    Slice of Life/Realistic:
    -Oyasumi Punpun and basically anything by Inio Asano, that guy is awesome

    -Planetes (though the anime is better imo)
    -Gunnm and Gunnm Last Order



    -Slam Dunk
    -Hajime no Ippo
    -Hikaru no Go

    I could go on and on and I haven't even read that much manga... Hell, there's like 10 times more amazing mangas out there to read than there's amazing anime, and I think you already glimpsed how much amazing anime you had to discover =p
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    Tay got a reaction from Kendjin in Katawa Shoujo for Android   
    Hey everybody,

    I've written about this one before: I'm still virus testing this one. It has some unusual permissions. When I am sure it's safe, I was going to post about it on the blog. One of my friends is going through the code, and I am doing some diagnostics. We've been working on it for ~1.4 months now.

    Just so you know.
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    Tay reacted to sanahtlig in Game Dev Tycoon Challenge   
    Can you give a working magnet link to the pirated version? I might accidentally download the real version.
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    Tay reacted to Kendjin in Fuwanovel downloads   
    Not sure if this is allowed. Take it down if not.

    Can people let me know if they are having bad speeds or can't get any speed on certain downloads. I want to tweak my speeds to reflect what people need.

    If no one is having issues, then Ill know its all running smoothly
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    Tay reacted to sanahtlig in The Eroge Scene in Parody: Translator Baseball   
    It’s a beautiful day for baseball today in Eroge Stadium. I’m your host Sanahtlig here to provide commentary for Visual Novel Translation TV. Today the Localizers play against the Fan Translators in a special Western League All-Star game. This should be an interesting matchup. On the Localizers team we have representatives from Mangagamer including the rising star Kouryuu, as well as veterans from JAST USA including the well known Peter Payne. The Fan Translators are a truly diverse bunch of big names playing together for the first time ever. We have Ixrec from Amaterasu, Moogy from TLWiki, Haeleth, and Aaeru from Fuwanovel. It’ll be interesting to see how they interact as a team.

    The Localizers are up to bat first. But there seems to be a delay. The first batter from Mangagamer appears to have brought a large stick instead of a bat! He seems to be arguing with the umpire. Let’s listen in.
    Umpire: You can’t just waltz in here with a stick for a bat. Go borrow a real bat from one of the JAST players!
    Mangagamer player: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!
    Umpire: WTF?

    The Mangagamer player just took off and started running the bases before the game even started! What is he doing??? We’ll be back after a word from our sponsors.

    VNDB, a compendium of visual novel knowledge, by you, for you: an oasis where you can request visual novel recommendations, speak freely, and engage in enlightened discussions. Please click our affiliates so we don't go broke!

    5 min later

    We’re back, and this time Peter Payne is up to bat with 1 out and 1 expelled player. Here’s the pitch and—it’s a hit! Wait, what is he doing? He’s just standing there! Let’s zoom in for a closer look.
    On close examination, Peter is actually shuffling towards 1st base so slow it’s barely perceptible from a distance. He makes it a few feet before being tagged out by the catcher.
    That’s two outs folks. Up to bat next is Kouryuu, Mangagamer’s newest darling. Here’s the pitch and—it’s a line drive. This—
    At that moment the microphone fades out. The game ensues soundless until a member from Mangagamer finally strikes out, ending the round.
    We’re back at Eroge Stadium. We apologize for the technical difficulties. A member from Mangagamer barged in and carried off the microphone, claiming we didn’t have rights to broadcast audio during their lineup. We’re assured now that the problem has been cleared up.

    The Localizers are taking to the field. Wait, what is this? Mangagamer’s players have taken to the field without clothes! This isn’t baseball, this is pornography! Outrageous! JAST’s entire bench has rushed onto the field to subdue them. They appear to be re-clothing the Mangagamer players—is that 2 bras I see??? We’ll be back after a commercial break.

    Mangagamer staff A: Somebody set us up the bomb!
    Mangagamer staff B: What you say?!
    *Screen flash and booming sound*
    There’s a picture of a box set of 3 games, priced at $150. A tag in the corner of the screen reads “no voice”.
    Narrator: Shin Koihime Musou! Otanoshimini!

    5 min later

    We’re back and the game looks ready to resume. First up to bat is Haeleth, the oldest member on the team and a true league veteran. He seems to be getting some boos from the audience…hmm? Haeleth just threw down his bat and walked out of the stadium! Amazing! Looks like the Fan Translators are down one member!
    Next up to bat is Moogy. Moogy is known for his often uncomplimentary remarks for his fellow players. Moogy steps up to bat and—he seems to be shouting something at the Fan Translator dug out. He’s throwing down his bat and…he just walked out into the field? He seems to have joined the Localizers! What an unexpected development!
    Next up is Ixrec. This guy is a monster folks; he has the highest RBI in the entire league. Here’s the pitch, and—it’s a hard hit to right field! Peter Payne scrambles for the ball…what is he doing? Is he riding a wheelchair in the grass? Why is he in a wheelchair?! Ixrec scores! And he’s running around the bases again! Look at him go! One of the umpires from the Japanese league, Age, has grabbed Ixrec and is trying to stop him! Oh my, Ixrec just kicked Age in the balls and is running the bases again! Unbelievable! We’ll be back after a commercial break.

    JAST USA is proud to announce the best hentai dating sim ever, Lightning Warrior Raidy 3! Play the role of a cute swordswoman as she fights creepy tentacle monsters and devilish vixens with her new lesbian fusion powers! Coming to a store near you in 2018!

    10 min later
    We’re back. Age has left the game, and I doubt we’ll see him back for another Western League game in the near future. We have a Fan Translator on 1st base from a single up the middle.
    Next up is Aaeru. A relative newcomer, Aaeru doesn’t seem to be getting along too well with her fellow Fan Translators. But in this game it’s results that count, which I’m sure Aaeru will show us today.
    Here comes the pitch…it’s a fast line drive to left field! That’s a base hit! Wait! Aaeru appears to making a beeline for 3rd base! What is she doing?! She’s stopped on 3rd base and doesn’t seem to be budging. It appears that she’s decided to run the bases in reverse order! What are the umpires doing?! The other Fan Translators are snickering, but no one seems to be stopping her. That leaves a player each on 2nd and 3rd base.
    Next up to bat is…Moogy? Did he switch sides again?! It’s probably best not to think too hard about this. Here’s the pitch—and it’s a pop up to right field! Peter goes for the ball—and his wheelchair tips over! The Fan Translators are running the bases and—Aaeru just collided with her fellow Fan Translator! Who would've seen that coming?! She’s getting up, and--

    Mangagamer 3rd baseman: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!

    The Mangagamer 3rd baseman just clubbed her over the head with 3rd base! Ouch! Moogy runs up to her and…he’s kicking her while she’s down! I don’t know who’s the greater bastard: Aaeru, the Mangagamer 3rd baseman, or Moogy! Ixrec runs out of the dugout—he’s running the bases again! Someone catch him! What the hell??? The Mangagamer players are stripping again! Peter is still crawling out in right field towards the ball! This is utter chaos folks! It’s a wacky free-for-all today in Eroge Stadium. I’ve never seen such incredible dysfunction in all my days as an Eroge Stadium broadcaster. Will Moogy stop kicking Aaeru? Will Mangagamer stop turning this into a live porn event? Will Ixrec leave any points for anyone else? Will Peter ever get the damn ball? Stay tuned to Visual Novel Translation TV!

    In the meantime, let's get some comments from the stadium audience.
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