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  1. Majikoi S does not have a partial patch yet if I remember correctly.
  2. "Failed to Allocate memory" or something like that I assume it's a ram issue? Edit: Wait, Are you trying to install the Majikoi patch onto Majikoi S?
  3. xKinqdom


    Welcome! And hurray, another joins the Rewrite Fav VN club
  4. Hello, I've recently wanted to check out the new VN "Mousou Complete!" https://vndb.org/v14891 but I seem to be having the issue where the text does not appear and it only appears as blocks. I assumed that this behavior was because I didn't have the font(?) for the game but I can't seem to find it. http://puu.sh/iGubU/473b396c6a.JPG Anyone have any solutions to this? All my other JP VNs work fine but this one just refuses to work EDIT: Managed to fix it. No need.
  5. EDIT: binaryfail fixed the ID problem for me, thank you! Use binaryfail's tool instead of this one if he has one. Many thanks! I haven't yet tried the tools yet but this seems to just be what I am looking for. I'll spend a good amount of time getting used to this and then start on this project. Hopefully I'll have a good amount of progress done in the summer so I can see this complete throughout
  6. This would be helpful except you just skimmed over the part where I said I pretty much used all the xp3 tools that was listed there but all could not extract the files for some reason.
  7. Hello! I am currently playing Sanoba Witch(Aka Sabbat of the Witch https://vndb.org/v16044) and so far the story is really fun and interesting! I have had this thought for a while now and decided that it might be a good and fun time to try translating this now as I have little to nothing planned for summer break. My problem for right now is I cannot find a tool to extract the script out of. I tried both insani's tools, and Crass but either would either give me no files or no files and an error. I want to ask now if anyone has a full set of tools for this game that works? (ie Extracter and repack) Thanks!
  8. From what I can tell, Admiral lv39 and below drop Goya and Imuya, 40-79 gives the chance for an Iku drop and then 80-99 is when Hachi starts to drop. I could be mistaken, but this is what I've gathered when grinding in 1-5.
  9. Do 250/30/200/30 for Shimakaze. You'll just end up with BBs with that recipe.
  10. Nope. You can get Goya (I-58) and Hachi (I- using either 250/30/200/30 or 270/30/330/130 though. I'd suggest doing 1-5 for subs though if you have a high enough admiral level.
  11. I got my yayoi from just doing the default amount in ship construction for dailies. She's surprisingly common for me.
  12. Chocolat. https://osu.ppy.sh/u/Chocolat I play standard~
  13. Uhm. Like MrAldred said, We can't really help you if we don't know what the error is.
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