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  1. Well, I did certainly said one of it, being the Gaiden version. Might be currently in the works. Might be the same Funbag. Or something else.
  2. lol apparently Waffle may have spoiled the one of the secret projects. http://www.waffle1999.com/blog/waffleb/archives/2000.html According to Google: Big tits fantasy English edition was sold only for download distribution until now, but soon the packaged version will be on sale as well. Also, the English version of Big Breasts Fantasy Gaiden is also delivered, so the big tits series seems to be supported by overseas users as well. I feel that the charm of "big tits" is common to all countries. So we can expect physical of FF and FFG reveal.
  3. I love catgirls but the saturation for this genre is real. *proceeds to facewall*
  4. No, I don't mind. In fact I find this interesting as I have no real idea about Vita's status other than "IT'S DEAD! LOL" or something alike. And LOL, someone still clings on Gamefaqs list of upcoming games? This is funny because GF is not a reliable source as dates is always TBD until the eventual release because of delays and such. GF is only good at one thing: providing FAQs and text walkthroughs.
  5. They did. It backfired spectacularly as people were able to spoil it within a day or two. After that, they never do it again.
  6. I don't care if it is cash grab. Rem and Ram are now unlockables! Twincest Maids!
  7. I think the fact that the game is a dungeon crawler should readily tell you that.
  8. What's the new terminology then? So all-ages are now "no explicit intercourse"? I guess times are changing.
  9. Wasn't the FD focused on Shinsengumi characters, or at the very least introduced them? Unless they want to make something like Kyonyuu Fantasy plot.
  10. Sekai Speak? What's the difference with Sekai AMA?? One is "speak to me" while the other is "ask me"? No matter how you word it, it doesn't change the fact that Denpasoft and Sekai is one entity(the difference is Label name). Since Denpasoft don't have any AMA(never heard of one by them), talking to Sekai is the next step. Not to mention, weren't they the one who said 18+ info in Otakon IIRC and come up none? It's December and we still have no info on 18+ Maitetsu and more(Yes, I know the PR give the reason of underestimating the negotiation time but this is the new PR team and I don't accept it blindly). They are getting better PR team. And dovac being grounded for life away from PR-ing. So there's nothing really informative in this AMA after skim through it(aside from the obvious matters that Dergonu mentioned).
  11. What are you expecting? MN9 backing success?
  12. Huh, could have sworn they have announced plan for the FD. Oh well.
  13. So what happened with IMHHW fandisk? Didn't they announced that last year or so?
  14. Played it before. Have no intentions to back it up since it wasn't really that good. Might be due to translations but meh. Already experienced the game anyway.
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