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  1. Hi. I've read a few dating sims VNs, like Grisaia no Kajitsu, Katawa Shoujo and so on. I'm looking for a change, an actual VN with a story. So today I am looking for VNs with the BEST story. Can you guys give me a suggestion for each of the qualities below: - Most in-depth - Most epic - The one with the strongest emotional hammer (sad / happy) - Best in your opinion (doesn't matter if have h-scenes or no) THX
  2. I dont wanna sound like a perv. but I want h-scenes as well.
  3. Okay so far I've read katawa shoujo, princess evangile. and grisaia no kajitsu. (Yea I'm a total noob at VNs, and this is all the VNs i've read.) I like all of them, and I'm looking for new ones. I like all of the VNs I've read. In terms of story, grisaia no kajitsu is best. In terms of h-scenes, PE and Grisaia are both on par. So to the point, I want my VNs with more romance, less action, and a hint of comedy. I am ok with the setting (but school life is preferable), and it has to be english subbed. THX!
  4. I always get that link. I know I know, there are good visual novels in there, but I just don't have the time to go into everyone of them to see if its good. So instead of posting a link of a list of VNs, can u guys acctually recommend some VNs for me? thanks
  5. BTW english sub is needed... I dunno how to read Japanese...
  6. I know there aren't many VNs for mac, but I'm still gonna throw this question out there... Are there any good visual novels for mac? (No wine/ wineskin/ winebottler or any of that kind of stuff)I would run VNs on VMware, but I can't download VMware cuz theres no space on my macbook. I'm looking for a more romantic over comedy, a love story for example, with also some eroge and h-scenes. (p.s. I don't like tprture or any bdsm content) Thanks!
  7. I would prefer more of a romance type, with a nice story. A little action would be nice, but not too much. I watched an anime called Highschool DXD, and I quite enjoyed it.
  8. Hi. I'm looking for some good eroge visual novels with fine art. I want it to be a proper visual novel, no RPGs / SRPGs or any of that whatnot. I prefer a Japanese voice, but with English sub. I don't mind much about the setting. I'm ok with fantasy or normal life. (I also want a little H-scenes as well, I'm new btw please help me out).
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