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    Shiru reacted to Fred the Barber in 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st   
    Mm. Sorry it's not to your taste, but she uses unique-to-her, made-up nicknames for her brother, so when she does that, we localized them. That particular line has her call him "nii-yan", for example. Translating them helps her come off as quirky in English, the way she comes off as quirky in Japanese. If it's any consolation, literally every time she uses everybody's favorite actual word, "onii-chan", it's just transliterated as "onii-chan".
    Nicknames are still the weirdest hill for VN fans to die on, honestly...
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    Shiru reacted to solidbatman in Anime VS VN: Do VN make you smarter?   
    if anything i am dumber now and starting to enjoy seeing the same 3 stories told over and over
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    Shiru reacted to Toranth in My experiences using JPN TL software and web translators to TL JPN VNs   
    It's a derogatory term.  If you're using it as an abbreviation, you should either be using all caps (JAP) or a period (Jap.), and should only be doing that in cases where condensing the text is important (like Twitter).  When you are writing full sentences, as here, you should strive to avoid using abbreviations, especially when those abbreviations are also epithets.
    There is a great deal wrong with machine translation, starting with the translation.  You may end up with a rough understanding of what you are 'reading', but little to no understanding of detail, subtext, or (in many cases) context.  You might as well ask for someone on the forum to give you a one page summary of the visual novel; it'll be more accurate, and better written as well.
    Learning Japanese is time consuming, but not difficult.  I suggest you try it.  But if you don't want to take the time to learn the language, that's fine.  But please do not pretend that random words strung together by a machine trained on 2ch posts is representative of the actual source material.
    Half humor, but "Friends don't let friends read Machine Translations".  Machine translated products are universally crap.  Many of us who like visual novels would prefer that crap not be held out as representative of the genre.  Not to mention, the only thing that is more of a waste of time than trying to discuss a visual novel with someone that read a machine translation is trying to discuss it with someone who hasn't read it at all.
    His comment it isn't "Japanese fetishism" or "elitism" or any other insult you can hurl.  It's a sense of humor, combined with the basic understanding that what you are doing is not going to produce the best results, or even good ones.  If all you want is crap, that's up to you.  But don't go around making false claims like "there is nothing wrong with machine translations", and trying to spread that crap to others.
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    Shiru reacted to Zander in Free Steam keys ft. Lesiak, Sayaka, and Zander   
    Yes, sent it to you! 
    that's everything, thank you everyone for attending 
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    Shiru got a reaction from akaritan in Recommend something fun   
    Wotakoi is a good choice
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    Shiru got a reaction from Zander in Free Steam keys ft. Lesiak, Sayaka, and Zander   
    is fault still available? I'd like to take it if it is!
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    Shiru reacted to Plk_Lesiak in How do you honestly feel about President Trump?   
    Emotionally unstable, egomaniac, con-artist, talented in nothing but marketing. Has no agenda and no values other than fueling his overblown ego and his pockets.
    People that support him are either cynical (not caring what his values are as long as he delivers on some core promises, such as cracking down on illegal immigration) or delusional (thinking that he cares about anything but himself and possibly his closest family and that his MAGA "ideology" is anything more than an empty slogan). 
    He can make positive desitions when he thinks they will serve those interest, but egomaniacs are easily manipulated through flattery etc. And with more and more war hawks populating his cabinet I wonder whether even his positive role in Korea will last longer than a few weeks. If someone can ruin that peace process it's definitely Mark Pompeo as the Secretary of State. Also his economic policies are disastrous and their effects will haunt USA possibly for many decades, even if the next administration tries to clean it all up. 
    Edit: Yup, this is all a horrible idea but I couldn't resist. 
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    Shiru reacted to EastCoastDrifter in Visual Novel Geographical Map   
    Here's a little something I've made that was influenced by the Fire Emblem mod I believe @Zalor showed me (or so I think, correct me if I'm wrong). It's a geographical map showing Fuwanovel and other VN publishers as nations.

    I apologize for the quality of the text. I tried my best to make the text readable without it being washed out by the colors of the map itself.
    Special thanks to @Clephas for supplying most of the lore. It was really appreciated.
    The lore of the world:
    "Much of the world's economy is reliant on the great Steamvalve Mercantile Guild, which controls the circulation of Erogeemite and its accompanying technological advances."
    "Fuwa, a nation of peoples from all over the world, has become the neutral ground for other nations to discuss matters of mutual interest and for the exchange of information."
    "Mangagamia, a federation of many lesser nations of varying interests and cultures, remains one of the world's great powers.  However, due to its nature as a collective of nations, it lacks the sheer force and aggressiveness of its rival, the Sekai Empire, and it at times makes poor choices in its Erogeemite research and deployment, preferring numbers over quality."
    "The Sekai Empire, having swallowed innumerable nations and tribes of the Fantranslasian Federation, opportunistically eyes the weakened nation of Moenovia, ever hungry for more Erogeemite, the ore which powers its engines of destruction."
    "Moenovia, whose Erogeemite technology is far behind the curve, struggles to put up a resistance, unable to compete against the Sekai Empire's Eroo Pacch bombs."
    "Frontwingia, having declared independence from its colonial masters, the Sekai Empire, has pursued a policy of internal development and deployment of new Erogeemite weapons, and it has begun to experiment with Eroo Pacch technology."
    "The JAST Republic, while once the greatest of the world powers, has begun to stagnate as a society due to the glacial speed with which its legislature takes action and the frequent delays in the deployment of its Erogeemite weapons."
    "An abortive invasion from the Mikandi Islands resulted in their forces being repulsed by the Fuwa Militia, staining the seas red with their blood.  This has resulted in an all-out effort on the part of the islanders to improve their Erogeemite technology, hoping to once again make advances on their larger neighbor's rich lands."
    "The Typemoon Kingdom has fallen silent, save for limited exports to other nations of its advanced Erogeemite technology.  The age of its king has led to increasing worries over who will succeed him in his duties."
    "The arrogant people of Nitroprovence, having gained wealth long ago by submitting themselves to the JAST Republic, now finds itself increasingly dissatisfied with the partnership."
    "The Aaeru Ocean was once a feared place to sail, for which it is named after the fearsome pirate Aaeru; scourge of the eroge seas.  Most nations that dared to cross this ocean were unfortunately attacked and raided by her pirate fleet, taking their precious Erogeemite back to her base in Fuwa.  Her reign persisted for years until a her fleet was sunken by a great storm.  Some say there are survivors of her crew that still roam the seas, but these are rumors."
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    Shiru got a reaction from Dreamysyu in I’m slightly late…   
    Oooomg, physics is literally the only subject I despise so much even tho I like other sciences lol, I kinda get traumatic when I see the word itself lmfao (chem student here tho xD;)
    Wel...come, I guess? Enjoy your time on fuwa~
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    Shiru reacted to mitchhamilton in Purple Software's Unique Take on Text Boxes   
    this. I do like sprites, and i like their expressions. a tad annoying to constantly be looking up after and or before every sentence. purple softwares method makes it so I can look at the sprites more often and i approve.

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    Shiru reacted to bakauchuujin in When do you consider a VN to be "finished" in your read-through?   
    The VN is not complete before I have all CG.
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    Shiru got a reaction from Dreamysyu in Favorite opening movie in a VN   
    Sakura no Uta
    Shikkoku no Sharnoth
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    Shiru got a reaction from Strike105X in Need a suggestion on what to pick up after Koiken Otome...   
    I think this one fits the bills. Just got an english release a few days ago
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    Shiru reacted to Turnip Sensei in Fruitbat Factory announces translation of doujin title SeaBed   
    Yeah, SeaBed is gem, one the best VNs I read last year.
    It's pretty hard to categorize or even explain properly, but SeaBed is a cool exercise in psychology and very atmospheric story. A mystery, but not really. Adults living with their problems.
    And even though the game is Yuri that's never the focus. In fact if someone were to pick the game just expecting yuri they would probably be disappointed. (Unless they'd fell for the it's other wonderful qualities)
    But that said, even though I really took a liking to it I can see that SeaBed is not really for everyone. Some might find the dreamy, diary-like narration boring, but for those looking something different, little unusual SeaBed can be an amazing experience.     
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    Shiru reacted to Zenophilious in Playing VNs in window vs fullscreen?   
    I almost always play windowed, because the blur irritates the hell out of me.  I'm more than happy to do fullscreen when it doesn't negatively impact the art, though.  I actually prefer fullscreen over windowed, in that situation.
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    Shiru reacted to Vorathiel in Playing VNs in window vs fullscreen?   
    - Full screen all the way, even 640x480 titles. I don't care about slight blur, I can't fully immerse when the game is not the only thing at the screen.
    - Even if sometimes it's nice to have a window with VN and walkthrough open in Chrome righ alongside each other, I will never say that lower resolutions for window playing are better.
    - The only thing I trully hate is ratio changing. 4:3 should forever stay in 4:3 (untill it gets a full blown remake, from a scratch). No cropping, no streching [f-you, youtube VN-reading assholes].
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    Shiru got a reaction from Kaoru in Reaction To Re;Zero (I'm aware I am REALLY late to the party.)   
    Read the WN. Rem is without doubt the "main character" of arc 3, but Emilia certainly took back the main heroine spot on arc 4 and 5. Her character got more developed later on. Well, I still love both of them, though.
    And about alternate ending; there is actually one where Subaru eloped with Rem on that one scene. Again, just check out the WN - the author actually wrote one. It's very heartwarming, and Rem certainly attained her well-deserved happiness.
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    Shiru reacted to Funyarinpa in New "When They Cry" title will enter development in 2017. Yes, seriously. Someone fucking hold me   
    Translation from Reddit:
    "Yesterday, I heard from the personal that there were a lot of Umineko fans at the comiket booth... For seeing that much people cosplaying our characters even in the middle of the winter, I would like to thank you. The development for the next game from the "when they cry" series is scheduled to start in 2017. It is expected that this game will be completely different compared to "Higurashi" and "Umineko". I wish you a happy new year."
    This is real. This is happening. WTC5 is happening.
    Oh shit. Someone hold me. It has been years. Oh shit. O H S H I T. O H. S H I T.
    The hype is real.
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    Shiru got a reaction from Okarin in Anyone use Twitter or other social media often?   
    Been using twitter for roughly 6 years now and still pretty active on it pretty much everyday. Only open facebook these days to keep in touch with old friends. Abandoned tumblr 'cause that toxic website is the worst.
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    Shiru reacted to Tay in Attending my dad's funeral this afternoon   
    I'm attending a funeral today as well, but my sense of loss isn't as pronounced as losing a dad. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    I think you noted something very wise in your OP. When we are faced with tremendous loss, the narratives we construct to cope are fragile. I don't know the depth of your mourning, but I've known you for a while and I've seen what a thoughtful person you are and can infer how difficult this must be. The only advice I can offer is to consider a stronger narrative -- that of your dad's life and how he lived it. The type of person he was when you knew him -- quirks and humor and warts and all the rest -- didn't die with him. That's something we give to those around us, and outlives us all.
    So what sort of narrative was his life? What would he want you to do this afternoon? Chances are, if you were close to him, he'd want you to let yourself mourn and feel whatever it is you are feeling -- without judgement -- and take things a day at a time. Today doesn't have to be a celebration if it doesn't feel like that to you -- you'll have years and years to grasp and celebrate what he left you.
    What this boils down to, I suppose, is that the celebration of your dad's life isn't -- and cannot -- be contained in an afternoon. It's going to crescendo in the years to come. Today? Today is for feeling whatever you end up feeling (even if that's numbness for a time), without judgement, and appreciating the coming-together of friends and family in remembrance of a good man.
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    Shiru reacted to Norleas in Key announced their new title - Summer Pockets   
    He make ends that don't have the traditional "And they lived happily ever after", like in Hatsusaku that 
    So mostly people are pissed because all the happy moments that they live with the heroine ends in a bitter note, but i like that to break the perfect world of happiness of vn universe, i really like the end of Nagisa for exemple.
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    Shiru reacted to Flutterz in Is Jun Maeda a punk rocker?   
    Not sure about Maeda, but I have a good example that perfectly represents what all Japanese people think of when they think of punk

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    Shiru got a reaction from Strike105X in Visual Novels with winter backgrounds or Xmas backgrounds.   
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    Shiru got a reaction from Dergonu in Need help finding a few unTLed VNs   
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    Shiru got a reaction from EastCoastDrifter in Recent Anime Recommendations   
    Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku; an airing anime this season about dark mahou shoujos, kind of like MadoMagi. Occultic;Nine; for sci-fi.  Girlish Number; personally one of the animes I enjoy the most this season - it's about seiyuus and stuffs, but I think even if you're not into seiyuus it can still be enjoyed by anyone. ReLIFE; for an actually nice slice-of-life.
    All of the above are still airing except for ReLIFE, though
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