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    Shiru reacted to Clephas in Dear Translation Requesters   
    Speaking from the heart, I agree with most of what Aizen-sama said.  I also approve of his use of my quote up there. 
    Now, to be clear here... it hurts horribly the first time someone criticizes your translation.  I experienced this repeatedly as a fansubber for anime and it only gets worse for VN fantranslators because it is text and not audio.  Do you know the reason so many translators experience 'burn-out'?  It's a combination of the sheer amount of work they put into what was, to them, a labor of love, only to have some smartmouth jackass publicly insult them for typos, nitpick about word choices, and generally make an ass of themselves...  As he quoted me saying above, when you put that much time into something, only to have someone snipe at you over the details, it slowly corrodes your motivation, leaving you apathetic toward translation in general.  Moreover, when you are a translator looking for just a few words of encouragement and you get some ****head wailing about how the translation is behind schedule, it pretty much shatters you. 
    Human beings aren't designed to work without some sort of compensation, whether it is a full belly, cash, emotional satisfaction, or social encouragement.  With something as time-consuming as VN translation, the pathetically small amounts of money offered by those who want to 'pay' a translator and the emotional satisfaction from a job well done just aren't enough to motivate one to finish one of these projects.  If you worked the same amount of hours some people put into fantls in a retail job in the US, you would actually make more money than you could from a 'professional' translation job in many cases.
    So... for those who think translation is 'easy' or 'pays well', get a clue.  Even I never seriously thought companies would willingly pay what that kind of work deserves when I was a newbie, and that was over a decade in the past.
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