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  1. Thanks you, Huang Ling Yin. Thank you, marcus-beta. I'm able to edit and repack the translated files without much of a problem. It seems there wasn't really any need to fight the encryption. I was just too focused on an idea I wasn't able to see I had already everything to start working. Thank you. Though now I only need to know how I'll do with UmiYama. xD For that one I'll really need to work with the encryption, how did it change from 1.91 to 3.10 version of FamousWriter. Update: I've located all type of information out of the src.fwd file. I just need help with the parser, it's way too different. Do anyone knows how to get OPcodes? That's the clue I'm looking for.
  2. Hmm, I'm having this problem too, it isn't packing anything when you select the archive folder. it just creates the header. If you click "Make Package" again, it says it's "Another task is under processing". I tried with 3.0.1 and 4 versions of KrkrExtract... EDIT: Try repacking with kiri_sm.exe, the old way. It worked for me.
  3. Well, it seems it doesn't to work with mine... But what I'm thinking is... the *.ks files I have, those are okay, they aren't encrypted. Maybe I haven't extracted the real scripts yet. Here's a sample of one of my too many *.ks files: [jump storage='8c2db755-9b4c-48a0-a547-8839eb298b35.ks' target=*c86b1111-a8ea-49d5-a0e5-965ebab04362 ] *9cd368a6-a9bf-44fb-a6ba-8c7f3c72bbc5 [ slit storage=27b300a4-9332-4c15-a6ad-693ee83ad546 ] [ slit storage=3cf7ab20-25bf-4368-91dc-7809ca28483d ] [ slit storage=c22aa909-1a2c-4d31-b28b-797db1868508 ] [ slit storage=ed739e7a-c97b-4e3e-8c49-784ad01afc81 ] [ slit storage=5d7faeac-c2d2-476f-8e8a-02b75067b9d1 ] At first I thought that was encrypted, but now that I used Marcu's tool... It made me think these files are scripts but for how the game shows CG, but I have't extracted yet the script files for what they say. Hmmm...
  4. Oh dear, if I can't extract decrypted files with krkrextract I won't be able to do it? Because I only get the encrypted *.ks files whenever the RAW option in Text decryption is selected. If I choose Text I don't get any *.tjs or *.ks files. I'll have to ask how to use the tool, I don't seem to get anything out of it.
  5. Hello, I don't know if I should write this here... Ehm, the point is... I'd like to extract Honeycomb Bingo Deluxe's and Umisen Yamasen's, both bara novels (Muscular BL), scripts but I'm unable to do so because I don't have enough knowledge. My main problem is the encryption in both of these games. Honeycomb Bingo Deluxe is a 2008 Kirikiri VN with a *.tpm encryption. Whenever I try to extract the files inside, out of 19,193 I always get around 18,500 files. This is done with: KrkrExtract, kiri_sm.exe and GARbro. Most of them are the images. KS files, a few have few lines, but I believe those are for events, rather the main files and the configuration files. Because of the year it was published, I don't think it's the new kirikiriZ engine, so I guess I'm safe from that devil (which I've read is a nuisance). But the encryption. The damn encryption it's nowhere to be found... yet. Basing myself out of this comment made by morkt in May, I believe the encryption for this game is only a filter. And although I've tried to follow his steps on to how to get there, I don't really see any patterns in the HEX viewers... Not even found the Function he talks about in the DLL, using Dependency walker... But it seems easy, or at least that's how he paints it. There's also Marcusacana's posts in LionCash's Github, he removed or at least got the hands on a clean extraction of Nekopara's script. But I haven't contacted him on how he did it. Umisen Yamasen, in the other hand, is a FamousWriter0191 VN. The SDK is lost, I couldn't find anything of it... not even the SDK or manuals... Instead, I found some extraction tools for FamousWriter0310 made by lennylxx for Handsome Academy. When I tried to use them, well, I got hit immediately by a wall. I didn't even knew which way to divide the src.fwd file. And so I asked. Which let me even further. I divided in six parts, and I was able to distinguish the offsets. And I was even able to parse out the voice file list, which got me excited! But when I had to parse the file... Well... nothing good happened. The parse.exe would hang and it'd create a bigger and bigger file. Thinking that maybe I had mistakenly compiled the .cpp, I remembered Hatoful Boyfriend was made in the same engine, and sadly (for me) the same version. So when I tried to run the parse.exe with the trial src.fwd it worked, without problems! (Or it seems, I think the scripts are aren't really complete... But I don't really know, I haven't read Hatoful or Handsome). And now, well, I can't get past this encryption either because even though I know where the scenario file starts... I don't know what's the offset, padding, encryption key, etc. And so, I made this post because I wanted some help. I wanted someone to do it, or help me do it, teach me how to... I even tried reading both of Nakamura's articles about visual novel hacking. But I couldn't really follow it, not even for the simple UmiYama VN. I got to the part of entities, but because the src.fwd file is encrypted I didn't saw anything he did, all I saw was gibberish, and got stuck. I'm still trying, but without a real sense of direction... I don't know what steps to take... That's why I want some help. Thank you for reading.
  6. So I tried to go back... and did the steps carefully... But because it changed my UserID now everything I translated appears over someone else's name. Is there a way to chage it in the server? I've opened the XML and replaced the other's ID with mine, and it does change locally... Just whenever I click update subs, to see if they've been uploaded I always get back the other ID.
  7. Many jp vns use music from this site. H/Mix
  8. That's a lewd comment. xD That's the dream, most of us who do this kind of thing hope for. Although the basis of this kind of groups are projects, interesting projects. There's another post where its discussed "what vn should I translate?" and it leaded in the end to: "What do you want to translate." And to be working in a company is rather hard, in the sense that most of the time you won't be translating things you want. So, in order to achieve that "company" status... all planets must align and the red sea must rise higher than ever. :v
  9. A question came to me just now, a few days away from finishing a project for a VN: Should I ask the creator of the VN if I can do what I made? Or... should I be like a ninja and just release it on the shadows and then expect the worst? The first answer that comes to mind is DON'T. I lived through No Name Losers drama, and then the CAUCASUS drama (the only ones I knew about) and learned from them that if the creator knew, they pretty much were going to be over you, lawyers in hand, to make you stop with C&D and, if gone overboard, court. It is scary, and this monster in my head is getting pretty big as time goes past. But it isn't something that will make me stop. I've been working on this project for about five~six years, I'm not just going press delete on that folder. I know in the very end I'll release it as NNL did, no matter what. It doesn't really matter if I'm going to do whatever I want to in the end. xD That brings me to the DO IT. Doing it might bring some praise. (Though it's ego, I'm aware of it, having the creator telling you 'it's ok', 'amazing', etc, I believe it's pure gold. e.g. Ryukishi07's letter to Witch Hunt.) At the minimum that'll be all, at the worst will be trials, or something like that... What I'm trying to say is: I don't really know what happens once you post a release. Will I be damned or... nothing will happen? E.g. I just see Amaterasu's group releasing translations but I don't know if they actually asked the creator for it... or Steins' group, and several translations like them... I... don't know. D: What do you guys think? By the way if someone knows of other drama, do tell, I'd like to know about them.
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