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  1. 1 minute ago, PapaRabbi said:

    Actually it's because people were buying quartz but not actually getting any. Their cards were charged but they received no quartz.

    Could just be DW's potato servers, I had that same problem whaling in the summer, but I got my quartz about half an hour later. But yeah, probably that too.

  2. I got Melt in the guaranteed gacha... Could literally have been worse, but I'd have preferred to finally get a good 5* berserker >.> Or maybe waver... Or NP2 illya/merlin/abi... 

    Apparently some people managed to roll the guaranteed gacha several times by spamming the button and got a bunch of 5*s, which is why the servers are down.


  3. 2 minutes ago, Soulless Watcher said:

    Anyone know any good cricket phones that are under a hundred bucks? I think I'm finally sick of the game crashing every other minute. 

    Probably not strictly the cheapest option, but I got a BLU VIVO XL2 during an amazon sale for like $100 canadian, and I haven't had a single crash in FGO.

  4. 8 minutes ago, seventhfonist425 said:

    I got suuuper lazy and did like, the bare minimum of 10 boxes. Got bored of the grind pretty quick.

    I was bored right away, but I did the math and realized that you could get nearly as much QP per apple as you can with 1/2 AP QP dailies, and you get other stuff to boot. My grind was completely calculated.

  5. 7 minutes ago, FruitsPunchSamurai said:


    Would've farmed more boxes but the ascension items this time around were meh. The lanterns were nice though. 

    I couldn't have farmed more if I wanted. From when the sand quest came out until a few hours from the end of the event, whenever I wasn't asleep or not at home I farmed while watching something in the background. :amane:

  6. Just now, FruitsPunchSamurai said:

    Had the choice to get my 5th mona lisa CE or Astolfo's costume in the mp shop. You can easily guess what i chose.

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    Traps are love


    Nice... just please don't equip supports with non-LB'd Mona Lisa :amane:

  7. 2 hours ago, alden_0023 said:

    Well I couldnt resist so I finished the story. Took me a lot of tries and a Waver support to defeat Medea Lily and the Jason thing though. Now comes the more boring part of grinding for exp and mats. I wish they would release London soon...

    Uhh... you should be breezing through the story until E pluribus unum. If you're struggling in Okeanos then you definitely need to do some levelling.

  8. 1 minute ago, alden_0023 said:

    Would you recommend using exp cards on their specific class, or just feeding them outright to whatever servant you want to level? Bec I got some assassin and Berserker cards lying around when I dont really use any servant of those class (or do you recommend I level up one?)

    It's good to have at least one or two servants of each class that can hold their own, most of the quests can be beaten just by throwing class advantage at them. And berserkers in particular are good in every quest until camelot or something

  9. 1 hour ago, alden_0023 said:

    So I've been reading about these people who levelled up their servants to 50+ before even doing septem.. And here I am almost done with okeanos with only a level 30+ team.. With only Cu lancer and Medea on 2nd ascension.. Am I doing it wrong? Should I focus more on exp than clearing the story?

    Focus on whatever makes you happy :mare:

  10. 4 minutes ago, BookwormOtaku said:

    Enjoyed the Halloween event, mainly because of how hilarious Kiyohime was (and thanks to this I was able to fully ascend her). Tried for Tamamo throughout the month, no luck there, but I have managed to get Lancelot, Carmilla, both of Rider's sisters  and my very first five star in the Saber we all know, love and began with (though ironically I've been putting so much into my Saber Lily the leveling for original Saber is going to take some time :amane:)

    Assuming you mean Kiyolancer, yeah, she's absolutely insane, especially if you max her two damage skills too.