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  1. 7 hours ago, Dergonu said:

    Who is the best girl? (Kud is obviously not an acceptable answer) 


    5 hours ago, Chewy said:

    Flut or Flu?


    5 hours ago, Arcadeotic said:

    You're alive? Is it easy to rise from death?

    Comes naturally to me

    3 hours ago, atorq said:

    What is love?


    2 hours ago, Funyarinpa said:

    Best shitpost on Fuwa in the last year?

    This one

    Thanks for your questions, everyone!

  2. 3 minutes ago, VirginSmasher said:

    I used to be the same way with certain people, except I abandoned romance around 2 years ago. Didn't have my heart broken because I was always too much of a pussy to talk to them. :notlikemiya:

    Can't get your heart broken if you avoid all human interaction in the first place


  3. 48 minutes ago, MoeKyun said:

    You cleared the second tower too, flutz?

    Hell, I stop after the 100th floor, no motivation at all. :vinty:

    Yeah, took me like two days total lol

    All of my servants are pretty well-levelled so I just blasted through the event with 3-man teams 40 floors at a time. Two k-scopes and a taunt-invuln CE for basically everything except bosses, and later on I replaced a K-scope with the limit broken event CE.

  4. Cleared the tower yesterday. Fun little event, but not really hard unless you're either fairly new or have SERIOUSLY been neglecting levelling servants.

    First ticket from the tower I got, I rolled Kintoki with, which was pretty GOLDEN




  5. 15 hours ago, Soulless Watcher said:

    Well I think I found a phone that matches my price range, but I still have some worries. The FGO official page lists the requirement as 2GB of ram, now is that actual ram or listed ram? The phone I'm looking at has 2GB listed ram, but actual ram is closer to 1.8GB. 

    Is that high enough to play the game without constant crashing? I don't care if the frame rate drops every once and awhile.

    Don't forget to make sure it has enough internal storage to hold all of FGO's bloated assets. My old phone would start slowing down every week or so and I had to clear FGO's cache because I was running out of storage, and for whatever brilliant reason you can't install FGO or put its several GB of assets on an SD card.

    2 hours ago, FruitsPunchSamurai said:

    I used all the quartz i got from the New Year Event and i didn't manage to get Hokusai. Over 500 quartz spent on trying to get abigail and her. 5* Extra class servants hate my guts it seems.

    Never again. :reeee: 

    Atleast i did manage to protect a smile, the only useful servant i got from the New Year banner. 

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    Pen-chan best girl, she's useful pretty much always, and that's not even counting her anti-greek-mythical-male buff (which admittedly is a bit niche)

  6. 1 minute ago, PapaRabbi said:

    I was really excited when I pulled Hokusai, and then I realized she needs phoenix plumes. Now I'm less excited.

    The plumes weren't so bad, I only needed 2 more. But I also needed 2 magatamas, 5 horseshoes and worst of all, 5 spirit roots.