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  1. 3 minutes ago, PhleBuster said:

    If you've ever read one of those wonderful VN game reviews saying "story was OK, but there was no gameplay, you just click on the screen to advance the text, 4/10", imagine that as a GOG curator (personal interpretation).

    I can just imagine a GOG curator reading DDLC with a checklist:

    Good ❌

    Old ❌

    Game ❌

  2. 2 hours ago, Soulless Watcher said:

    For some reason, Avengers seem to hate me. I got a five star servant in both the Edmond Dantes and Jalter gatcha, but neither of them were for the advertised servant. They were both servants I haven't rolled at least, Vlad and Francis, so I couldn't really get mad...... it's just a really complex feeling of happiness and disappointment. 

    I'm curious if the 700+ rolls I have saved in the friendship gatcha will be enough to get Angra.

    ...... oh right, rate up is a lie or whatever..... 

    I'm way luckier at getting Avengers! I just got 2 copies of my first Avenger ever! Granted it's a 3*....

  3. Just now, BookwormOtaku said:

    So is Iskandar worth trying for? What about Shuten Douji?

    Not sure about those, never rolled either one of them, but they both seem about average for AOE 5*s. 

    Never rolled Raikou either for that matter but she can be nice to grab as a support.

  4. 1 hour ago, BookwormOtaku said:

    I've heard Raiko is really good so that's the next one I'll be saving for (sorry Iskandar). Have also heard Swimsuit Saber is pretty good

    Raikou only really shines with Merlin, or better yet two Merlins. Without them her damage is lower than what'd you'd want out of a Buster AOE Zerker. Archoria is in fact pretty good, and part of the summer gacha which means you can basically only get her during the summer or from a guaranteed 5* pull.

  5. Just now, alden_0023 said:

    Well, Im thinking besides him. Or do I just not roll for any other servant before his banner? Would it depend on what servants I currently have?

    If there's any other servants you actually want, roll for them. If you want gameplay value, nothing beats Merlin.

  6. 17 minutes ago, alden_0023 said:

    So now that Im done with this 'saving for Jalter' thing, who is the recommended servant that I should start saving for?

    For one I'm definately saving for Illya (non negotiable), but are there any others that come to mind that are worth for gameplaywise?



  7. 7 hours ago, Dergonu said:

    Who is the best girl? (Kud is obviously not an acceptable answer) 


    5 hours ago, Chewy said:

    Flut or Flu?


    5 hours ago, Arcadeotic said:

    You're alive? Is it easy to rise from death?

    Comes naturally to me

    3 hours ago, atorq said:

    What is love?


    2 hours ago, Funyarinpa said:

    Best shitpost on Fuwa in the last year?

    This one

    Thanks for your questions, everyone!