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  1. Why do we need hot water heaters when hot water is already heated?

  2. Why do meteorites always land in craters?

  3. How can 9/11 be an inside job if the planes hit the towers from the outside?

  4. Help! I cut myself with a bread knife, am I at risk of getting a yeast infection?

  5. I told my friends I had a date with a really attractive girl...they told me she was imaginary, but the jokes on them, because they are too.

  6. If bananas have potassium then do potatoes have banassium?

  7. I see poached eggs on breakfast menus all the time. Why isn't this illegal?

  8. If Pangaea existed 300 million years ago, how do we know it was called Pangaea?

    1. Shikomizue


      Science! That's how.

  9. Build a man a fire, and he will be warm for a night. Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

    1. Segai


      Side-effect is that you end his life a little sooner. I mean, building him a fire and then bashing his head in with an axe would have the same effect, except less painful. You horrible person.

    2. Flutterz


      Hey, it's the thought that counts!

  10. Help! I know that water boils at 100 degrees. I currently have a fever of 102. How much longer until all the water in me boils away??

    1. 12kami


      2 min,good luck flu-san

    2. Eclipsed


      i call u bubble man from now on

    3. Eclipsed
  11. Why didn't america patent the nuclear bomb to stop people like Kim Jong Un from using them?

  12. I wonder how long it'd take people to figure out there's more than 1 person on this account?

  13. S&Ms are my favourite kind of candy

  14. How Can My Complex Analysis Grade Be Real If The Numbers Aren't Real?

    1. TexasDice


      All numbers are blue.

    2. Flutterz
    3. Nayleen



  15. I live in California where there is a drought but my shower still works, should I leave it running all day to collect water for my neighborhood?

    1. 12kami


      leave it and keep it for yourself ? o.o

  16. Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do 'practice'?

  17. Is it solipsistic in here or is it just me?

  18. Today I tried to create a paradox, but when I killed my grandfather nothing happened. Was there something else I was supposed to do?

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    2. Flutterz


      brb I think I have a rope somewhere

    3. 12kami


      dont do it =.=

    4. Flutterz


      But Eclipsed told me I needed to do it D:

  19. How many questions do I have to ask to become a questionnaire?

    1. Zenophilious


      Pls, stahp. My pun receptors are melting...

    2. 12kami
  20. I accidentally inhaled my air guitar. Do I need to seek medical attention?

    1. FidgetQueen


      Yes, after inhaling large amounts of imaginary wood, one might have brain splinters. This can cause visions of naked hairy men pacing in your bathroom.

    2. Flutterz


      Damn, I suppose I'll go get checked then, that doesn't sound pleasant.

  21. How come teen drug abuse abruptly stops at the age of 20?

    1. Noumi Kudryavka

      Noumi Kudryavka

      Because the monster that does drugs living inside the teens mystically dies the second someone turns 20.

    2. Flutterz


      Is the monster a spooky skeleton?

    3. Noumi Kudryavka

      Noumi Kudryavka

      Yes, and we can't see him, because he's too spooky for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  22. If I committed murder and went to jail, but the victim came back to life, could I get my sentence changed to attempted murder?

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    2. 12kami


      please no =.="

    3. Eclipsed


      Do you google these things or do you come up with it yourself

      I'd say yes :D

    4. Flutterz


      Most of them I get from a subreddit but this is one of the few that I actually came up with :P

  23. Do depressed onions cry when they cut themselves?

  24. Help! My daughter has an attraction to Carbon. Can someone tell me the dangers of carbon dating?

    1. nohman


      If you had a newsletter, I would subscribe to it.

    2. Flutterz


      I'm fluttered ^^

  25. Wow, a job? That only took 5 months

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    2. Tay



    3. Flutterz


      Thanks! Mad min wage dosh, here I come! :>

    4. MoFried



      I'm having an issue with registration; I've tried many resends, but I'm not receiving any activation email.

      Sorry for the irrelevant comment, but I'm not allowed to post anywhere or send PMs.

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