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  1. 15 hours ago, littleshogun said:

    Good readthrough as usual there, and if I may nitpicking actually they didn't need to do some saving in order to buy contraception pill. I said this because I did some little Googling and found out that the cheapest condom pack was only at around 600 yen in Japan, and I'm sure that they didn't need saving in order to buy that so much that the protagonist need to do some part time work ie they could just use condom when they had sex. Although if the reason for delaying sex was because they still live with the family, then I guess that's make sense. Other than that, no much comment needed here.

    I couldn't follow that conversation as well as other parts but I think the point was that the pill is a lot more reliable than a condom, and they wanted to be super sure because her getting pregnant would cause a lot of problems.

  2. 3 hours ago, littleshogun said:

    As for HatsuKoi there's no bath scene with the girl in the common route, at least according to my experience of skipping through common route to made the walktgough lol. Anyway, good commentary there by the way.

    I wasn't talking so much about the bath scene (although it is interesting that we already had a sort of "intimate scene" with Bethly in the shower at the start of the route, maybe it's one of the writers' fetish?) but rather how long they take to get to 18+ content. In Hoshi Ori it showed up pretty much right away (even though there wasn't much of it until the actual routes), whereas in Ginharu not only do specifically not have any 18+ stuff before high school, but even now that they are in high school they don't just start fucking in the first 5 minutes.

  3. 8 hours ago, littleshogun said:

    As for Bethly in swimsuit, to tell the truth it's a waste that she didn't had H scenes with swimsuit on lol.

    Anyway, good commentary there and about onomatopoeia I think it's intercultural issue there because it's different for each country. By the way, in Indonesia the onomatopeia is 'mbee mbee' but let's just agree with Bethly there.

    I think it's especially interesting that something like dog sounds are "woof" in english, "wan" in japanese, and "gav" in russian but cat sounds are pretty much the same in every language, except some have "m" as the first sound and others have "n", which aren't even very different sounds in the first place


  4. 7 hours ago, Deep Blue said:

    I will give you a like just for your endurance and perseverance, if you are 20 hours in and you haven't finished the one room class part... well on the bright side you have countless hours ahead of you to keep practicing your Japanese so がんばれ! (it gets easier with time, you won't notice at first but it does)

    Like I said "very slowly" :makina:

    And yeah, it is getting slightly faster for simpler lines, but I still have to spend anywhere from 10 seconds for simpler lines to like a minute for long and complicated ones, as opposed to the couple of seconds that I need when I read in English.

  5. 1 hour ago, Deep Blue said:

    It's not xD

    (they even wrote bad some names on the credit scene in some mini movie, after you finish the game!)

    btw I know i'm not the most qualified person to point out english mistakes :P but the ones you encounter in the vn are pretty obvious and bad (like tronto)

    That's a shame then, surely it couldn't have been that hard to hire someone to check a few hundred English lines.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Deep Blue said:

    Yep, those were chemical hand warmers. This is one of the of the things I complained, they talk on and on about some specific item but they never actually show it to you. How hard could it be to show you a rectangular picture of the mentioned item just to give you a rough idea? >_>

    Oh, trust me, the engrish is strong in this VN.

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    The great Tronto, capital of ontrorario, lovely Canda


    But, enouge Tronto and english for now.


    If I had to guess I'd say the shirt is just a joke :P Tronto is pretty bad though.

  7. 6 hours ago, Deep Blue said:


    Yeah, I read your blog, but that's exactly what the flashback looks like so that's what I wrote, even though marriage was never really mentioned. :P 

    And I know "No Program" was a joke because Yukito corrects her later, so it's not like the writers don't know any better. :sacchan: Oh, and to their credit, they picked a VA for Bethly whose English pronunciation is (relatively speaking) pretty good.

    Well yeah, that's a hand warmer right? Based on the fact that he had to shake it to get it to work, it's probably a chemical one too.

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