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  1. Flutterz
    So the previous MOE Repository #27 got deleted in the rollback, and my only backup is 7500 km away... so naturally I just spammed more intro threads with MOE and now I have an all-new batch of MOE! Yay!
    Also I'll repost the deleted MOE in about a week when I get back, in case you missed it!

  2. Flutterz
    I decided that in order to keep track of what I've read, I'm going to write short summaries of what happened in Ginharu. I figured I might as well post them here, someone might find them interesting, and others might flame me for reading SoL garbage. Since I'm a Japanese noob, the reading will be very slow and probably very inaccurate, but it's better than waiting for the TL (ETA 50,000 years). I've read a little bit before today, so here's all that basically happened:
    Protag's step-mom takes an amazing photo of Yukito and his step-sister Yuzuki
    They then walk to school together, but rather than not be late Yukito drops his sister off and goes to visit his actual mom at his grandma's coffee shop
    Then upon being sent to some classroom or another for being late we meet the Canadian transfer student Bethly
    They can barely understand each other, but eventually Yukito turns the heating on and gets her a chemical heating pad from the infirmary, and he has to explain how it works... to someone from Canada...
    Upon reaching their actual classroom and giving introductions we meet the person we're sitting next to, Momiji
    We have a few awkward conversations with Bethly
    School is over and we go to meet our senpai ice-skating nearly-champion who just came back, Mizuha
    Last but not least, we meet the super-genki Aoi, Yuzuki's classmate who already became her friend
    The three of them then go visit Yukito's mom again, and Aoi basically tells her that she was right to get a divorce to follow her dream of becoming a super violinist
    And that's basically everything that's happened so far, to the best of my (poor) knowledge, time to go read more!
  3. Flutterz
    I wasn't really going to keep doing this blog, I got super busy with school last year so I barely read any Ginharu since, and finding the right moment to screenshot can be annoying... but I just had to capture poor Momiji getting fucking rekt.
    Thankfully everyone reconsiders after hearing Momiji's super dramatic reading. Later Hina addresses something that's been bugging me as well.
    And finally...
  4. Flutterz
    Skip to February and it's time for Bethly to go back to Canada
    And now it's literally a year later, Valentine's day the next year.
    A few days later everyone's preparing for a party but nobody tells Yukito what it's about
    A few weeks later
  5. Flutterz
    Making moeblogs in IPB4 is suffering now, I used to be able to copy and paste an entire post and now I need to manually embed each image and make sure they don't get messed up while I'm at it.
    There's a good way to fix those frustrations, looking at adorable MOE will make it all better, no matter what's troubling you!

  6. Flutterz
    According to a program I made, I've played 20 hours of Ginharu as of the end of this post, so I decided to see how far in I am. I timed how long it takes to ctrl from the start to where I am, and then how long it takes to ctrl from where I am to where the OP movie plays, and it seems I only need to play about 15 more hours until the prologue (dunno if you can really call it that in this case, but whatever) ends. Hurray for terrible terrible reading speed!
    Quite a bit happened since we last left off, Hina spent all day hanging out at our place with Yuzuki
    The two of them then went up to her room, and when Yukito came to bring them tea
    Once that misunderstanding is out of the way, Yukito retreats to his room to read some shounen manga in peace and quiet, when
    The next day after class, Hina invited Yuzuki over to her place (Yukito was invited too, but he dodged it by saying boys of his age shouldn't be going to girls' houses), and his parents were at work so he went to a restaurant, and unexpectedly met Mizu-nee
    Over the next few days we meet Momo-chan-sensei, a new student teacher who happens to have been a student of Yukito's mother, and after the two of them got drunk at his mom's restaurant with Yukito still present, and Momo-chan-sensei having forced him to sleep in the same futon with her, he promises not to tell anyone in return for her letting him decided what extracurricular activity she is going to hold. He decides to have her hold a "One-room classroom", essentially a class where students from different grades could all be equal regardless of being a senpai/kouhai, an idea he got from one of his first conversations with Hina.
    Once the extracurricular activity is decided, Yukito makes a pamphlet to advertise it, and Yuzuki suggests he draw a snowman. The next day he shows the pamphlet to his classmates
    This however leads to a conversation where we find out that Bethly is really good at drawing, and she proceeds to draw a much better snowman, and it's all thanks to her mother who is a somewhat famous artist
    Over the course of the day Yukito invites all of the girls to this One-room classroom, and they mostly say they'll think about it
    This all happens right before golden week, so we then cut to each of the girls in turn thinking about going... aside from Bethly, who pretty much just thinks about her mom, but can you blame her?
    Once golden week is over, Bethly doesn't come to school for a few days, turns out she's sick. Naturally, Yukito and Yuzuki go to visit her and bring her the handouts, but she's asleep when they get there, so they talk to her father, Brian, instead. He only speaks English, but because the devs were lazy all the English conversations are in Japanese and it's simply implied that they're speaking English. After a short conversation, Yukito invites Brian to his mom's cafe, saying they have great pancakes
    He accepts, and they have a nice long conversation at the cafe thanks to Yukito's mom Maria being able to speak English rather well, due to the fact that she traveled a lot back when she performed. We learn that Brian is a pilot, and that they moved to Japan because after Bethly's mom died of sickness around the same time last year, he wasn't making enough money, so the moved to somewhere where airline pilots are paid more. He really enjoys the pancakes, Maria insists he take some back home to Bethly, and Yukito decides he wants to try drawing a snowman again...
    That's all for now~
  7. Flutterz
    So since I'm finally reading again and actually made a post, might as well keep doing this. I'm probably not going to be as detailed as before because lazy and because I read a bit faster now than I did 8 months ago.
    So it's now summer, and someone needs to clean the pool. Our valiant protag-kun volunteers, but all the other students cleaning the pool are there as punishment for being late... or at least they would have been had they not all managed to escape, leaving poor MC to do all the work himself. Thankfully one person comes to help
    So after cleaning the pool and getting all dirty and sweaty they take a shower.
    The next day, as thanks for helping him out, Yukito shows Bethly around town.
    I guess that's it for now, more when I read more
  8. Flutterz
    I've gotta live up to the name of the blog, ya know?
    Actually I recently found about about the Hoshi Ori patch that's being worked on right now, and that made me want to revisit Ginharu. I was considering just reading it on my own without updating the blog but that felt wrong. I'll probably end up disappearing for another year after a few entries, but we'll see. In the meantime, I'll probably have fewer screenshots and more summarization because I'm lazy.
    Also it turns out that I never even published the previous entry in September of 2017, so here it is I guess
    Now onto the stuff I read recently and not over a year ago
  9. Flutterz
    (Disclaimer: The poster is not responsible for any moe-induced symptoms including but not limited to dizziness, light-headedness, vomiting, diarrhea, heart failure, loss of limbs, asphyxiation, brain damage, or premature ejaculation.)