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  1. 23 hours ago, Shaun said:

    I just finished reading Momiji's route yesterday, it is fantastic, expect it to be just as long as the other routes, I enjoyed it a lot more than Bethly and Hina's routes so far (not saying they aren't good, they're really good).

    Well I definitely like Hina and Bethly the most, so I don't know if I'll enjoy Momiji's route more, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it nonetheless.

    Also it took me like 3 tries to even get her route. Got thrown back into Hina's route the first time and then into Yuzuki's the second.

  2. I guess I could, although I'm a collector at heart... definitely won't be anyone over NP1, but Seiba, Mo, Karna, Ozy, Drake, Waver, Jack, or Jeanne could be viable candidates. But at the same time, Achilles might be pretty cool for some Skadi memes.




  3. Just now, wei123 said:

    I don't have to worry about that; I'm gonna overwork my future Waver anyways :makina:

    Unfortunately I finally got Waver about a month ago, now I have to pick between 7 servants that I don't even want lol

  4. 2 hours ago, wei123 said:

    Hello, can someone tell me what Master Level is in my JP account? I think it's either 140 or 141 but I'm not very sure. I can't seem to login to the JP server and don't have a recovery code, so I'm planning to write an email to support, and a master level is required (along with other info).




  5. 185 boxes here, I'm still lacking quite a few mats, especially lores, but after capping out my QP, then spending a bunch, then turning in more of the QP boxes, then spending more I've ended up with 844 million. Sad thing is that still isn't enough QP, I need would 600 million more just for the stuff I'm planning to level if I had the mats right now.




  6. I stand by my statement (that I may or may not have made) that Abby is overall the better servant. Hokusai shines when you build a team specifically around her specifically for spamming her NP against challenge quests with a bunch of different classes, but Abby will help out your team in just about any mission or team composition.

    8 minutes ago, MoeKyun said:

    By the way, thanks for the Astolfo with MLB event CE @Flutterz. It helps my farming. :wafuu:

    You're welcome, I've been doing uh, a little bit of farming myself.




  7. 22 hours ago, SaintOfVoid said:

    >nonchalantly translating its common route + the 2nd longest of the game alongside his thesis proposal and whatnot

    talk about making people (me included) feel like ass scratching monkeys...


    20 hours ago, littleshogun said:

    Obviously it mean that you didn't need to wait for 50,000 years in order to have Ginharu being translated, so good for you.

    Anyway you can just read the post at their blog (And Trip's blogpost in that it have pretty good summarization about his experience on translating Ginharu), but for the sake of completion I'll post the progress below and I'll try to summarize it.

    While it is impressive how fast they're going (though it should come as no surprise having seen how quickly they TL'd Hoshi Ori), I was just talking about the fact that they picked the 2 best girls to start off with. :makina:

  8. 5 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    Hahaha, these guys are crazy. Turns out they've already translated one of these short routes. https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/

    This seems like an odd thing to say. Time is relative, but length is not. The routes in HoshiOri are on average shorter than Gin'iro Haruka's, I think. In fact, their update confirms that Bethly's route is a fair bit longer than Rikka's.

    Bethly route first followed immediately by Hinata? These guys really know what they're doing :sacchan:

  9. Well, now that it's Okita's rateup, I spent the rest of my quartz, and even bought one quartz pack. Ended up with Suzuka, Lanling, Nezha, 2 copies of Summer Lion King, and when I had 8 quartz I did a single pull + the free pull, and on the free pull I finally got Okita.