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  1. 8000 posts post and AMA

    Thanks for your questions
  2. Can't tell if that's supposed to be a compliment or an insult...
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    Tried to get the Touko CE of all things... failed. Got Fujinon though
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    It has to happen eventually, can't just have Ruby in FGO
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    http://news.fate-go.jp/2018/karanokyoukai/ Not only is it a Knk rerun but we're getting that one chick from Knk as a 4* archer with an awesome-looking NP, suck it NA :^)
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    Got Inferno-chan on one of the last days of the setsubun gacha by throwing a ticket at her, had to grind through Valentines event before I could max her though.
  7. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Don't forget that even if it's easier in Japan, an uggo his home planet of Canada is still an uggo on planet Japan.
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I prefer a scorched-earth approach
  9. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Can't get your heart broken if you avoid all human interaction in the first place
  10. Fate/Grand Order

    I need Illya NP2, she's nearly perfect otherwise
  11. @Dorgonu@Bakamutt Why are you such nerds?
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    I just want Achilles to let Penthesilea beat the shit out of him
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    Yeah, took me like two days total lol All of my servants are pretty well-levelled so I just blasted through the event with 3-man teams 40 floors at a time. Two k-scopes and a taunt-invuln CE for basically everything except bosses, and later on I replaced a K-scope with the limit broken event CE.
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    Cleared the tower yesterday. Fun little event, but not really hard unless you're either fairly new or have SERIOUSLY been neglecting levelling servants. First ticket from the tower I got, I rolled Kintoki with, which was pretty GOLDEN
  15. Fate/Grand Order

    Spent like 300 quartz and 20 tickets, no Jalter FeelsBadMan Got 4 fucking EMIYAs though (got my first EMIYA from New Year gacha so I got him from NP0 to NP5 in a matter of weeks), Deon, and Altera.
  16. Fate/Grand Order

    Don't forget to make sure it has enough internal storage to hold all of FGO's bloated assets. My old phone would start slowing down every week or so and I had to clear FGO's cache because I was running out of storage, and for whatever brilliant reason you can't install FGO or put its several GB of assets on an SD card. Pen-chan best girl, she's useful pretty much always, and that's not even counting her anti-greek-mythical-male buff (which admittedly is a bit niche)
  17. Fate/Grand Order

    The plumes weren't so bad, I only needed 2 more. But I also needed 2 magatamas, 5 horseshoes and worst of all, 5 spirit roots.
  18. Fate/Grand Order

    Smiles protected For once I had to farm the mats to ascend a servant and had more than enough exp cards on hand, rather than the other way around
  19. Fate/Grand Order

    Could just be DW's potato servers, I had that same problem whaling in the summer, but I got my quartz about half an hour later. But yeah, probably that too.
  20. Fate/Grand Order

    I got Melt in the guaranteed gacha... Could literally have been worse, but I'd have preferred to finally get a good 5* berserker >.> Or maybe waver... Or NP2 illya/merlin/abi... Apparently some people managed to roll the guaranteed gacha several times by spamming the button and got a bunch of 5*s, which is why the servers are down.
  21. Fate/Grand Order

    Probably not strictly the cheapest option, but I got a BLU VIVO XL2 during an amazon sale for like $100 canadian, and I haven't had a single crash in FGO.
  22. CGrascal be like "Wow, I did a really good job of translating this, I should put my name on it!"
  23. Fate/Grand Order

    63 Took me 2 hours just to open them >.> This is the first time I've gone crazy on event boxes though.
  24. Fate/Grand Order

    I was bored right away, but I did the math and realized that you could get nearly as much QP per apple as you can with 1/2 AP QP dailies, and you get other stuff to boot. My grind was completely calculated.