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  1. >imagine not playing on JP and not having accrued 32 SSRs over 4 years
  2. When I see a word I don't know I ask google-san and it fit so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. If you thought that I was actually going to finish something I'd started before moving on to something else, then you don't know me very well. So here I am playing Tsukikana instead of Ginharu!
  4. I'd do anything for her, except watch the anime
  5. Literature fans aren't a very niche group, at least when it comes to the question of "what is a classic book". And a classic something would have to at least be well-known among the group of people that enjoy that something, at least imo.
  6. Solaris is well-known if you ask people who care about literature instead of a visual novel forum. That said, off the top of my head: FSN, Muv Luv, Clannad, Steins;Gate, G-Senjou, Higurashi.
  7. Come on now, I have more than half of his posts
  8. Been busy for a while, but this time I only stopped for a few months rather than a few years
  9. Anyone else got a Bond 11 yet?
  10. I jebaited the desire sensor into giving me 2 Illyas and a Herc after 300 quartz by wanting Miyu, so they're both NP3 now... would have been nice to get Miyu though.
  11. Shoutout to littleshogun for being the only person who commented on my previous entry
  12. Don't need luck when you have
  13. That's interesting, I've always just thought of a kimono as the thing that people wear for karate.
  14. No Nut November is bullshit, Destroy Dick December is the real shit
  15. Screw you Derg, I'm going to read at whatever speed I damn well please.
  16. Wow, I actually made another entry. Nobody saw that coming.
  17. I've gotta live up to the name of the blog, ya know? Actually I recently found about about the Hoshi Ori patch that's being worked on right now, and that made me want to revisit Ginharu. I was considering just reading it on my own without updating the blog but that felt wrong. I'll probably end up disappearing for another year after a few entries, but we'll see. In the meantime, I'll probably have fewer screenshots and more summarization because I'm lazy. Also it turns out that I never even published the previous entry in September of 2017, so here it is I guess Now onto the stuff I read recently and not over a year ago
  18. Reminds me of when I whaled to get NP2 Illya last summer and got Jeanne, Karna, Drake, and my third Tamamo, but no second Illya.
  19. Looks like I'm getting a lot of presents this christmas... Before: After:
  20. Nah. I decided to roll once, but primarily for event CEs. Got like 5 4* CEs and my third Martha but no event CEs
  21. Unless something really crazy comes out for New Year, I think I'll be able to hold on to my quartz for Tamassassin
  22. Yup, it gave me the opportunity to use her during all of LB3 and she carried the fuck out of me through it because she's 2000/2000 and NP2
  23. >mfw I go to check bonus servants >find bonus servant table >scroll down to foreigner >see 2 entries >neither of them is abigail >tfw trying to get abigail to bond 11
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