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  1. Fate/Grand Order

    I still just use a custom program to keep track of mats, though seeing that I needed around 800 million QP felt bad
  2. Fate/Grand Order

    Presents concealment
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    Well Artoria was one of the first servants to get a bond CE (whenever that was) and I only just got her bond CE It's what, 1.5 million bond points or something? At about 600 per stage, well, do the math
  4. Can we also get MySpace, AIM, and Club Penguin?
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    FGO decided not to count my login yesterday RIP my streak
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    Rolled for Kintoki
  7. Official Anime News and Info!

    It's possible, but I'm still not going to hold my breath.
  8. Official Anime News and Info!

    And yet they flopped Little Busters
  9. Official Anime News and Info!

    Because the last 2 anime adaptations they did were so "good"
  10. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Four feet PLUS the beret
  11. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Do you wanna die? Cause that's how you die
  12. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Heh, "crack"
  13. your best and worst vn of 2016

    Harmonia for both best and worst, because it's the only VN I finished in 2016 The only other one I even played was GinHaru, but that had to be put on the backburner because I didn't have much time to muck around with reading JP
  14. Review solidbatman

    4/20 would not blaze
  15. Fate/Grand Order

    100% chance to roll him 0% of the time
  16. Fate/Grand Order

    Ayy lmao Also smiles protected
  17. 1. Higurashi 2. Higurashi Kai 3. Umineko 4. Umineko Chiru
  18. The real question is if humans created catgirls, would catgirls be considered artificial intelligence?