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  1. A lot of things comes into play in rather hilarious ways when it comes to scores in vndb.

    The biggest divide is from TL readers and people who read JP.

    First the English readers.
    The highest scored vns are the ones that are tl'd and recommended to beginners. Beginners usually are easily impressed and give high ratings. As you read more and more, you tend to give lower scores and be more critical. So when you start to read more obscure titles, you'd give lower scores. You might or might not have scored the more obscure titles as a beginner if you read them early.
    Hard to say, as later on you choose things out of your normal reading range because you'd read everything else you wanted to read.

    Now to the Japanese readers.
    Although not universal, most people who for some reason decided it was a good idea to learn jp. Prbly has consumed so much weeb material they wanted more. So they usually are more picky or know very well what they enjoy. Moe loves will give 10/10 to moe stuff and wise versa for edgy or chuuni stuff. Or they might be more reading everything. Overall though I'd say they give lower scores averages.

    So basically. A low score title might be just low because the readers are more strict. Or it might just be bad.
    If someone has good taste and recommends it, usually it's the first.

    8 minutes ago, Silvz said:

     I, for example, don't like G-senjou no Maou and gave it a 7, while many consider it a masterpiece.

    G-senjou was the first vn I read. Loved it at the time. Years later I tried reading it in JP. I found it enjoyable. But I didn't enjoy it nearly as much the 2nd time.

    As a afterthought. Afterwards I didn't bother changing my vndb score for the game. And I don't think many people do either. Even if their subjective taste change with time.

  2. 19 hours ago, Chronopolis said:

    Other goals like writing, game dev, blogging, friends, work skills, etc. have become more concrete and important to me, such that I am no longer fine with centering my life around reading VN's. Actually my mind is so much on those things (regardless of progress or not) that I find it hard to immerse in VN's and keep reading regularly. Reading progress slows to a crawl.

    Reading lots of VN's used to be a goal in itself to me. Now, I just chip away at 1-2 titles while stalling the rest. I also play some short interesting works from time to time, those are good fun too. Overall, I've dropped from 12 full-length VN's a year to reading 3-4 full-length VN's per year. I definitely could do better, with this mystical thing called time management, lol.

    Similar to chrono here. Wondered how and when it would be that I stopped reading vns. I haven't really do that yet. But after 8 years or so now. I can't really get into it anymore. At the very least, before I also think my goal of reading vns was a goal in itself. Because just reading vns just felt that good and enjoyable. Now. Its fun. But I can't get into it.

    Haven't really turned away from otaku culture though. Reading like 50+ vols of Light Novel's each year. Just having text honestly feels more comfortable than the game-computer elements, which I find in the way. I find that hilarious tbh. Because I remember I found books the reverse when I started with vns.

    Knowing myself though. I will prbly come back to vns again when I am bored of LN's. No idea when I'll totally stop though, 10 more years? haha.

  3. The vn community doesn't condone whatever you enjoy in the vns (unless machine TL's lol). And why should it? We are just a bunch of loosely connected people who enjoy a hobby.
    People starting to only read vanilla vns are doubtful to create less "dangerous" people. You might develop some messed up fetishes from playing vns. And you'll get off on this. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel aroused from actual people. Even less to act upon them.
    Sitting on my arse all day is prbly more harmful...



  4. 7 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

    Imo, with some particularly bad exceptions, it's pretty impossible to distinguish between a bad translation and a bad source material. :vanilla: Though of course obvious grammar mistakes and sentences that don't make any sense should raise some flags.

    As for the harm, you are basically spoiling the story without getting the full message it supposed to bring. I don't see any particular harm in it if you are still enjoying the story, but if some day a better translation appears, or you learn the original language, your experience with it will still be different.


    Good work + bad TL = Bad work

    Bad work + bad TL = Bad work

    Good work + good TL = Good work


    Everyone is ofc free to enjoy whatever they want. But TL's destroying the quality of a work is rather sad. 


  5. 'you just don't get it' is a valid enough statement if that person have tried to understand the work. There is a difference between knowing you don't enjoy something and simply not understanding it.

    Say you got a title with a lot of slice of life (lets say clannad). One guy might rant about how it contains too much filler, shit isn't going anywhere. He might "get it" from all I know. But that statement is rather ignorant of the genre honestly. If you say you dislike this kind of stuff because it has too much slice of life. I can't enjoy it. It's pretty clear he he knows why he doesn't like it, and it's his jaded opinion on the matter. He doesn't think its wrong. I don't think it's either.

    Problem I have is people ranting around sounding like they have a authoritative opinion on the subject. But they clearly haven't understood what might be good about the work. Nor have they even tired. That should be apparent from the lack of brain cells required to understand it. 

  6. 17 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:

    it is long? can you compare that to clannad, grisaia no kajitsu and da capo 3? also is that the version that is still translated to english? thanks

    If you want to count on TLwiki the sizes of text scripts and I think you can.

    • Grisaia no kajitsu is 3.73 mb
    • Clannad is 3.16mb. 
    • Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is 4.05 mb

  7. Completed Hanachirasu.

    In many ways I think this is pre-taste to what to come if I read muramasa. Considering hanachirasu and muramasa is written by the same dude. Narahara

    Really good vn honestly. I played this one before about a year or two ago. But I couldn't get into it. The damn combat and info-dumps took forever to read. The pace felt so damn odd. I just couldn't get into it. So I ended up stalling it.

    In meantime I read the Book of Five Rings. Surprising how many of the similarities with it and hanachirasu. Some of the info-dumps reads like just out of the book. I recommend to read the book if you feel like reading hanachirasu. Perhaps muramasa as well, as he wrote the script in that vn as well.

    When I started reading hanachirasu again now it was a lot more enjoyable. Rather than the standard template of fighting scenes. What movements the characters do and fight is described.

    The game gives you info-dumps on martial art swordplay. How it works, the different styles and how they fight. I honestly found this really refreshing. You put yourself into the system the different attacks. And you feel a lot more depth into the combat. Because you know what kind of movements the characters would do. This is makes the combat feel more like a actual martial art. I liked that realistic element. But it does make it somewhat tiresome to read at times.

    There is also the alt-history info-dumps.. I am not entirely satisfied in how well understood the details. So many prefectures, cites, dates etc that has some meaning. But I don't know the importance because I am not native, nor have I studied the history/geography of Japan. I have rather mixed feelings over that. I could have googled all the stuff and read myself up on most of it, but it would take a while. So i didn't bother at the time. There is a time when the time put in isn't really worth it in terms of depth. 

    Still I found the setting enjoyable. With the difference in how Japan lost. And how the culture and such was affected. Interesting and fun. I found the setting rather silly when I read about it in the synopsis on vndb. But after reading the alt-history dump I felt it was rather nicely done and interesting. So I suppose the end result is close enough.

    So in terms of writing, in the end it's rather more descriptive. Goes more into details than you would normally expect. But that's more a choice of style than anything. Nothing intrinsic bad about it. But you have to be aware of what it is.

    More standard stuff about the vn. It has good art, music is quite good. Writing and comedy has it's own style, and it's good. Protag is an awesome asshole. Ending gave me feels, straight uguu in the stomach and made me sore in the throat. Goood stuff.

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