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  1. I can still remember the sound of the train going ka-chunk ka-chunk ka-chunk vividly. That feeling connected to that sound never really disappeared even years later. The reaction to living passively, making your live feel like a never ending boring train ride.

    I still get that feeling from time to time. I think when life feels to calm, easy and repetitive. It feels like I am on the train again. Back in high-school again. ka-chunk ka-chunk. Just different scenery. Mostly, for me the ka-chunk has been replaced with new kinds of existential anxiety as I got older. More manageable anyway, early life was more soul crushing imo. 

    Tried playing the vn again a few months ago. But I couldn't get into it again. Partly because as you said I think. That kind of life is somewhat past us now. Also I'd note. I think that yume miru is a lot better than Catcher in the Rye. Which I read about same time. When I was about 19 years old as well. haha.

  2. Truly glad I know you man, because this is one of the greatest pieces ever created by a dog's hands. I am impressed and somewhat tearful that this is out in the wild. To be seen by the unknowing masses. Not truly knowing the true value of riddle joker. Me being a part of the glorious church of 萌 I know this to be the truth and the only truth. Not to withstand the passage of time and perhaps even the burning fire of the purgatory of non-padded 少女. Truly. A masterpiece...


  3. Most of you seem to talk about your experiences with MMORPGs. I stopped playing those 10 years ago, playing with friends is fun. But the gameplay is still so... Mind numbingly bland in the long run. If I want that light relaxing experience I'd rather use my time reading or something even slightly productive. I don't regret playing these games. But I can't play them anymore, they just don't feel satisfying anymore. So I've mostly spent my gaming time playing MP FPS and the like.

    I usually play harder games. Because I don't play MP to de-stress, but to be in the zone. So they need to be challenging and rewarding (If they aren't shit). Toxic people are indeed everywhere, but you become thick skinned against them.  Shit talking is a skill as well haha. It's just competitive play (clans aside) online without consequences for failing. It's just a playground for the sake of playing.

  4. 12 hours ago, Chronopolis said:

    Romeo...wrote it, but he had his hands tied by Takahiro who was directing or so I hear. The premise didn't interest me either, but I was still mildly curious until I heard the news.

    Ah, right. That makes a lot more sense. From the looks of it, it's a charage-comedy vn. If you want that I suppose it's alright. I am not really expecting much.. It is all-ages though. I found that somewhat surprising. 

  5. I wonder how many nukiges will pass this test. Prbly not so many, considering most girls would partake in the orgy. 

    Although prbly many normal vn's will pass the test. As it has side character girls never getting a route, so not getting to have sex with the protag. Although I doubt that would make the h-scenes still anything feministic. #kyaaa #Stop~~ #(Don't stop)IreallyLikeIt

  6. It's a great vn I agree.


    Semiramis has also a very well made made development of the protagonist. Stuck between Ami and Eru. You see the differences between their ideals/views. His more middle view ones.


    There is also many other interesting themes in it. The morals of effecting people you are around I found rather troublesome as well. The story is extreme at parts, but none the less valid in its message.

  7. Nice post. You've put up nicely the thoughts you had around the events that happens in the story. The characters and their interactions.


    Compared to Tokyo Babel and Evolimit. I'd say it's less "serious" I suppose the word would be for it. They don't go strongly into dark themes and the protag's mind thoughts about the events that happen. I don't think there is anything wrong with this btw.


    I always feel like making a more plain protag is the easiest choice by developers. I think it's  worth it going the more serious way and voice the protag and give him a more strong shine. But ofc that won't always happen : /


    Again nice post. だが。長い! ✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿