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  1. VN to heal me after hatsuyuki sakura

    Hatsuyuki sakura is a weird vn because it's a bit all over the place in terms of genres. It has quite some normal charage and moege elements (shirokuma's route especially). The depressing utsusge feels is very hard in some routes as well is in the background overall. It also has some chuuni like parts, although they aren't really good. Anyhow, it's not a moege. prbly something like a charage-utsuge. Conjuerors VN contest honestly is more a test to see what people think of vn's they haven't even played. As the majority of the voters can't read jp, or haven't played all the titles. Making the results rather funny, although interesting.
  2. Minori: Some self-examination

    Minori manages to create stuff well. Then the characters act out of character for the sake of drama. For me this utterly destroying the immersion. Ef does this as well ass Eden to some degree.. And it infuriates me. It's like some shitty drama made in hollywood inserted at times when stuff starts to get too predictable.
  3. A good Machine Translator?

    I think this is a really bad advice honestly. It's more important to read something you enjoy. You are bound to miss some stuff your first time around. Reading something you don't like or reading something really easy might seem like a good idea. But it will make the reading experience horrible. It's outright horrible to read say a moege slowly when you don't like them in the first place. Read something you are motivated to read. But keep the language a manageable level of difficulty. Finally there are more good jp vns around to read than most of us will have time to read regardless.
  4. A good Machine Translator?

    You can get a better than any current machine TL by simply putting in a few dozens hours into studying jp, then reading vns with dictionaries for a few months. Machine translators are that shit.
  5. Well that's pretty sweet.
  6. japanese is so hard

    Understanding and getting a feel of Japanese is the hardest early part. Afterwards it turns into loads of memorization and some grammar learning. Because you just add and add to your knowledge. Feels like any other common foreign language you might learn, Spanish, German etc. It's similar to programming I suppose. Learning how the syntax and logic is used takes effort and practice. But afterwards you can easily learn how to use external libraries and modules without much effort. Because it works in the same framework as you've learned before. You just have to learn how to manipulate the library.
  7. VN's whose sequel is better than it's prequel

    Baldr Sky Dive 2 I suppose haha. I feel it totally doesn't count, but w/e.
  8. Due to the lack of torrents, the frontpage has lost its previous purpose. It should include the currently active parts of fuwa. Showcasing the blog, forums and reviews. Easily dragging you to try other parts of the site you might not usually read. The blog pages does this pretty nice. The frontpage should go for the same imo. Or some kind of integration so that the frontpage, forums and blog doesn't give of feels of being different sites.
  9. Prefer story focused vn's honestly, rather than characters or moe focused ones.. So can't say I agree with you. Muv luv unlimited was a pain to read. Lacrosse or mechs anyone? Honestly your tastes are pretty normal. Loads of people enjoy the HSS setting. It's more about taste than anything
  10. OriginalRen's AMA

    How many figurines do you own?
  11. I really hope your life isn't a vn rpg then. Because if you use protagonist powers. Your waifu will highly likely get raked by some villian or monster.
  12. Had to share John Oliver's takedown of Hollywood (Opinions?)

    I did find it rather hilarious honestly. Because I thought of the stormtrooper in the same line as clone troppers. All being white clones. Yada yada. Capturing children and brain washing training them doesn't sound like the greatest idea. But neither did the majority of the movie, haha. Funny though. He was practically the most alive and captivating actor in the entire movie. Compared to the woman main character. His character felt real, She just felt like actor robot. Also that lightsaber fighting scene at the end. So horrible, I don't even. My god. As for the US.. It being racist is nothing new.
  13. Mondays Suck

  14. Downloading Edict2

    The bunch of text is the file you want. Right click on the page and click "save as".
  15. are there any vns written in 古文?

    Imabi has some on it yeah. Seems like a good place to start. Afterwards you should prbly find some jp written textbooks on it. No idea how much interest you have in literature. But reading the old classics in original is good practice I imagine. I haven't had much interest for 古文 so far. So haven't looked any into it honestly.
  16. are there any vns written in 古文?

    Not sure about any vns that actually have been written in 古文, there area few that contain some of it though as Kawasumi said. Curious btw. What books/sites/material will you use to study 古文?
  17. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Started playing Evenicle as well. It's pretty good. Currently at chapter 3. It has toned down ero content compared to drapeko and the rance series. Those were honestly too heavy on the ero for me, so this is nice. So it has a nice combo of comedy, pretty nice story and alicesoft production values of gameplay etc.
  18. Remember the Kanji: useful or useless?

    RTK method using mnemonics isn't bad, it's good stuff. But going for 2000 kanjis alone is a really bad way of using it. Rather learn kanjis with mnemoics and words the kanjis are used in. While learning grammar. Because these are all interconnected it becomes easier to learn, and you gain actual practical jp knowledge. Rather use a guide like this http://ja-minimal.tumblr.com/post/54363755004/contents Or something else. Regardless. If you goal is reading vn's mainly. I'd recommend get some minimal mastery of jp and good grounds in grammar then use text-hookers to read vns you actually want to read. It's slow at first, but a hell lot more fun than spending your time on spaced repetition software. (This latter part is my opinion, anki lovers. Deal with it )
  19. Unprintable Ebooks

    I want printable eroges.
  20. Steins;Gate 0 on RPCS3

    Sweet you got it working douggle. I am hoping and twiddling my thumbs here, like a girl waiting for you to choose inside or outside if you can get text hooking to work. I am guessing the only way is using cheat engine or something similar. How do you check if it has custom encoding?
  21. Steins;Gate 0 on RPCS3

    Seems like the emulator requires dx12 drivers to run optimally. Not going to bother getting win 10 to try this out. There is a thread ongoing about the game http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=173942&highlight=steins+gate Seems like works pretty well. Although ps3 emu is still quite experimental.
  22. Steins;Gate 0 on RPCS3

    Yeah, you're exactly right. Still converting the hex code manually each time doesn't really make it fun reading imo. So if hat works that would be ideal ^^
  23. Steins;Gate 0 on RPCS3

    Perhaps HAT will work. Might be cool to look into yeah. Edit: I'll try out HAT and see how it works.
  24. Futanari obviously is best, silly plebeians and their uncultivated tastes. Sacrilege!
  25. Angel beats visual novel (Question)

    The vn repeating a lot of what happened in the anime has put me off playing it honestly. Although I liked the anime a lot. I don't really have the patience to re-watch/read scenes I've already seen in the anime. I am hoping if/when the 2nd beat will come out it will be more original content. And someone will describe a summary of the first beat or something so you know what new happened in the first beat.