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  1. Here is a link to a rather large anime site: My link It should be practical to take a look at. What I gather about popular animes made from VN's that would be, Clannad, Higurashi, Steins;gate and Fate stay night. I would have to agree with Aaeru about higurashi, as much as I dispise that outlook. The art may scruff away newcomers. The reason to use popular animes is that it will make them interested. But you don't need to make the video centered around that. As to Aaeru suggestion, Clannad would fit that quite well, lots of comedy. Little busters, very funny. You could mention they made Angel beats, just a thought.
  2. In your own words, what is a visual novel? - A Story presented with visuals and audio. Almost like a book with great story, visuals and audio. Superior to books in many ways (con's too of course), a combination of media we love from movies with music setting the mood. Faces, voices, mannerisims setting the characters, and the story. But much longer and a choice how the story would/will develop. I could compare it to a movie: Citizen Kane, made in the 40's it's more of a book displayed in visuals and audio. Even so it's praised as one of the best moives of all time. That is similar to what VN's are IMO. What makes you love VNs? -It's a combitation of what I love the most: Great story, visuals and audio. With the choice to choose how the game will develop. And I dont need to flip pages..... *Lay in sofa*, look at screen, set to auto read, dont move a muscle for the next hour. Ahhh the joy of simple things. Name one favorite song from a VN: I mainly find the Openings most memorable, Ever 17, G senjou no maou, sharin no kuni, all great songs imo. All clannad music is great, amazing all of the BGM's. Can you think of a moment in a VN-to-Anime where the anime perfectly mirrored or embodied the novel? - "perfect" is rather loose prospect, as there is always differences. But. The scene at the end of steins;gate where they stand at the top of the radio building, infront of the crashed satellite before they travel. It's pretty much exactly the same in both the anime and VN.
  3. Reporting for Duty!

    I'll give my input here too, if anyone doesn't mind~ As it is an intruduction video, it needs to teach newcomers and draw them in. When you want more people to play VN's you need to think about what they can get. If they are looking at VN's they are probobly already interested, you need to capture them and not scare them off. Main points of what the video should do. - Mainly the video is to show how VN's are played. - Clear some confusion, people have with dating sims, its just porn etc. (compare them to old games maybe) - Show some Anime made from VN's popular ones. (Steins;gate is a must imo) - To end it off, show some Great galges and eroges. (Note the differences, no ero or ero.) Some stuff you could add. -Say that its not so different from Anime, you read "subs" for hours too lol. Just less animation and its longer. -Galges and eroges, what's the differences? -Show some links to youtube, VN's That's what I would've like to see when I looked into VN's some years ago. Started with googling top 100 eroges, I got here: http://accany.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/100-best-eroges/ Played G senjyou no maou. Lol should have chosen a Non ero first. That's my 2 cents anyway.
  4. What are you playing?

    Currently reading Shikkoku no Sharnoth, I really great game. The art, music and story -style really is to my liking. Also I really likes the details in the game, referances to lovecraft, other fiction stories, real life places, capturing the feel of old London, even the types of popular tea. Even so the joy that brings, Imo it is the art that brings it all together splendidly. Kind of interesting one thing I noticed, the gun one character uses a pistol which "looks" very much like a Luger P08. Very cool gun. Fitting for steampunk I guess.