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  1. Ah, yes. I get the same issue with the top one. It's no doubt due to the fonts I think as well. I've only used the software on fonts like the one on the bottom. So I've never actually experienced this problem. Good to know.
  2. Perhaps you've had bad luck with it. Although you have to change a few settings with it. Without that it really doesn't work that well. Like Changing the "OCR langauge" to Japanesse, having the "text direction" to what you are reading, either vertical or horizontal.
  3. Nice tools. Additionally another OCR software Capture2Text Is nice as well. I find myself using kanjitomo mostly, and Capture2Text when kanjitomo fails. kanjitomo is much faster and just hover over, Capture2Text is manual but better at recognizing the text. I mainly read from e-book/txt format. So I convert the books to html files so I can read them in the browser. I like this personally because then I can use rikisama. Which supports Epwing dictionaries. I use 2 methods convert the files to html. If it's txt format (Aozora, 青空文庫) . I use JNovel Formatter If it's in Ebook format epub/aw3 etc I use convert function included in the software Calibre. Convert it from the native format to Zip (zipped up html files). You can change the formatting of the html pages by editing the calibre Css files in the folder. Change font, size etc. I do that because I find the formatting rather odd. Incidentally, drm files are like tsundere waifus. You gotto handle them with care first in another way.
  4. Thoughts on the Baldr Heart trial?

    Looking at some gameplay vids from the trial. From the looks of it they reverted to the older art style of BS and BF. I prefer it like this as well. You also got overheating for weapons and such. So it avoids the mistakes of BZ. I imagine gameplay wise it will be solid. If they build upon what both BF and BSD systems as they were great. Although it was together with the story that made it great imo. In the end I want Baldr Hard SF. Not Baldr Moe
  5. Thoughts on the Baldr Heart trial?

    It looks seriously Moe. Nuff said. Gameplay side looks alright, similar to Baldr sky Zero. Which had horrible balance, it was so bad you could kill the last boss in 6 seconds due to infinitive combos and combo bonus damage "traits"... That being said BSZ was fun enough. Although expecting even less from baldr heart.
  6. There are wiki pages from rpg vns around. So you can search for wiki pages in jp for the vn you are reading. Can easily check the battle combat words etc from there. Generally speaking vn-rpgs tend to use the same vocab or varations of it, so for example looking the vocab from ikusa megami wiki for example prbly will help a lot. http://www37.atwiki.jp/verita/pages/73.html#id_6cde8aa4
  7. Pretty much might as well kill myself then. Or develop a new sense for aesthetics and start collecting physical porn magazines. Develop a theater with people wearing anime cosplay. Draw my own manga. And create a underground weeb community where to show off our weebness and memes.
  8. The error you get says: 正常にインストールされていません。 ゲームデイスクより再インストールを行って下さい。 The installation isn't done correctly, please insert the game disc and reinstall. I recommend you do what @Kelebek1 said.
  9. EMS has always been expensive for me. So I've only used SAL anyway. So this doesn't really change much for me honestly.
  10. Some explanations about my current state

    Understandable you are pissed off, I hope you get well soon.
  11. Help me pick my next untranslated VN

    Hallo lady!'s last end was rather lacking in impact imo as well. The rest of the game is great. So highly recommend it as well. But it's written by Hino, so you might want to read something easier. So I'd say go for resonance.
  12. I guess the best method would be buying them used on amazon and use a shipping company to send it to you. That way you can get around the "shipping only in Japan".
  13. Clearing Space - Sales

    Gave me a good laugh. "I already have like 5 ass mouse pads, so I don't need any more." You can never have enough ass mouse pads!
  14. Translation aside. Never heard this vn before, but it looks somewhat interesting. Might try it out. (No way I am going to TL this though btw.)
  15. Random VNs: Poll

    Ah, right. That makes a lot more sense. From the looks of it, it's a charage-comedy vn. If you want that I suppose it's alright. I am not really expecting much.. It is all-ages though. I found that somewhat surprising.
  16. Can reviews be objective?

    I think a reviewer's job is to write about what was interesting about said work and what was bad. You can write whatever you want, in whatever fashion, artistic freedom and all that. Frankly I find that rather pointless when I am reading a review. I want to get something from a review. If the reviewer hates the genre of said work. And produces a long review about everything he doesn't like about the genre he sees in the work. His review is quite useless. Who wants to read something like that? Aside from the bashing fun. If you actually put some effort into being objective you will make something that is more practical for others. You can never be completely objective and neither should you try to. Rather gain the insight that you will see things in a different light. In addition to your personal view.
  17. Random VNs: Poll

    I'd like you to try out Mahou Shoujo as well. I am guessing you just wrote wrong. Shoujo-tachi (Takahiro)?. Takahiro? Did you mean Tanaka Romeo.
  18. This is such a weird thread. The most important thing that makes you choose what to learn is practicality and interest. If you those are your only requirements and interests we will just say some random languages. You might choose one to study some and drop later, prbly never using the language again. Wouldn't you like to use your time more beneficently? Exactly. That's why you should learn Fapanese! So you can enjoy freedom without murica (English) in porn novels. Because if you read fapnovels regularly. Why not do it in fapanese! Thus getting nice fap material all meanwhile enjoying learning the language at the same time. Yay! Peace Peace! More seriously though. You should learn Icelandic. That way you can read the Edda saga and Norse mythology in the original language. This is very interesting stuff (Because then you can read いつか、届く、あの空に and actually understand what is going on it.)
  19. I feel visual novels are usually too nonsensical to provide any realistic portrayal of love. I might end up loving the characters. But I can't actually think of the story and the love development as realistic. To be honest. I think Visual novels are even worse to at reflecting real life than dating sims are. Even the thought of it is so far out there. I find it hard to point where it stands. Although I think the concepts of dating sims are overly simplified as well. I do have a certain lack of faith that some people might understand this. For an average sociable guy I guess it won't be much of help. But a person who has never understood social settings. Or perhaps never really had much normal social contact with people. Perhaps It would be in some sense worthwhile? If actually dating sims makes people understand some social concepts, I can't say they are useless. Hopefully the people playing will have some hobbies or interests to talk with other people as well. Rather than just talking about dating sims, or the weather. Alright. Then I'd just say. "Then I'll give you Flutterz a glass of cognac." And you will be like:
  20. Might sound weird, but I wonder if the video is onto something I haven't actually played any dating sims as far as I can remember, aside from vn's in general. But if you believe the statistics from the video and the concepts it spurs. The sims does actually promote the basic concepts of dating. But not in that you should try to imitate how dating sims work. But rather understanding the concepts that dating sims have and the similarities they have in real life. The nuances of language, communication and relations to others. Knowing the difference between saying "how's it going" compared to "hello". "Do you like the taste of beer?" means more than just liking beer. Rather, saying yes to it. Would mean yes I'd like to drink with you as well. These should be might obvious for any functioning human being. But I am afraid for some people they aren't. That sims have a value is based on that those statistics in the video are actually legit/good.. Their reliability aside. Actually talking to people is the only way to will actually become good at it. Also trying to randomly use dating advice without knowing how your actions work. Frankly is retarded.
  21. -> Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen

    I have the same opinion as Chrono. The series are in essence very simple, or anime-like. The characters act and story develops like that in average anime. So the characters are hardly that deep. The setting and story is interesting at first, but it's only used in simple ways. The story does get better as the series progresses. But err, it's hardly muv luv extra and muv luv alt in difference. In a anime, simple characters and story that would be perfectly fine. But in a visual novel? I find it hard to praise that. That aside though, I did find the vn enjoyable. Looking at it as a more simple vn with anime characters. It does have it's charms. It has high production values, easily readable, MOE and Mookooooo. Don't go expecting a magnum opus though.
  22. Birthday thread

    This was a pleasant surprise. I didn't expect to get a nice greetings from anyone. Thanks!
  23. haha, I remember there was one such dick drawing guide on this site. It made such a amazing impression on me I could never forget it. Luckily I now get the joy to share my wonderful experience. Here you go!:
  24. 「Spoiler] Grisaia no Rakuen

    Yeah. I'd say it was due to his fitness and luck. So, protag armor haha. Although I did enjoy the 2nd and 3rd main story routes. It was very... Hollywood action like and such. I had a Yuuji-boner at the time I read it, so I was just bliss while reading. But in afterthought, some of the stuff that was did in the series I find rather questionable.
  25. If this doesn't constitute AI technology development being used for evil. I don't know what is.