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  1. Purpose of quick save/load?

    I use quicksave all the time. Because it's less clicks. Why bother pressing save icon, loading the save menu, pressing on the save icon, waiting for it (depends on game).
  2. Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #1

  3. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien LE Review

    If you want to count on TLwiki the sizes of text scripts and I think you can. Grisaia no kajitsu is 3.73 mb Clannad is 3.16mb. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is 4.05 mb
  4. H-code for Enkou Shoujo

    Interesting @Tyrosyn. I know of regex, but didn't know you could use it in ITH. How do you actually insert the regular expressions? Just paste them into the h-code bar? Or somewhere else?
  5. Maid VN

    Probably something like Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ is what you are looking for.
  6. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Completed Hanachirasu. In many ways I think this is pre-taste to what to come if I read muramasa. Considering hanachirasu and muramasa is written by the same dude. Narahara Really good vn honestly. I played this one before about a year or two ago. But I couldn't get into it. The damn combat and info-dumps took forever to read. The pace felt so damn odd. I just couldn't get into it. So I ended up stalling it. In meantime I read the Book of Five Rings. Surprising how many of the similarities with it and hanachirasu. Some of the info-dumps reads like just out of the book. I recommend to read the book if you feel like reading hanachirasu. Perhaps muramasa as well, as he wrote the script in that vn as well. When I started reading hanachirasu again now it was a lot more enjoyable. Rather than the standard template of fighting scenes. What movements the characters do and fight is described. The game gives you info-dumps on martial art swordplay. How it works, the different styles and how they fight. I honestly found this really refreshing. You put yourself into the system the different attacks. And you feel a lot more depth into the combat. Because you know what kind of movements the characters would do. This is makes the combat feel more like a actual martial art. I liked that realistic element. But it does make it somewhat tiresome to read at times. There is also the alt-history info-dumps.. I am not entirely satisfied in how well understood the details. So many prefectures, cites, dates etc that has some meaning. But I don't know the importance because I am not native, nor have I studied the history/geography of Japan. I have rather mixed feelings over that. I could have googled all the stuff and read myself up on most of it, but it would take a while. So i didn't bother at the time. There is a time when the time put in isn't really worth it in terms of depth. Still I found the setting enjoyable. With the difference in how Japan lost. And how the culture and such was affected. Interesting and fun. I found the setting rather silly when I read about it in the synopsis on vndb. But after reading the alt-history dump I felt it was rather nicely done and interesting. So I suppose the end result is close enough. So in terms of writing, in the end it's rather more descriptive. Goes more into details than you would normally expect. But that's more a choice of style than anything. Nothing intrinsic bad about it. But you have to be aware of what it is. More standard stuff about the vn. It has good art, music is quite good. Writing and comedy has it's own style, and it's good. Protag is an awesome asshole. Ending gave me feels, straight uguu in the stomach and made me sore in the throat. Goood stuff.
  7. GAhhhh. The badassery from your brother and his gf. Maan. Swaag. Seriously. Personally I just got a few LN's and manga. Not any vn related goods.
  8. H-Codes, I'm at wits end

    If you can't get any of the standard hookers to work and there is no h-codes around. You might as well try using Hook any text (HAT).
  9. I had a dream with Makise Kurisu

    That is true!! But only while I am awake! I am gained this superior skill and title through hard work. Not through natural talent. It took many years to come to where I am now!
  10. I think it's faking great. More heroines need to die. Makes me sad, and thus gives me feels. And feels are good. Badly written deaths are prbly badly written from the start. So I wouldn't really count them, ha ha.
  11. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Completed multiple short vns in jp. Narcissu, True Remembrance and Phenomeno . They have english translations. But I am like: "Eng vn's? What's that? Do you mean OELVN?" <Jp only 4 laifu, I haz no choice> Completed Baldr Bullet as well. Rather interesting read in the context of it being the first "baldr" game. It's rough in the edges. Really short but with a lot of stuff put into it. So it feels rather like.. Why didn't they do more here? They don't go too deeply in the setting and such either. Making the experience feel light. Leaves you a tad too unsatisfied, combined with the short length of the vn. Still. It was an enjoyable ride honestly. Good action. Funky sci-fi stuff, although it was sadly gone over too quickly. Good old Baldr gameplay. Military setting, I love that. Also most H-scenes have like 6+ CG's in 2 mins *laughs*. This game feels a bit like BSZ in how the plot and people are really silly. But it has sci-fi stuff and setting is interesting. But BB gameplay keeps being fun and doesn't break. Also it doesn't have much "pointless" scenes either. So I found myself enjoying BB more than BSZ, even with all its flaws.
  12. I had a dream with Makise Kurisu

    Congrats. Never had a dream about a waifu before. I am envious, haha.

    More seriously tho. Good luck with the project. You might want to consider fixing up on the translation you wrote. Capital letters, spacing, comma and periods though.
  14. Sex scenes is a core characteristic of visual novels

  15. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Recently completed 私のリアルは充実しすぎている My first otomege I've read so far. So hard for me to say what to think of this vn compared to other vn's in the genre. Anyhow. I found it pretty good. Put simply it has a setting where the protag is a girl and otaku. But she hides that and is all serious and ass straight in school. Inside she has rather hilarious dialogue because of this. I was actually surprised how the vn is actually quite serious in some ways about the setting of the protag. Rather than just making good comedy out of it. It is played on in different ways in each of the routes mostly rather nicely. It's not amazing or anything like that. But enjoyable. The vn is mainly romance focused. Rather curiously for me. Playing a otomege for girls, while I am a dude. I found myself being a bitch while looking at the dude-heroines. I was basically like: Protag, Stop, talking, to this dude. He's disgusting, きもい、きもい。fuck off. Rather hilarious/interesting experience. Reminds me of when I first started playing vns. Some stuff I liked as well was how it was different in from normal 18+ games (eroges) for dudes. You had a nice amount of cg's. Most of the cgs are used to show the characters in a scene or something like that. Usually being hilarious, moe, or something. Eroges then to just have the majority of the cg's on h-scenes or silly 20 sec scenes. Reminds me how well the cg's were used in subahibi. Instead of the icha icha scenes at the end, which are pretty common in eroges. The game just ends when they kiss. Glorious I say. Although. Instead of icha icha you have these dudes being shy and all throughout. Wtf. Gay. Lewl. 押井 有  きもい!死ね!姉崎 隼 うげえ、死ね!希美は可愛いだけど、ワイフだぜ。
  16. Do you guys like pervy protagonists?

    I am okay with it if they are well written. If they aren't.. Like Reminiscence.. Urgh, I have trauma from that shit.
  17. [Spoilers] Grisaia no Rakuen

    Coincidentally. Oslo is also the capital of Norway.
  18. Sex scenes is a core characteristic of visual novels

    まあまあ。これはscat-ji じゃないですか。あいつエロイ大好きだな。ふたなり (´・ω・`)
  19. Sex scenes is a core characteristic of visual novels

    それはエロゲを呼ばれるものか! エロゲではない 。ただ"ゲ"だ!
  20. Sex scenes is a core characteristic of visual novels

  21. [Spoilers] Grisaia no Rakuen

    Oslo is gay.
  22. Learning Japanese for VN reading?

    learning Japanese was highly tedious the first few months. Afterwards it just became a fun hobby. In my mind at the time, I read so many vn's in eng. So I might as well just use my time somewhat more productive. So I learned jp while reading vn's. For others I know. Reading slowly in jp is horrible. So depends on the person.
  23. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    It is well written I agree. imo compared to euphoria it's a lot better. Because it doesn't have the 2nd part euphoria does. Which was lacking compared to the first part. One guy commented to me how kusari could be good when it's so short. Interesting question honestly. I think it didn't really need to be longer. It told what it wanted to tell. You could have added more stuff and such. But I think it's complete as it is. Few works can really say they've managed to do so. As for the personality of the main character. I think. Mmm. He's weak no doubt about it. Considering how he doesn't find much meaning in life. In his mind doing this "colors the gray of his life" so to speak.. I think it's all rather sad. I felt rather sympathetic to him and appalled by him at the same time.
  24. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Recently completed Natsu no Kusari. Very short vn by clockup. Played it because I heard it was not a nukige, and yea. It isn't. it's similar to euphoria, but different setting. Different people -different mental states and personalities. Interesting. Although disgusting/disturbing.